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Upgrading of SomReP Community based Early Warning -Early Action System

1.0 Background

The Somali Resilience Programme (SomReP) is a consortium of seven international non-governmental organizations (INGO). SomReP works to enhance the resilience of chronically vulnerable households, communities and systems across Somalia/land. In 2011 and 2017 there were droughts which consequently led to famine in the region. In 2018 even though there was improved precipitation, flash floods and strong winds caused additional shocks which exposed the deficiencies in the government system toward the response of shocks which among others included: weak human and institutional capacity, lack of effective policies and regulations at the government level geared toward supporting Somalia’s vulnerable populations and the increasing fragmentation and instability in the country.

The Somali Resilience Program (SomReP) adopts an ambitious approach to tackle the challenges that come due to recurrent droughts and the chronic vulnerability among Somali pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, and peri-urban households. The approach builds on previous experience in dealing with shocks and stresses and explicitly design programs that promote existing local adaptive capacity of households and communities. SomReP is implemented through a consortium of seven INGOs (ACF, ADRA, CARE, COOPI, DRC, Oxfam and WVI) with the Technical Unit housed under World Vision Somalia for the coordination and provision of technical support/direction to the program. These seven international organizations have deep experience in Somalia and jointly aim to build resilient households and communities across Somaliland, Puntland and South-Central Somalia using their own potential and abilities other than depending on hand-outs. This ambitious approach was adopted to foster synergies on approaches and promote best practices by different members to better support the communities.

In 2019, SomReP undertook an evaluation of the online early warning systems in Jubaland, Southwest State and Somaliland to identify best practice and gauge user experience. The findings of the assessment proposed systems improvements including (i) translation of tools into Somali “May” dialect, (ii) develop Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capacity; (iii) develop online/offline capabilities; (iv) dual data collection functionality (v) to support regular early warning indicator collection for community early warning action purposes and (vi) expanded emergency indicator collection to inform sit-rep development in times of emergency. In 2020, SomReP developed an online Community Early Warning Early Action system capturing mainly process or outcome indicators which show what is or has already happened.

Federal government of Somalia with support from WFP, set up a National Multi-hazard centre in Mogadishu. This centre sources climatic forecast information from open data sources like National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Africa Flood and Drought Monitor, ICPAC, Climate Hazards Group InfraRed Precipitation with station (CHIRPS) among others. This global information is down-scaled to Somalia and blended with station/field data. The dashboard captures mainly process indicators which are predictive or probabilistic indicators which show projected impacts over the coming weeks and months which are particularly vital in triggering early action.

SomReP is therefore seeking the services of a consultant to:

§ Assess the functionality and make recommendations on how best to integrate the two existing systems (Community Early Warning Early Action system supported by SomReP and the Federal government of Somalia Multi-Hazard system)

§ Proceed to integrate the two systems into one.

§ Recommend any other source of climatic information that will add value to the integrated system

2.0 Objective

The overall objective of the consultancy is to assess the two systems, make recommendations on how to integrate the two systems and implement the recommendations to come up with an acceptable and integrated Early Warning Early Action system

3.0 The Consultant is expected to deliver the following key outputs

· Study the already existing dashboard/online systems by SomReP and Federal Government of Somalia Multi-Hazard centre and come up with recommendation on how to upgrade SomReP supported system which allows interoperability of data from Multi-Hazard centre other credible sources.

· Develop Systems and module graphical interfaces, web modules, database modules, application reports and statistics, and any software components needed to deliver a merged system from the two systems

· Perform all necessary software maintenance, including coding, testing, debugging, upgrading and modifications of the current SomReP supported Early warning early action system.

· Ensure data integrity during and after M&E System implementation

· Provide a high security and cost effective online portal platform/dashboard

· Develop a customized guideline with recommendations for a subnational climate outlook forum for Southwest state.

· Design a complete user manual that documents installation, setup, and deployment of the platform

· Provide a final hand over report signed off by SomReP and the consultant

· Provide training and reference manuals to different system users

· The system should utilize new technologies to gather, analyse, disseminate data and re-introduce feedback into the system.

4.0 Expected Qualifications and Experience

· The firm/individual must have experience in developing Early Warning Early Action systems

· The firm/individual consultant required should have recognizable experience in the field of management of information/data, software development with experience in web enabled MIS development of comparable projects.

· Advanced knowledge and use of Application Programming Interface (API)

· Experience in developing a work-flow interface for updating and tracking records.

· Experience in administering and developing relational databases using .NET, MS SQL Server, PHP or mobile apps development (Android, iOS).

· Knowledge of Open Data Kit (ODK) is a plus.

5.0 Evaluation Criteria

5.1 Technical Evaluation

Applications received will be evaluated against a combination of the following criteria:

· Understanding of the TOR (General understanding of the project requirements)

· Experience in developing Early Warning Early Action systems

· Qualification, experience and proposed team composition which should have diverse skills to cover the assignment (programmer, system analyst)

· Workplan proposed

· Track record of successful completion of past similar assignments

· References for previous similar works done

5.2 Mandatory Requirements

a. Provide a certified copy of a certificate of business registration, Certificate of incorporation, business license or similar document

b. Provide a certified copy of tax registration, tax clearance certificates or similar documents

c. Provide information on ownership structure (Name of directors of the company / Owner)

d. Provide last two years of audited financial statements or tax filing, or similar documents

e. Provide references from previous clients for similar works.

f. Legal status of the firm

Note – Applicant who will not meet the above mandatory requirement will not be considered for Technical Evaluation.

All interested bidders are requested to submit their Technical Proposals and Financial Proposals in Separate documents as attachments (Bidders who will combine both technical and financial proposals shall be disqualified) via somo_supplychain@wvi.org on or before 15 June 2021.

Bids received after deadline shall not be considered.

Email title should be; – SomReP Community Based Early Warning Early Action System Upgrade

Your financial proposal should have your professional fee and any other related logistical cost well tabulated.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

In Case of any clarifications write to caroline_njuki@wvi.org/Joel_okumu@wvi.org

How to apply

All interested bidders are requested to submit their Technical Proposals and Financial Proposals in Separate documents as attachments Via somo_supplychain@wvi.org on or before 15 June 2021 (Bidders who will combine both technical and financial proposals shall be disqualified)

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