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Ref: Visibility PL/IDB/2020

  1. Background

Islamic Relief Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation that has been working in Somalia since 2006. We are committed to achieving our core vision of caring for the people of concern in all countries where we work. Our goal is to provide vulnerable communities in Somalia with access to basic needs including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education, Basic Health services and Livelihood Support.

Since 2014 Islamic Relief Office has been implementing the Water Infrastructure Development in (WIDS) project in collaboration with the government and line ministries.Funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the project provided sustainable water sources through drilling and equipping of 18 boreholes to over 50,000 beneficiaries and thousands of livestock. The project has improved sustainable community water usages at household level, schools, public places and livelihoods (irrigation and livestock). This has been done through providing the necessary training to local beneficiaries for further efficient and smooth use of the facilities and proper management of available resources. The project will provide institutional capacity development to the Government authorities involved.

Through this project, IR plans to support capacity of the Puntland Water Development Agency to manage 13 in Puntland through operational and maintenance training, and training of the Water Management Committees.

  1. Rationale in request for this services

In order to raise awareness on the importance and impact of project and the support of Islamic Development Bank to the government of Puntland THROUGH Islamic Relief Somalia, Islamic Relief is seeking the services of a videographer/Photographer consultants to develop media and communication materials for the project which will be shared with the Bank, the government and other stakeholders. The purpose of the media services and materials will be used in sharing the success and impact of the project to the donor.

  1. Objective of the consultancy

The overall objective of this consultancy is to produce media and communication materials for the project to be used in various communications platforms. Specifically, the consultant(s) will:

  1. a) Produce 4 (4) short promotional videos of the Institutional capacity Development for the Water sector in Puntland (CADWASP) (5 minutes) for broadcast or non-broadcast production;
  2. b) Produce at least FIVE Hundred (500) high resolution and quality photographs of project launch, project progress, handing over and utilization of the project items and services including aerial footage; c) Produce the assignment report.
  3. Scope of Work and Methodology

The consultant(s) will perform the assignment using appropriate methods and should acquire the necessary permits associated with the use of technological equipment to execute this assignment. The consultant(s) will work with a team from IRS, and Puntland Water Development Agency to develop the various products within stipulated budgets and within set deadlines. A high level of participation will be key to the delivery of expectations. The assignment will be executed with the following indicative tasks:

D1.Desk review of available studies and documents.

  • Understanding and reading through of various project documents and reports. Annexes, and agreements made between IRS, IDB and Puntland water agency
  • Present a work plan for the assigned work specifying travelling days;
  • Travel to Puntlandproject sites visits to collect media material including shooting;
  • Perform appropriate short interviews with the projects’ major partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders;
  • Develop and deliver the desired products for this consultancy, including editing and script development for the video.

D2. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

 In consideration of the fees to be paid, the Consultant(s) will expressly assign to IRS any copyright arising from the works the consultant produces while executing this assignment. The consultant may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from IRS. Images will be delivered royalties free, without any limit on time or usage including the web, printed publications, flags, posters, documentaries and other formats.

D3. Deliverables/Expected outputs

D3.1. The consultant is expected to produce the following outputs:

D3.2. database with at least FIVE hundred (500) high quality and high-resolution photographs that can be re-produced in print, multi-media and online formats (including publications, flyers, posters, banners, films, presentations, websites, CDs, etc). The photographs, edited, captioned and delivered on USB Flash Drive, will include Procurement of and handing over of:

  1. Maintenance Rig with all accessories, equipment’s and components
  2. Generator 30KVA, 45KVA and 65 KVA, Soundproof with Control Panel, for Iow, medium and high yields pump testing
  3. Master pump( submersible pump) for high, low and medium yields for borehole testing
  4. Atlascopco Compressor of 45 Bar
  5. Toyota HILUX ,4WD PICK up
  6. Water Level/Deep Mate
  7. Rshydro Turbidity meters
  8. Borehole Digital camera
  9. Complete Physical Water Quality Test Set
  10. Training workshop for BH operators in all 28 locations (13 in Puntland)

D.3.3. Two (2) versions of each five-minute high definition videos in English and Somali with subtitles of the other where appropriate. The video will comprise or capture:

D.3.3.1  Video 1 – Overview of the project.

  1. Purpose and goal of the CADWASP project;
  2. Overview of water scarcity issues and how IDB project is changing the life of the poor Household with access to water;

(iii) Training of the participants as they undergo various training sessions

(iv) Construction and refurbishment of PWDA workshop; iii. Interviews with Minister and Ministry of water, Director General of PWDA, trainees, beneficiaries and stakeholders;

D.3.3.2 Video 2 –

(i) Importance of CADWASP Project to the government and people Puntland.

  1. Interviews with local people, technicians, and the importance of the project to the people affected by drought and how this BH is bringing reprieve.

(iii) highlight economic value of this project and its impact to livestock and humans;

The video must highlight success stories and lessons learned related to the Water Infrastructure project.

D3.3.3 Both 5 minute videos should have:

  • Narration, translation and subtitles in English/Arabic/Somalia where necessary;
  • Full usage rights for music (or music for which copyright have been granted);
  • Two fully-produced clips of approximately 5 minutes in length in 1080p (HD) resolution aimed at fundraising and to be shared with national audience including government institutions, CSOs, stakeholders, local communities as well as an international audience.

Report of the assignment detailing all photography and filming locations (with GPS coordinates), including names and contact details of all individuals photographed, interviewed or that will appear on film. The report must include at least two (2) written impact stories of individuals of local community interviewed during the trip and five (5) powerful statements by community members and/or other stakeholders which should be linked to the script of the video and photos, to be used in reports and factsheets.

  1. Duration and Timing of the assignmentThe consultancy will be conducted within a period of six (9) weeks with the following indicative timeframe: 
    Activities W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9
    Signing of the agreement  x
    Literature review and script development  x
    video shooting  / Photography x x x x x x x x
    Interviews with local communities and partners   x x x x
    Video Editing, narration, translation and subtitles x x x
    Delivery of High quality photographs (including raw photos) and first rough cut of Video      x x x x
    Review of rough cut by IDB/IRS x x
    Review and Submission of Video Final Version      x x
    Acceptance by IDB/IRS x x
    Closure x

    Responsibilities of IRS

    • IRS will provide all the necessary support for the consultancy including transport (air, land), and accommodation during field activities. IRS will also support the field activities by facilitating contacts of partners and local communities and government.
    1. Assignment duty station
    • The assignment will be conducted from Garowe in Puntland with travels to field locations of the BH to collect the necessary materials and specific communication deliverables, and visit to the Ministry and PWDA offices.
    1. Eligibility/Qualification of ConsultantsThe consultant(s) should have:
      • Demonstrable prior experience in photographing and recording similar projects/activities, with portfolio provided upon request
      • Exceptional photography and videography skills;
      • Excellent photo and video editing skills;
      • Previous experience in producing quality documentaries;
      • Excellent written and verbal in Somali, Arabic an in English skills;
      • Proven ability to work in multicultural environment;
      • Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility;
      • Availability to travel immediately, upon signature of contract;
      • Experience working in remote areas in Somalia,
      • Experience working with IDB previously is an advantage.
      1. Applications

      Interested candidates should submit the following by email to: with name of consultancy in subject line or via email to IRS Mogadishu office to Abdimajid.issack@islamic-relief.or.keApplication duration starting from 11th-June-2020 and ending 15th-June-2020, kindly submit your application latest by midnight of 15th June 2020 in Somalia time.

      Please use this subject when sending documents to above email: Visibility PL /IDB/2020

      1. Technical Application/Proposal –

      Candidates should submit a technical proposal responding to the TORs demonstrating: an understanding of the consultancy requirements, methodology and work-plan for performing the assignment, team composition and tasks assignment, detailed reference list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments done, relevant services undertaken in the past three (3) years, sample works: videos and photos of similar work.

      1. Financial proposal

      Candidates should submit a financial proposal with detailed costs for the assignment, including number of work days and daily rates as well as travel requirements from and to their present location. Costs should be quoted in U$D currency and proposal should outline justifications on costs to execute the assignment. Costs associated with preparation and submission of the technical and financial proposal are not reimbursable.

      All submissions should be in English.

      1. Evaluation of Applications

      L.1. Applications will be evaluated based on:

      Criteria for evaluation Weighted marks
      Understanding and capacity to respond to TORs, technical robustness and methodology to execute the assignment 40marks
      Organizational capacity, equipment and expertise to execute the assignment 30 marks
      Relevant professional experience related to the assignment 20 marks
      Financial proposal 10 marks
      Total 100 marks

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