Location: Somalia

Duration: 30 working days (23 February – 11 March 2021)

Critical interface: Head of Programme, ICLA Regional Specialist, Durable Solutions Manager

Consultancy type International

Travel: No travel required for this consultancy


The objective of this consultancy is to develop an animation package for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to act as an impactful tool for learning delivery in technology-aided learning. This will enable NRC to promote a culture of learning and reflection to improve housing, land and property programming and policies and to strengthen the capacity of practitioners and policy-makers.

Specific objectives

  • Work with NRC team to condense 2 scripts of 1000 words each in 6-minute white board animations


NRC aims to develop 2 white-board animations to act as tutorials on: Women access to Housing, Land and Property; and Tenure Security and Durable solutions. The complete package will have to be developed through:

  • Solid script: NRC will work on the final 1000 worded scripts and provide this to the company.
  • Suitable flow: The animations should have a distinct beginning, middle and end – like in a story. The company will be required to produce short and smooth animations
  • Powerful imagery: A key element of the animations will be the illustrations and images. In the absence of words, your powerful imagery will be able to make an instant connect with the audience. Illustrations should be developed keeping the audience profile and their cultural or social predispositions in mind. Since the illustrations are either hand drawn or computer generated, they can be tweaked and reworked upon as per the need.
  • Accompanying audio: Audio is an important accompaniment to the illustrations in animation. In the absence of on-screen text, voice -over describes the ideas and concept in detail. The voice over is developed as per the nature of the animation video and is successful in ‘humanizing’ the e-content.
  • Background music: Music and sound effects are powerful tools to jazz up the video and create greater impact. They help in creating realistic scenarios even when the scene presented before the learner is an illustration.


Phase One: establish what we are saying

  • NRC to finalise 2 scripts of 1000 words each on the subject areas.

Phase Two: create the audio-visual material

  • Create the animations first, using scripts, which are read in ‘draft’ voice-over for editorial assessment purposes only.
  • Assemble each module by intercutting the interview material with the existing animations. This will include incorporating the archive footage where it adds value.
  • Seek final editorial approval from the NRC team

Phase Three: finalise the audio track

  • Finalize voice over of animations with African voices after any necessary changes have been made to the script, leading to finalisation of the product.
  • Add a music track
  • Upload the material as appropriate


  • A package of 2 white board animations with well-recorded interview material that has is well flowing and scripted with accompanying audio and background music if necessary


  • Proven and demonstrated experience in creation of animations, online tutorials for companies, videos
  • Demonstrated experience in providing similar services to international organizations
  • Solid knowledge on film editing and scripting
  • The Vendor should provide:
    1. A detailed proposal as described above to include:
      a) Understanding of ToR
      b) Budget
      c) Workplan and timeline
    2. Related software license


Quotations should be structured as follows and provide complete details as indicated:

  • Company Profile (Board of Directors, Office location(s); key staff to be involved in website and their relevant experience etc.);
  • Understanding of the terms of reference;
  • Detailed approach and timeline with deliverables;
  • Proposed methodology for online tutorials (with justification and how to approach scripting);-please highlight how the animations would look like
  • Team Strength (who will work on this project) and how will staff be coordinated
  • Detailed budget breakdown
  • Sample(s) of similar work-done by the company (please list active web address)


The consultant will report and work with the Knowledge Management Officer and ReDSS Coordinator.


The duration of this assignment should take a total of 30 days.

How to apply

Documents should be submitted to by midnight EAT 23 Feb 2021, referencing ‘Consultancy: Development of NRC Online Tutorials’ in the subject of the email.

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