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GPE cross Learning Event)


GPE Funded Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG)




July 2022

Background Information:

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE)-funded Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG) is aligned with the priorities of the Federal Government of Somalia’s Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP 2018-2020). The overall objective is to increase access to quality education for more than 50,000 out-of-school children; enhance the quality of primary education; and improve the capacity of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MOECHE) at Federal/Member States to regulate and manage the education sector. The Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MoECHE) is implementing the grant in collaboration with the Federal Member States Ministries of Education in Jubaland State, South West State, Galmudug State, Hirshabelle State and Benadir regional administration with CARE as the grant agent and Concern Worldwide as sub-contractor.

The main objective of the ESPIG is to improve equitable access to and quality of education outcomes for all Somali primary school children through strengthened system capacity to design evidence-driven Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) reforms and collaborate effectively with partners in their implementation. ESPIG was envisioned to maximize the potential of development investments in education in Somalia through the combination of four key principles:

  • Use of evidence-based approaches to address key gaps in access, learning and retention, and inform tailored efforts to reach marginalized groups.
  • Creation of conditions to implement solutions that address the intersection of multiple barriers to access, retention and learning.
  • Generation of synergies with privately managed schools/networks, development actors and the private sector to ensure complementarity of efforts and leverage existing capacity/ investment.
  • Capacity building of federal, state, regional and district-level actors for a cohesive, efficient and dynamic approach to the design and implementation of solutions.

The learning activities falls under Component 4: Build a strong framework for program monitoring, accountability, and communication, generating evidence to track progress, inform adaptive management and support planning and management processes. The learning events are further classified under the subcomponent 4.3: Learning and communication. Subcomponent 4.3 aim to support the packaging and dissemination of lessons learned and emerging results from the ESPIG, including learning from capacity building processes. A GPE learning event will be established involving role education players and stakeholders from Puntland and Somaliland.

Overall objective – GPE learning event

The MoECHE and State Ministries lead the event with from CARE. A three-day ‘GPE cross learning’ event will be conducted in early July 2022 in Mogadishu bringing together key implementers of GPE programs in Somaliland, Puntland and Central South. The main objective of the learning even will be to show-case GPE program results and lessons learned to increase the visibility of results and trends, contributing to building capacity for evidence-based future programming. The availability of clear, accessible, and quality information on the ESPIG results will contribute to the mobilization of development partners to leverage on upcoming GPE funding for expansion of interventions. It also aims to contribute to build a strong accountability framework, not only to donors but also to the Somali population.

Specific objectives – GPE learning event

  • Support the MoECHE and State Ministries Identify/package emerging program results and lessons learned throughout the life of the for dissemination during the learning event. The information shall include findings from evaluation studies, third party monitoring, and emerging trends/ results from monitoring data, as well as reviews of the results of capacity building processes.
  • Support the MoECHE and State Ministries design/prepare learning products for dissemination during the GPE cross learning events. The learning products include presentations, videos, and print. Other than for use during the event, the learning products will be disseminated through other platforms of communication with development partners, and through public channels such as websites and social media.
  • Support the MoECHE and State Ministries mobilize key implementers of GPE programs in Somaliland, Puntland and Central South.

Methodology – GPE learning event

The learning event will employ a blended approach that include PowerPoint presentations, videos, case studies, brochures, policy documents, etc.). The PowerPoints presentations will be designed using with infographics. The learning products shall aim to capture all the four components of ESPIG i.e., access to education, quality of education, system capacity, and effective and efficient program management. The information program results and lessons learned shall emanate from project reports, and findings from evaluation studies, third party monitoring, and emerging trends/ results from monitoring data, as well as reviews of the results of capacity building processes. In addition, issues related to governance, partnerships, gender and social inclusion, economic inclusion, and use of the country system should be central in the learning products. Other relevant materials for use are Education Sector Analysis, information from our Education in Emergencies (EiE), various project evaluations and all other education interventions.

Participants – GPE learning event

The GPE learning event will aim to bring together key implementers of GPE programs in Somaliland, Puntland and Central South. The participants will include representative from MoECHE and State Ministries, ministry of finances, and other relevant departments. Also, to be invited are representatives from INGOs, LNGOs and UN who are key partners of the GPE programs in Somaliland, Puntland and Central South.


a) Support in production and packaging of learning products

The consultant will support Federal MOECHE and CARE to undertake a review of key learnings from GPE ESPIG project and other education projects to package the learning productions into agreed upon thematic areas.

b) Consultative Meetings in preparation for the learning event.

Attend regular calls with CARE and MOECHE to understand requirements and coordinate the event.

The consultant in close coordination with the federal MOECHE and CARE will develop the cross-learning event schedule of activities.

c) Cross Learning Event Activities

The consultant will assist the Federal MoECHE and CARE to implement a two-day event in July 2022 in Mogadishu, Somalia. During the event Site visit with event organizers 2 days before event to ensure all equipment and installations are functioning, including sound and video checks, streaming and internet connection checks. During the event provide daily on-site assistance for the audio-visual and virtual production demands of the event, including primary coordinator and contact for IT pre-production checks and daily monitoring: availability of material (ex. projector, speakers, microphones, other audiovisual equipment required for live streaming), availability of proper internet connection responding to the demands of the event, other IT-related demands, including daily monitoring to fix bugs. Ensure the production of the online streaming of the sessions both for participants and speakers, when the session is required to be streamed and the material necessary for this production. Liaise with the hotel and interpretation providers on equipment and connectivity

d) Cross Learning Event report

The consultant will take notes during the event, collect feedback from participants during and after the event, review feedback and discuss with CARE and MOECHE, and finally compile this into a comprehensive even report.

Key Qualifications

Key requirements for this position include:

• Advanced degree in Education, communication, social sciences, or related field (provide evidence documents)

• At least eight years of relevant experience, mostly in supporting education sector and experience in education sector planning, review and evaluation is highly preferred asset; (provide previous similar contracts); experience in event management.

• Strong technical background in social services delivery especially in Somalia.

• Specific strong technical experience in working with the education sector. Experiences related to GPE programs and or MOECHE would be an added advantage

• Excellent command of the English and Somali languages.

• Must be willing to travel and work in a challenging environment.

• Availability and commitment to complete the assignment within strict deadlines.

How to apply

How to Apply

All interested consultants should send their updated profile, expecting consultancy fee (The financial proposals you should quote only professional fee) Note: Care will be cover all logistic cost, Demonstration of sound technical understanding of the scope of work and with minimum three professional referees to by 18-June=2022 indicating Cross Learning Event Activities as subject line. Late applications will not be considered.

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