Employer: Action Africa Help International – Somalia

Deadline for applications: 17th November, 2022

Type of Contract: Short Term Consultancy

Duration of Consultancy: 14 days

Location(s): Ceelwaq, Beledhawa, and Dholo districts in Gedo region

1.0: Introduction

Action Africa Help International (AAH-I) is a regional not for profit humanitarian and development organization with a mission of improving the quality of life of livelihood challenged communities. AAH-I has country Programs in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Djibouti and Ethiopia. AAH-Somalia, an affiliate Country Program of AAH-I, addresses development challenges in partnership with marginalized communities. AAH-Somalia supports integrated social and economic interventions to improve food and nutrition status of the communities in Elwak district-Gedo region.

2.0: Consultancy background

The worsening dry conditions have resulted in deteriorating pasture and water availability for crop and livestock production, compounding an already fragile humanitarian situation. Critical water shortages and a rapid decline in the remaining water reservoirs continue to impact on the livelihood of the communities Gedo region. The main water sources are permanent shallow wells, seasonal rain fed water catchments, boreholes and rain harvest water mainly among the better off and middle households who can afford a storage facility.

The few water sources available cannot meet the high demand for this precious commodity by both animals and human beings. Most of the existing shallow wells lack water storage facilities especially in Beledhawa, Dholo and Ceelwaq. These sources have been adversely affected due to the prolonged drought thus resulting in increased water fetching time, distances to water points, reduced uses of water at household level etc. Therefore in consultation with the communities in in the above three district, AAH-Somalia/LLG intends to rehabilitate shallow wells, construct underground water tanks and water pan in the region.

3.0: Purpose and objective of the consultancy

The main aim is to develop an appropriate water and sanitation system that contributes to meeting the current and future water needs of the people in Gedo region. The consultancy is to conduct a technical assessment to identify the ideal location for development of water points and recommend at least two in each location. The firm should provide the appropriate technology for the kitchen garden and livestock use including water yield and quality tests. The consultancy is expected to conduct the following:

  1. Geophysical survey – carry out the survey at 3 sites (Beledhawa, Dholo and Ceewaq) and identify the priority locations in consultation with the community.
  2. Assess the current conditions and yielding capacity of the priority shallow wells identified in the 3 sites above (Beledhawa, Dholo and Ceelwaq).
  3. Recommend the appropriate rehabilitation approach to be adopted based on the technical findings on the shallow wells
  4. Conduct quality testing of the water from the priority shallow wells to assess its suitability for human consumption and or supporting kitchen gardens activities.
  5. Develop a comprehensive report on the status of each facility and provide BBQ for the recommended infrastructure

Note: The consultant will work in consultation with the community committees to ensure that the identified sites are within the homestead for kitchen gardens water supply and 500 metres from where at least 80% of people of that village live for community water supply. The site should definitely not be in a place that gets flooded in the rainy season and should be away from the flood plain area of any streams or rivers in the locality. Special care must be taken to ensure that the sites chosen for facility are at least 50 meters away from toilet pits, septic tanks or any other sources of pollution such as grave yards, dumping sites for industrial waste, stagnant pools of dirty water or animal pens.

4.0: Expected outputs/ deliverables

The consultancy envisages the following deliverables within 14 days:

5.0: Required Qualifications, competencies and Skills

The minimum requirements for the firm / consultant should include the following:

  1. Preferably be a civil engineer or hydrologist, having a bachelor’s degree.
  2. At least 5 years’ experience with proven track record and experience in conducting water supply and sanitation sector infrastructure development and management.
  3. Specific experience with water supply and sanitation planning, water conservation and demand management is required, including design of water supply and sanitation system components.
  4. Ability to write technical reports and to present ideas and concepts to various audiences.
  5. Good communication skills in English and an understanding of local language will be an added advantage.

6.0: Bid requirements

Firms/Consultant(s) that meet the requirements should submit an expression of interest (maximum of 5 pages), which should include the following:

  1. A suitability statement, including commitment to be available for the entire assignment.
  2. A brief statement on the understanding of the terms of reference, proposed survey methodology and approach and a detailed work plan.
  3. A detailed financial proposal, including daily rates.
  4. Updated resume of key consultants (at most two) that clearly spells out their roles, qualifications, experience and time allocation
  5. Contacts of 3 organizations that have recently (but preferably in the last 2 years) contracted the firm/consultant(s) to carry out relevant surveys or related work.
  6. If it’s a firm, must be registered within the laws of the practicing country.

How to apply

7.0: How to apply

Applications should be sent to with the assignment title in the subject line of the email on or before 17th November, 2022.

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