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Name of the consultant [To be completed by the firm]
Locations to monitor 1.     South Central (Banadir)
2.     Puntland-(GAROWE )

3.     Somaliland (HARGEISA)

Direct of the Line Manager Humanitarian Coordinator
Matrix Manager Regional Desk Coordinator
Duration of the assignment 10 days 30th July 2020 to 8th August 2020
Working relations/Contacts IR Somalia: Country Director, Area Coordinators/MANAGER, logistic Officer, county/field procurement committee, Finance Manager.
Remuneration competitive



Islamic Relief has been operational in Somalia since 2006. Since then our programme expanded andcurrently encompass WASH, Education, Health, Food security and Livelihoods and orphans sponsorship. We work in Banadir Region, Lower Shabele Region, Puntland and Somaliland. 

The funding from the Qurbani project is donated by Muslim individuals who want to fulfil their religious obligation of Udhiya and thereby feed the needy persons. Islamic Relief implements this project according to the Islamic teachings and sharia.

In 2020, IR Somalia received €1,094,114 to purchase and slaughter 17,647sheep and goats targeting 68,000 HHs and 400,000 beneficiaries in Mogadishu, Balcad, Garowe and Hargeisa.

Islamic relief Somalia is requesting for proposal (RFP) for the expression of interest detailing your technical and financial proposal with clear timeline and results –

    1. Complete profile if company or detailed CV if an individual
    2. Certificate of registration, tax compliance certificates and bank statement if company.Relevant experiences and sample reports shared for work conducted as third-party monitoring assignment
    3. Registration certificates from the relevant line ministries across all the three areas (Mogadishu, Puntland and Somaliland if company or proof of nationality if individual consultant.)
    4. Completed RFP showing the budget breakdown.
    5. Work plan starting from 30thJuly2020 to 8th August 2020 whereby the work will continue simultaneously across all the three areas.



    1. Assess the relevance and appropriateness of the project to the needs of the target beneficiaries
    2. Assess the effiency of the project in terms of value for money, cost and beneficiaries served
    3. Assess the organization mainstreaming of COVID-19 preparedness and response, including community information and other levels of risk reduction
    4. Assess the extent to which the project meets the Core Humanitarian Standards with a focus on community involvement, complaints, feedback and response mechanisms



    • To assess that the purchase of the animalshas followed the procurement policies and procedures of Islamic Relief Somalia
    • To verify that the animals purchased meet the criteria set under Qurbani requirements as
    1. a) Goats must be minimum of 1year and above
    2. b) The sheep must be minimum of 1 year and above
    3. c) The shoats must be healthy with no any injury on the body
    4. d) The shoats must be physically fit ie not limping or have broken arm or any other defects
    5. e) The shoats should not be emaciated / thin
    6. f) The shoats should not be old or aged.
    7. g) The shoats must be healthy with no any zoonotic diseases, diarrhoea, and skin lotion.
    8. h) Animal for sacrifice must be healthy, animal and must not be Sick and weak to walk to the place of slaughter.
    9. i) The animal must be free from any physical defects.
    10. j) They should be no any defects such as blindness in both or one eye, animals born without ears or a third or more of an ear or the tail cutted off, broken horn, limping or broken off, have majority of teeth in place, animals that have squint eyed must be supplied, animals with total lameness of one or more legs must not be supplied.
    1. k) The total flesh weight must be 16kg minimum.
    • To assess the beneficiary selection process and determine whether the selected beneficiaries are the most deserving.
    • To assess whether the selection of beneficiaries is inclusive of people with disabilities and gender
    • To assess whether the beneficiaries have been informed of their entitlements.
    • To verify whether the complaint and response mechanisms is working and assess the extent to which IR employees responsible for the project implementation have been able to respond to the complaints
    • To provide recommendations on the future design and implementation of the qurbani project including innovative ways of improving value for money and effective implementation



    1. A monitoring report not more 30 pages covering the following aspects
    • Executive Summary
    • Relevance and appropriateness of the project to the needs of the target population
    • Efficiency and effectiveness of the project- Compliance with Procurement Procedures, value for money
    • Compliance with the CHS standards and COVID-19 SOPS
    • Conclusions and Recommendations

Submit your application and detailed annexes to Islamic Relief Somalia Logistic officer: Abdimajid.Issack@islamic-relief.or.ke on or before 28th July 2020.


The review of application will be done on a rolling basis and not tied to the end of the advert. IR application evaluation team have the right to STOP the process and contract qualified person/company once identified and selected before the set deadline.


The start date of the assignment shall be from 30th July 2020 to 8th August, 2020.

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