Somaliland National Youth Organizations (SONYO Umbrella) is the largest youth-run network that is registered under the Ministry of Planning/Development as non-for-profit, humanitarian, and development organization in Somaliland. SONYO brings together more than 56 youth organizations across the country and plays pivotal and pertinent roles in promotion of youth rights in Somaliland through implementation of projects/programs, capacity building of youth and youth CSOs/groups, networking & information dissemination, advocacy and policy development, implementation and research.

Purpose of the Training facilitator

The Training will give youth knowledge and skills in job readiness, skills, attitudes related to life skills, job hunting skills, work ethics, discipline management and employability.

Specific Objective

  • Developing job readiness skills and build the capacities of target youth as related to basic life skills, work ethics, Job hunting skills, CV building, interview competences, discipline management, employability skills and meet the labor market demand of employers( private companies, public sectors and institutions)
  • Enable youth to clearly understand the employer needs, expectation and requirements and thereby increase their employability skills.
  • Building self-confidence, positive thinking, conflict and problem solving and networking.
  • Build youth attitude on the importance of diversity, keen to learn, detail orientation, meeting deadlines, communication skills, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, time/stress management and inclusion.


  • Develop course outline and contents of the Training
  • Prepare necessary handouts for the training participants.
  • Prepare a training delivery schedule.
  • Submit the final training documents (manual and power point slides, group work exercise etc.
  • Prepare and submit the training reports with photographs of the participants
  • Effective training methodologies, mostly practical group work, plenary discussions, short lectures
  • Conduct pre and post training evaluation to discover the level of knowledge of the participants


  • Conduct desk research using SONYO and SCI job readiness manuals and other relevant materials and come up with contextualized training materials including trainer guides and templates for practice.
  • Submit all drafted training materials to SONYO for review and inputs.
  • Inception report, detailed methodology, training content, sources and training delivery and work plan.
  • Comprehensive training report in PDF Format and one in DOC format.
  • An electronic copy of all training materials and content including presentations, handouts,
  • Evaluation of the facilitator work, based on evaluation form filled by training participants
  • Successful facilitation of the training/workshop.
  • Final report on the implementation of the tasks after finishing the training


Duration of the Training assignment is expected to be 10 weeks between March-August, 2021.


  • University degree in Business or any other equivalent
  • Over 3 years’ experience in conducting similar Training specially job readiness Training(Desirable)
  • Certified training of trainers
  • Excellent communication and skill dissemination
  • Strong facilitation skills and report writing of both English and Somali
  • Good computer skills.
  • Ability to work independently, flexibly and under pressure
  • Available for time-durations specified in ToR

Application and documentation

  • The interested consultants who meet the above requirement should submit the following:-
  • Application and Curriculum vitae with three reference
  • conceptual inception outline showing how to intend and achieve the stated objectives,
  • Previous experience (sample work- signed stamped copies of contracts).

To submit application for this consultancy, please send required documents to sonyoumbrella@gmail.com  with the subject line of email Job readiness Training Facilitator. Application will close by 06 March, 2021 at 14:00pm afternoon. Any application not meeting the above will not be reviewed.

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