KAALO is humanitarian and development Non-Profit Organization registered in federal government of Somalia and its federal member states. KAALO was established in March 1991 after the collapse central government of Somalia. KAALO has been involved in different sectors Education, Water sanitation and Hygiene( WASH) livelihoods and resilience, human rights, governance and protection with successful record in implemention of programs and projects in Somalia.

KAALO has also nurtured good partnerships and collaboration with a range of stakeholders including of government and local Authorities, the local community, international NGOs, and development agencies. Having worked with these partners, KAALO has been able to develop good program and financial management practices and systems that have enabled it to continue attracting funding new donors and partners.

About program

Diakonia has been working in Somalia since 1994. Diakonia implemented several different programs over the years. CIVSAM is one of the successful programs diakonia implemented in Puntland state of Somalia. CIVSAM was launched in 2016 and continued until 2020. The program intervened in the areas of social and economic justice as well as Diakonia partners capacity building in addition to a small component of resilience. Due to the huge impacts of the program on the CSO and the rightsholders, Diakonia decided to renew the program from 2021-2025.

The overall goal of the of the five (5) year project is Build resilience of poor urban youth and rural Agro pastoral communities through creating a conducive environment for youth and women economic empowerment with equal, available, and accessible employment opportunities, and inclusive decision-making processes and strengthening rights holders’ resilience to climate related vulnerability.

The specific objective is to strength the resilience of Rights holders in Disaster Risk Reduction and have sustainable livelihoods, thus contribute to sustainable local development through exploration and adoption climate smart agricultural activities in rural Agro pastoral communities.

The objective of the assignment

The objective of assignment is to conduct an assessment on Smart Climate Agricultural Practices in Agricultural value chains in rural and urban areas of Bari, Nugal and Mudug communities to be a resilient in climate shocks included droughts, shortage of water, winds, and cyclones as well as create sustainable livelihoods.

Specific objectives study

  1. Map out the agricultural activities engaged in rural and urban areas of targeted areas -agricultural profiling, livelihood activities, agronomy practices and other relevant information.
  2. Identify key Climate smart Agricultural activities adopted in the rural and urban of target areas
  3. Explore which climate smart agricultural activities can be introducible and adoptable to communities of targeted areas which can create sustainable livelihoods.
  4. Identify and analyse value chain actors engaged in agricultural activities their capacities and gaps.
  5. Assess the challenges face the rural and urban agropastoral communities on agricultural production
  6. Recommend actionable and practicable climate smart Agricultural techniques/ activities for each target communities and resource required to support to implement with details.

Scope of study / tasks

  1. Desk study on climate Smart agricultural activities and techniques adopted on similar context
  2. Stakeholder mapping and interviews includes market actors (private) and government
  3. Pre assessment visit on main target areas on observation and general assessment
  4. Develop tools for date collection for qualitative and quantitative data (Questionnaire, FGD,
  5. Conducts field data collection includes some key observation on suitability
  6. Gather information on existing agricultural technology adopted in target areas
  7. Capture some good examples and success of similar intervention implemented target areas or similar context with key lessons learnt
  8. Draft assessment / study report and present partners for inputs.
  9. Submit final report in graphic design to KAALO.


The study will employ different methodology includes not limited the following

· Desk review on CSA practices in Somali context and similar areas

· Market mapping exercises on CSA practices on private enterprises, and Agro dealers

· FGD interviews with stakeholders (private and government stakeholders)

· Field observation and assessment in suitability of CSA projects

· Household questionnaires interviews on Agro pastoralist communities and Agro dealer ministry other relevant groups.

· Key informative interviews (KII) with relevant stakeholders

Key deliverables

  1. Inception report outline methodology, activities, tools of data collection, timelines
  2. Pre assessment field visit report
  3. Data collections tools
  4. Final study report and power point report in graphic designs which answers specific objectives of study.

Timeline for study

The study should be started as soon as possible and need to be completed by 30 October 2021. The assignment consists of 45 working days. A tentative schedule for the assessment is as follows:



Desk review and Project Document review and development of study Methodology and Tools in consultation with CIVSAM partners

7 days

Field data collections includes observation pre assessments.

23 days

Study team consultation

1 days

Analysis of findings and drafting of Study Report

7 days

Preliminary presentation de-briefing with CIVSAM partners and feedback collection

3 days

Finalization and Submission of Report

4 days


45 days

Study team and Qualification of Consultant /firm

The study team should be comprised of atleast two consultants; a Team Leader and a Research Associate. Individual consultants or registered firms are eligible for the bid submission. Team Leader should have the below qualifications for this study:

· At least a post-graduate degree in agronomy/ master degree in Agricultural science and technology, climate-resilient agriculture practices or related field;

· At least 5 years of experience working in the preparation and implementation of sustainable agriculture, climate-resilient agriculture related initiatives.

· Conducting similar or related study in climate smart agriculture is required

· Experience in designing and conducting stakeholder consultations and ability of collecting data of defined project strategies and interventions at different levels;

· Experience in agriculture related regulatory, policy and planning frames

· Advantage in experience in project context – Somalia and/or the regions of Puntland

· Fluency in English is a requirement


The consulting team/firm can propose a competitive cost package which must reflect per-day remuneration of expert/s, travel and other related expenses. The budget should cover the consultancy fee, travel, food and accommodation of consultants and others expenses as justifiable.

N.**B:** CIVSAM partners will not bear any additional and unforeseen budget against agreement between both parties.


The consultants / firm should submit below documents to verify required expertise for the study:

· Technical Proposal outlining the understanding of ToR with CVs of expertise

· Financial Proposal indicating expert fee, travel and other logistic cost

· Letter of Interest (LoI) briefly mentioning the study methodology

10. Other Considerations

DIAKONIA and CIVSAM partners’ technical support team shall provide assistance and advice to the consultant with all necessary background materials concerning the project and the project sites, including the project plan and any baseline data and information. CIVSAM partners are responsible for decision making concerning all practical issues of the assignment during field study.

Minimum required documents

  1. Company Profile with detailed physically verifiable contact address (Mandatory)
  2. Technical proposal for the study (Mandatory)
  3. Financial proposal for the study (Mandatory)
  4. Valid Registration certificates and Tax clearance (Mandatory)
  5. Evidence of Past Experience in a similar work (experience certificates/Contract letters etc.) (Mandatory)
  6. Detailed workplan showing delivery and lead time(Essential
  7. Minimum two CV for the lead consultant and manager. (Mandatory)

How to apply

Application Process

Please send your full application on this email: procurement@kaalo.org not later than 13th of Sept 2021, at 11:59pm**

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