Terms of References for the Consultant to Conduct a Distance Training on How to Help Children to Cope with COVID-19

1. About CARE international

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. Its programs go beyond meeting basic needs at the onset of an emergency to helping affected communities recover and rebuild their lives long after the crisis ends. CARE has been assisting communities in Somalia since 1981. CARE works in partnership with the government, international NGOs, civil society, leaders and local authorities in order to bring effective and lasting change to the most vulnerable communities. CARE currently works through three main programs: firstly, the Rural Women program which supports poor, rural women and girls in addressing long term underlying causes of poverty and vulnerability as well as social, cultural, political and economic obstacles towards positive change. We help women and girls improve their economic status, access education and support them to play a greater role in local leadership and conflict resolution. Secondly, the Urban Youth program focuses on job creation and livelihood opportunities for poor youth through interventions such as secondary education, vocational training, small business development and microfinance. Thirdly, the Emergency program provides direct humanitarian relief to victims of drought and conflict in Puntland, Mogadishu, Lower Juba and Galmudug state.

1.1. About Education Cannot Wait – First Emergency Response (ECW FER) project

On 16 March 2020, the Federal Government of Somalia announced the first case of COVID-19 thus joining the list of countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19 virus. This has prompted the respective governments (Federal, Somaliland and Puntland) to put in place precautionary and preventive measures to curtail the spread of the deadly virus. One such measure included immediate closure of all educational institutions (schools, colleges, Koranic schools and universities) to reduce the risk of exposure and contamination of the school children from the virus. Furthermore, as issued by the COVID-19 response task force recently formed by Puntland education stakeholders and led by Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoE&HE). Some of the notable existing gaps in the education sector include; that education staff are lacking the necessary expertise for online/radio based education, schools and education sector in general are not materially prepared to handle online/radio based education to ensure continuity of education. In addition to that, most of the schools do not have fully equipped hand-washing facilities with all the necessary items and worst of all, none of the teachers, parents and caregivers are trained/sensitized on the prevention and identification of COVID-19 cases.

Towards this effort, CARE and its partners SCI and SIDRA are implementing ECW First Emergency Response to COVID project.

The project results are as follows;

a) Outcome 1: Awareness and sanitization: Increased awareness of and cooping -mechanisms for COVID 19 pandemic

b) Outcome 2: Sanitation and Hygiene in 51 schools is improved: Improved safety and protection in learning environment

c) Outcome 3: Teaching and learning gaps are addressed through usage of technology: Continuation of education for crisis affected children

d) Outcome 4: Coordination and networking.

Immediately after the COVID 19 was declared a pandemic, the ministry of education and higher education adopted COVID 19 preventive and control measures, which included school closure, providing e-learning facilities, awareness campaigns and messaging about COVID preventive and control measures as well as continuous review of the situation to determine whether conditions are favorable for conducting exams and opening schools. In order to contribute to outcome 1, the Ministry of Education with support from CARE Somalia plans to hire a consultant to facilitate distance training for teachers, head teachers, CEC and parents on enhanced child safeguarding. The training will cover “WHO guidelines” on how to help children cope with COVID19 shocks and identify COVD-19 symptoms and referral path ways, using radio, TV and or social media.

Purpose of the Assignment

The main purpose of this assignment (activity 1.1) is to enhance head teachers, CEC members and parents’ skills and knowledge on child safeguarding and on how to help children cope with COVID19 shocks, identify COVD-19 symptoms and use referral pathways using radio, TV and or social media.

Scope of Assignment

The training will target head teachers, CEC members and parents from nine (9) regions of Puntland state. The assignment involves the development of training manual and scripts on child safeguarding and delivery of such through radio, TV and or social media. The consultant will work closely with CARE, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the COVID 19 task force in the development of the training content, recording and content delivery via TVs and radios and evaluation of the reach/impact of the activity and then.

Targeted Audience

The training will target head teachers, CEC members and parents of schools including those targeted by ECW in Puntland state.

Mode of Delivery

This training will be conducted through the media platforms such as local broadcasting radio, local TV station, zoom, Facebook and YouTube uploads and live streaming. CARE Somalia has already established a WhatsApp group for teachers and the same shall be used disseminate audio recordings and messages to reach a larger audience. In addition, the training manual and relevant materials will e printed and disseminated to the training participants. Before the delivery of content through the selected media platforms, the consultant shall ensure, with the support of CARE Somalia that all target audience are sensitized about the mobilized for the training. In addition, the training program and virtual access link will be shared with the participants in advance.


The consultant will be expected to:

a) Submit an inception report containing a detailed methodological approaches and tools that will be applied to deliver the training.

b) Submit a detailed training manual and the training program or timetable or lesson plan with timelines covering a period of five-days.

c) Develop awareness messages relevant to the training topic and developed in consultation with the Ministry of Education and Care Somalia

d) Conduct the training for head teachers, CEC members and parents through the local broadcasting radio, local TV station, zoom, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp and in any other available social platfrom.

e) Submit a final report in a format that will be provided by CARE Somalia.


a) This assignment will start in August/Sept 2020 and the consultant is expected to complete the assignment within 22 days from the date of signing the agreement including the developing of the training materials and releasing of the training content via TVs and other social platforms. The table shows the breakdown of activities and timelines.


No of Days

Meeting with project team and ministry of education (Inception meeting)

1 day

Preparation of the inception report, training programme, training manuals and materials, tools awareness messages

5 days

Live training through radio, TV and or social media, recoding of the training sessions, dissemination of audio training materials and message

14 days

Report writing and submission

2 days


22 days


a) University degree in Education or Public Health or any other related social sciences

b) Demonstrated experience in conduction child safeguarding training. Ability to design and deliver trainings to head teachers, CEC members and parents is an added advantage

c) Previous experience to design delivering training design and deliver trainings through radio, TV and or social media is an added advantage

d) Good administration and interpersonal skills

e) Good computer and presentation skills.

f) Fluent in English and Somali languages.

How to apply

Interested candidate is required to submit the following items:

a) Detail technical and financial proposal

b) Consultant CVs including past achievements

c) Any relevant documents

The candidates should submit a written proposal to CARE by 4:00 pm on 31 August 2020 to SOM.Consultant@care.org with subject line indicating “for the Consultant to Conduct a Distance Training on How to Help Children to Cope with COVID-19”. Any submission beyond the deadline will not be considered.

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