Terms of Reference (ToR) For Tree Nursery Materials – Puntland

Terms of Reference (ToR) For Tree Nursery Materials

Project Title Regreening Africa Project
Type of Project Environment
Location Puntland
Organization CARE International
Submission Deadline 13-July-2020

Project Overview

The action “Reversing Land Degradation in Africa by Scaling-up Evergreen Agriculture” is based on Evergreen Agriculture (EVA), a Sustainable Land Management (SLM) model that encompasses land management approaches such as farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) and agro-forestry (AF). As a sustainable land management approach, EVA restores degraded lands by improving tree cover, land productivity, soil fertility and providing a wealth of goods and services. In dry land landscapes, FMNR is an effective low-cost way to restore degraded lands by protecting and managing trees and shrubs that naturally regenerate from roots and seeds present in the landscape. Therefore, in order to contribute to reversing land degradation in Somalia, the action aims at increasing adoption of contextually appropriate EVA practices by at least 20,000 pastoralists and agro pastoralists households over an area of at least 9,000ha through EVA/FMNR intensification, scaling-out/-up and leveraging on existing EVA/FMNR interventions in the country. The overall objective of the action is to Increase income, food security and resilience among smallholders, pastoralists and agro-pastoralists.

One of the key outputs of the project is to ensure reliable nurseries that can contribute in the regreening of Puntland. The project plans to support some selected nurseries in Puntland by providing seedlings, trainings, and other essential items. There is an estimate of 12 nurseries in Puntland.

Tree growing provides economic and environmental benefits. This has resulted in tree growing initiatives in Puntland. However, tree growing is faced with constraints such as high field mortality and poor maintenance. Due to this challenge, the markets are yet to supply to the public high quality seedlings with reasonable prices.

There is also an urgent need to improve nursery management practices by employing best

management practices such as proper hardening techniques using effective but non-

expensive hardening beds and soil sterilization to improve the seedling quality of seedlings.

In response to these demands and needs of these nurseries, CARE is planning to procure nursery items for supporting the nurseries to produce quality seedlings.

  1. Objectives

The objective of purchasing tree nursery materials is to support the existing and as well as establishment of nurseries in Puntland.

  1. scope of work

The scope of nursery materials supply shall include accurate quantity of materials and appropriate quality as specified in the technical specification. Similarly, the materials shall be supplied on time and the transportation shall be covered by the respective supplier to CARE International office in Garowe, Puntland.

  1. Materials/items to be supplied
S/N Item  Name Quantity UOM
1 Shade nets (UV stabilised 6x100M, 50% shade level) nurseries 3 PCE
2 Water Can for Watering 9/10ltr 24 PCE
3 Pruning Shears for the Nursery gardens 24 PCE
4 Wheelbarrow for the nursery garden 24 PCE
5 Nursery Polybags (assorted sizes: 3”x 4” :5000Pcs: 5”x 9” -10,000 pcs and 6” x 12” : 5000 pcs 20,000 PCE
6 Secateurs for (grafting) trees 24 PCE
7 Garden hose for the nurseries (100 meters) 12 PCE
8 Spades for the nursery gardens 14 PCE
9 Gloves Pair for the Nursery Gardens 14 PAI
10 Grafting Knifes 36 PCE

 Financial proposal

  • Submission of request for quotation detailing price per item.

Other requirements

  • Proof of experience of similar supplies
  • Delivery work plan
  • Colored sample pictures of proposed items

Interested firms should send their detailed quotations to abdulkadir.mohamed@care.org with subject line indicating “Tree Nursery Supplies” on/or before 13-July-2020.

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