Terms of Reference (ToR) for Translation expert

Terms of Reference (ToR) for Translation expert

I. General Information


Translation Expert


Global Partnership for Education Programme

Reporting to:

Programme Director


30 working days

Closing date

14TH December, 2020

Reference #


International consultancy firms with experience in production and translation of educational Resources

II. Background Information

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) funded Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG) is aligned with the priorities of the Federal Government of Somalia’s Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP 2018-2020). The overall grant objective is to increase access to quality education for more than 32,000 out-of–school children; enhance the quality of primary education; and improve the capacity of the MOECHE at Federal/Member States to regulate and manage the education sector. The grant is being implemented by the Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MoECHE) in collaboration with the Federal Member States Ministries of Education in Jubaland State, South West State, Galmudug State, Hirshabelle State and Banaadir regional administration with CARE as the Grant Agent and Concern Worldwide as sub-contractor.

ESPIG will be supporting the Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Education, Culture & Higher Education (MOECHE in training 2000 of its existing teaching staff.

Somali National University (SNU) will deliver a tailored in-service teacher training program for 2,000 teachers. The training content is to be informed by the findings of previous EGRA/EGMA assessments in the country and is aligned with the new curriculum and textbooks. Teachers would be selected from among those without formal training in education, working in public and community-owned schools receiving capitation grants and textbooks.

Teachers training program will be delivered through an online platform. The training will be condensed and delivered over 18 months. Content will comprise two strands: Part A – Subject knowledge (e.g. Somali, Math, etc.); and Part B – Professional courses (e.g. pedagogy). The content will be anchored in the SNU’s curriculum, syllabus, study guides and teacher training manual but also informed by consultation with teachers and other stakeholders. In the first year of delivery, the content will focus on the delivery of literacy and numeracy responding directly to the challenges observed in the learning assessments conducted by various partners in the country including CARE and Concern. On successful completion of the course, graduates will receive a diploma from the SNU.

A Material development firm through the Faculty of Education of SNU, Department of curriculum development (MOECHE) and Teacher Development Department of MOECHE is developing the course content in English. This is due to the reason that actors who supported the development of teachers in Somalia need to be accommodated. Also, existing fragments of teaching materials are already in English. The materials will be contextualized and customized for ease of delivery through an online platform.

These materials thus require to be translated and hence the need for this consultancy. The process will be in two phases:

  1. Translation of the course outline as well as other materials related to teacher training
  2. Provision of sub-titles for Video contents that will be produced at the online learning center (MOECHE)

III. Position Summary

The consultant will translate the course outline, teaching and learning materials, shape the design of the booklets and review the layouts, including but not limited to font size, picture, cover page formatting, content sequence etc. Additionally, the consultants will help translate video materials produced at the distance learning center.

IV. Activity

Key deliverables

· The consultant will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

Phase 1

i) Go through the materials and get a clear understanding of the content and context.

ii) Copy edit, and proof read the English version of the teacher training materials.

iii) Translate the teacher training materials

iv) Proofread the translated materials to confirm that all concepts are well captured in appropriate Somali language.

Phase 2:

i) Watch/Listen to the media version of the materials and get a clear understanding of the content and context

ii) Copy edit the English version of the lessons

iii) Translate the lessons, provide sub-titles and any other support sought by the distance learning Center

iv) Proofread the translated materials to confirm that all concepts are well captured in appropriate Somali language.

· Format and shape the English draft

· Translate the draft to Somali

· Shape and proof read Somali copy



VI. Key Qualifications

Key requirements for this position include:

· Masters’ Degree in a relevant field.

· At least 7 years’ experience in media, Translation and editorial services

· Specific experience working with Ministry of Education, culture and Higher Education

· Fluency in English and Somali language.

· Must be willing to travel and work in a challenging environment.

VII. Core Values & Critical Key Competencies

· Strong analytical skills with an ability to do proof reading and copy edits;

· Ability to think critically and strategically in difficult conditions

· Commitment to ensure knowledge transfer and capacity building is central in the work;

· Excellent interpersonal communication, relationship building and networking skills;

· Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines in stressful conditions;

How to apply

Interested candidates firms are requested to send their technical proposal and financial proposal as separate attachments in the same email, to: SOM.Consultant@care.org; not later than 10:00am 14th December, 2020

Please indicate “ Teaching Modules translation” as subject line. Late applications will not be considered.

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