Terms of Reference (TOR) For Tracer Study – Local Employment in Africa for Development (LEAD) in Somaliland, Puntland, and Mogadishu

Terms of Reference
Tracer Study
Local Employment in Africa for Development (LEAD)

1. Background

Established in 2011, Shaqodoon
Organization is a not-for-profit NGO that
operates in multiple regions in Somalia and
Somaliland dedicated to advancing of skills
and talents of youth and social investments
through its multifaceted programs that are
designed to increase the number of young
people engaged in productive work and
entrepreneurship. Shaqodoon Organization
has been undertaking youth programs for
close to a decade since its establishment in
While Shaqodoon experience and expertise focus on job placement for graduates,
entrepreneurship capacity development/ start-up development, and business
development services (BDS) is also part of its core goals. Shaqodoon organization also
has a strong track record working with the under-privileged youth, providing training
support that enhances access to vocational training and employment services.
Shaqodoon organization has also strong and complementary experiences working
with the IDPs, Refugee Returnees and Host Communities underprivileged youth
(especially women) in entrepreneurship capacity development/training, SME/
development, business development services (BDS), youth mentoring and skill
development, and sustainable livelihoods development initiatives, having
implemented such programs for a wide range of international development actors.
2. The LEAD Program
The Local Economic African Development (LEAD) program is funded by the
Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs through SPARK. Shaqodoon is an
implementing partner of SPARK for the LEAD program in Somalia and Somaliland.
The program benefits vulnerable youth aged between 15-35. The overall objective of
the LEAD 2 program is to create new job opportunities alongside supporting start-ups
and existing SME growth supported with coaching and better access to finance and
markets- with a focus on vulnerable and youth at risk.
3. The overall objectives of the LEAD program were formulated as follows:

Strengthen institutional capacity building of local partner organizations and
government agencies to support better SME development, employment, and the
development of an effective enabling business environment (OBJ1)
Creating new job opportunities alongside supporting business start-ups and
SME growth supported with coaching and better access to finance and markets –
with a focus on vulnerable and at-risk youth (OBJ2)
Enhancement of skills of young people to be better prepared for the job market
The specific objective was to be achieved through three interrelated outcomes. Given
the increasingly dynamic employment market, the program has four outcomes that
contributed to the overall goal of “improved and enhanced economic prospects and
opportunities for youth through supporting SME creation, entrepreneurship, and
employability.” To attain the program objectives, Shaqodoon organization developed
entrepreneurship skills of existing and new entrepreneurs through coaching &
training, recruited new and existing entrepreneurs and trained them with Business
skills development training, Acceleration, Mentoring and Incubation, and assisted
young people (especially young women) to access internship and Apprentenships
opportunities which prepared them to enter the job market and find jobs.
4. Objectives of the tracer study
The main objective of the tracer study is to track the effectiveness of the LEAD
program in equipping youths with the necessary skills for gainful employment. The tracer study is meant to track the beneficiaries of the training to establish what they are currently doing as part of the evidence of the project’s relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability: Further, Shaqodoon will be able to fully account for the graduate’s engagement in apprenticeship, self-employment, and formal employment.
The specific objectives of the tracer study are:
To identify the type of employment (wage or self-employment) achieved.
To generate information about the marketability and employability of the skills and training offered by Shaqodoon and its partners and challenges in the marketplace. to benchmark and evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen skill development and entrepreneurship courses offered by Shaqodoon partners at different locations in Somaliland, Puntland, and Mogadishu.
To establish the factors inhibiting youth employment (wage or self

employment) in Somaliland, Puntland, and Mogadishu. As part of a case study, review the project model, achievements, lessons
learned, and significant recommendations for application in other contexts or
5. Scope of the tracer study
The tracer study will aim to provide information on all project beneficiaries. The study
will be conducted in Somaliland, Puntland, and Mogadishu. The tracer study will
establish what the graduates are currently doing and include details as part of the
evidence of the project’s relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability.
Questions and answers should be guided by DAC criteria (Relevance, effectiveness,
efficiency, impact, and learning).
6. Tracer Study design/methods
The Consultant shall use a mixed approach, including desk review, and interviews
with the program beneficiaries. The tracer study will target all the beneficiaries, or a
sample size must be statistically representative of the population. The Consultant is
expected to develop overarching approaches to knowledge creation and mix
qualitative and quantitative approaches that reflect the subjectivity and objectivity of
the aspects of the evaluation.
Desk review of secondary data (proposals, progress reports and beneficiary
In-depth interviews with beneficiaries (incl disaggregation by gender) at their
business/employment sites or homes (through local enumerators).
Share initial findings and learning with Shaqodoon organization.
7. Expected outputs
The consultants will produce the following specific deliverables after signing the
Inception report detailing the methodology, including the actual tools to be
used for all respondents, schedule for field data collection, data analysis and
reporting, work plan, list of documentation to reference in the report, and an outline of the final report
A detailed final report of not more than 30 pages (2 pages executive summary, 20 pages main body of the report, and 8 pages annexes- including photos and quotes from the respondents) outlining among others background characteristics of respondents
A case study on Shaqodoon organization’s youth employment creation approaches capturing a short write-up on LEAD program model, achievements,
lessons learned, and recommendations.
Field notes and questionnaires. Safe custody and safe return of all documents
obtained from Shaqodoon organization.
8. Work plan and Time schedule
The total duration of the tracer study is expected to take 14 days, including the
fieldwork and report writing. Shaqodoon Organization and the Consultant (s) will
agree on the final work plan and time schedule.
Tracer Study Activities Completion dates
Obtaining offers 10 – 17 October 2021
Selecting and contracting the consultant 17 – 20 October, 2021
Inception report (to discuss the draft report) within three
days after contracting
21 – 22 October, 2021
Field work and reporting 22 – 30 October, 2021
Tracer study final report 1 – 3 November, 2021

9. Qualifications required

The Consultant should be an experienced and independent consultant with the
following expertise:
Minimum of 5 years professional Experience in developing countries,
including previous Experience working in Somalia/Somaliland.
University degree in Education, Project Management, or any other
development/relevant related subject.
Experience in applying qualitative and quantitative methods, with a minimum of 5 years of professional Experience in conducting tracer studies or similar studies.
Have practical Experience in planning and implementation of a tracer study using a mixed-method approach

Have excellent analytical and writing skills
Be willing to travel extensively in the working areas of the project.
Fluent in English (both reading and writing).
Understanding the Somali language is an advantage.
Verification of these qualifications will be based on the provided curriculum vitae.
Moreover, references, web links, or electronic copies of two or three examples of
recently completed tracer study reports shall be provided together with the technical
proposal. Candidates are also encouraged to submit other references such as research
papers or articles that demonstrate their familiarity with the subject under review.
10. Guiding Principles and Values
The Consultant shall adhere to the “Do No Harm” principle and any other humanitarian principles. Applications will be evaluated based on the following
criteria: Technical Experience and expertise
Quality of proposal
Cost-effectiveness of proposal
The Consultant shall always ensure the confidentiality of data, respect the privacy of
all individuals concerned and make all data collected available to Shaqodoon
Organization in a usable format.
All applications should include the following and be submitted to
jobs@shaqodoon.org (mailto:jobs@shaqodoon.org)by 17th October 2021 with the
subject line indicating “Terms of Reference – Tracer Study”
Cover letter (maximum 1 page) and updated CVs of all study team members
Technical proposal: Which should include
1. brief explanation about the Consultant with an emphasis on the previous experience in this kind of work.
2. profile of the Consultant and/or team to be involved in undertaking the tracer study,
understanding of the TOR and the task to be accomplished,

1. draft work and plan

Financial Proposal: Which should include consultancy fees and enumerators’ fees.

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