Terms of Reference (ToR) for End Perception Survey for Galkayo Town and Con ict Fault Lines in South Mudug Region



Terms of Reference (ToR) for End Perception Survey for Galkayo Town and Conflict Fault Lines in South


Mudug Region

Organization Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD)
Project Joint Galkayo and South Mudug Peacebuilding Initiative
Position Type Short-term Consultancy
Study/assessment End Perception Survey for Galkayo Town and Conflict
Fault Lines in South Mudug Region in Puntland and
topic Galmudug States.
Position Location Galkayo District
Duration 16 days
Reporting to Project Manager
Working with SSF Liaison
Starting Date Immediate



Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) is non-profit making organization with offices in Mogadishu, Adado, Galkayo and liaison one in Nairobi. CPD implements various projects in areas it operates including but not limited to; Wash, food security, Health, Nutrition and peace building.The Centre for Peace and Democracy CPD in a consortium with Puntland Youth and social Development (PSA) has been implementing the Joint Peace building Initiative Project in Galkayo Town(South and North Galkayo)and South Mudug area both locations stranding Galmudug and Puntland States Somalia with the support of Somalia Stability Fund. The project’s objective is to empower communities residing in both North and South Galkayo as well as those in specific noted conflict fault lines coexist peacefully and harmoniously.

In 2019, PSA/CPD and SSF is implementing Galkayo Joint Peace-building Initiative Project. The project objective is to enhance community capacity to prevent, resolve and contain destructive conflicts through establishment of effective and integrated community management and dispute settlement mechanisms in Galkayo that will ensure communities residing in both north and south coexist peacefully and harmoniously.

CPD/PSA consortiumhas already undertaken an initial perception survey as part of the project required components to inform the project on the perception of the community towards conflict the performance of the various administrative and traditional institutions, peace committees, (elders), women, youth and the marginalized.The perception survey was undertaken from 24th October to 8th November 209 and a report generated by the consultancy firm hired. The organization seeks the services of a consultant/consultancy firm to undertake a second end perception survey that shall be compared with the initial perception survey to help gauge the changes of the local community with respect to the

capacities of the local authorities and clan leadership to deliver on various

aspects of conflict resolution and involve the people in local decision making

processes which are key to inclusivity.


Scope of Work for Consultancy Team

The perception survey consultancy will be expected to undertake the following-:

  1. Develop/Adaptperception survey tools for use in the core inquiry areas as agreed.
  2. Develop a scientific sampling sample for collection of the data.
  3. Upload the perception survey questionnaire into KoboConnect App.
  4. Recruit and train enumerators on the collection of survey data using KoboConnect Application.
  5. Support the field collection of data in the indicated project locations.
  6. Undertake analysis of the collected data and prepare a draft report for feedback from CPD and SSF.


Assignment Deliverables

  1. Approved perception surveytools for use in the core inquiry areas as agreed.
  2. Inception Report: includes initial work plan and proposal (Expression of Interest) for the perception survey outlining the proposed methodology, survey tools, process of data collection and analysis.
  3. Draft report of the perception survey for the feedback and comments from CPD Team.
  4. Presentation on the main findings of the perception survey at field level involving project teams, community representatives and local authorities.
  5. Final Report in English which includes:
  6. Introduction;
  7. Summary of Findings
  8. Methodology;
  9. Findings of the Perception Survey based on the quantified data as analyzed for the various responses:
  10. Conclusions and recommendations as per the programoutputs and activities;
  11. Electronic annexes with the site-by-site raw data used for the analysis.


How to Apply:

Qualified candidates are requested to find a detailed TOR on our website

https://www.cpdafrica.org/procuremetn                                        (https://www.cpd-

africa.org/procuremetn) and electronically submit their Expression of Interest (EOI), CVs and Cover letters to the Human Resource Manager, Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) using the following email address:- hr@cpdsomalia.org

(mailto:hr@cpdsomalia.org) or procument@cpd-africa.org (mailto:procument@cpd-africa.org) by20thAugust 2020.


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