TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) For Deployment of Security Guards – Mogadishu, Somalia


Objective The required services are the Deployment of Security Guards at FCA Office’s.

Bidding will be conducted through the following:

  • Please note that the bid prices shall be quoted in USD only.
  • Please see the tender file for the minimum requirements and evaluation criteria.
  • All bids, in English language only, must be delivered electronically through procurement email: procurement.soco@kua.fi . Late bids will be rejected without exception. Applicants with questions regarding this tender should send their questions by email procurement.soco@kua.fi latest by 13th July 2020, 4:00 pm EAT.
  • Tenders will be opened at the address mentioned below. Tenderers or their authorized representative can be present for the tender opening session 14 July, 1:30pm.
  • Tender documents will be available from 30th June at 11:00am until 10th July, at 4:00pm. Interested Bidders may obtain a complete set of bidding documents in English without any cost by contacting FCA via procurement email ( procurement.soco@kua.fi).
  1. General information.
  2. Ensure 24-hour man guarding service at the following FCA premises;
  • Main gate / entrance of the FCA premises
  • Car park
  • Compound
  1. Provide 24-hour QRF (Quick Reaction Force) service to respond to any emergency as required.
  • Ensure that security officials on all sites are always equipped with a baton and torch-light.
  1. To comply with Standard Operation Procedures established by FCA Security (Please refer to SectionSOP for more details in this TOR). These procedures will mainly include:
  2. Site specific instructions for access control to address the movement of personnel, vehicles andequipment entering and leaving the FCA premises.
  3. Fire detection,
  4. Action to be taken when confronting a suspect,
  5. Emergency procedures and action to be taken upon any emergency,
  6. Management and supervision
  7. Replacement of officials due to any reason, and of absentees.
  8. Monitoring of the adjacent streets (within the physical limits of the building) for any criminalactivity and reacting promptly in support to the affected FCA/staff and their property.
  9. Check the removal and movement of incoming/outgoing equipment and items. Keep records of itemsgoing out of or coming into the FCA building, as may be necessary.
  10. To be in compliance with Access Control Procedures (please refer to section Access Controlprocedures in this TOR).
  11. Monitor access to and movement within the FCA premises, including restricted areas and report on procedures violation.
  12. Verify that all FCA office doors and windows are properly locked and those left open inadvertently areproperly locked, and reported thereafter.
  • To provide third party liability insurance to the value agreed between FCA and company during thecontracting period.
  • Provide trained, equipped and qualified security supervisors, with reasonable knowledge of an international language (English).
  1. Adhere to all national and local legislation regarding the legalization of the company, taxes, labour practice and any other regulation relevant to the security industry.
  2. Conduct ad hoc inspections to ensure that all services are guaranteed by the security guards of the company.
  3. Oversight of FCA official and staff vehicles parked in the parking lot behind the FCA premises and inside of the FCA Compound and within the sight horizon of the boundaries of the compound including the street.
  • Control of vehicle access into and out of the compound parking facilities.
  • Maintain control of the parking access.
  • Ensure that the guards posted at the premises are properly dressed in uniforms to portray a good image to visitors.
  1. Provider:


  1. The security company must be fully licensed and have in possession all required legal permits for provision of unarmed security services. Certified copies of these documents will be provided to FCA.
  2. All personnel to be provided by the security company for performance of work under this Statement of Work shall be fully qualified as Security Guards, in line with FCA’s Security SOP-019.
  1. Responsibilities of the security company:
  2. Employee Conduct (Personnel)
  3. The security company shall ensure that its employees maintain satisfactory standards of competency, conduct, appearance and integrity. The security company shall take appropriate actions, as necessary, to ensure compliance with these standards.
  4. Access Control
  5. The security company security personnel will be unarmed and tasked to prevent unauthorised personnel or vehicular entry into the FCA controlled areas.
  6. There are numerous employee/visitor entrances or points of entry. At each point of entry, the security company shall maintain a “Visitors’ Book” for non-FCA personnel visiting FCA for official or social purposes.
  7. The security company shall patrol the contracted installations, i.e. provide physical security of the exterior of all buildings, monitor compound fence lines and protect FCA Owned Equipment.
  • Fire Inspections
  1. The security company shall train its personnel to identify potentially unsafe conditions, such as fire or explosions and react to their occurrence.
  2. Upon detection of fire FCA office or vehicle, the security company shall ensure that the compound residents are immediately alerted, the incident reported to the FCA security focal point, and immediate action is taken to extinguish the fire.
  3. The security company shall ensure that all its security personnel are fully trained in the use of “in-house” fire-fighting equipment and are aware of the actions necessary to minimise damage and expedite fire-fighting assistance, as required. The in-house fire-fighting equipment currently consists of ABC fire extinguishers.
  4. The security company shall ensure that guard posts are continuously manned throughout the duration of each shift. Security guards will exercise maximum awareness and be fully alert during their shift.
  5. Crime Scene Protection
  6. The security company is to immediately report FCA any evidence of theft, break-in, fire, vehicle accidents/incidents and any other occurrences affecting FCA staff and/or property within and including the compound perimeter. The security company shall immediately mark and secure the scene of such occurrences in order to prevent unauthorised access prior to the arrival of the SFP.
  7. Duties and responsibilities of security guards:

The security company’s Security Guard shall perform access control functions on 24/7 basis listed but not limited to below;

  1. Control all entry/exit points and ensure adequate security of the organisation’s premises as per issued policies and procedures;
  2. Ensure that all staff and visitors are properly screened and registered and when required issue with adequate building passes, (visitors, contractors etc.).
  3. Ensure that routine patrols are conducted within the FCA premises and that they are properly documented.
  4. Patrol assigned areas; maintain continual surveillance against fire, water leakage and any other action which could cause damage FCA premises or injure its staff.
  5. Log all movement of equipment in/out of FCA premises.
  6. Properly screen all items carried into the premises to prevent and deter entrance of dangerous, illegal or suspicious looking materials or items.
  7. Report all incidents on FCA grounds that involve a breach of safety, security procedures, injuries and theft.
  8. Intervene personally to resolve problems or refer them immediately to the SFP.
  9. Respond to personnel and telephone enquiries and provide appropriate information or suggest alternative sources of information.
  10. Provide emergency assistance and assist staff and visitors during contingencies.
  11. Assist staff, visitors and guests on FCA premises as a courtesy and service.
  12. Report for duty as and when necessary (on call).
  13. Perform other related security duties outlined in the contract as required.
  14. Oversee that all office machines, air conditioners, lights, etc. are turned off after working hours.
  1. Administrative Planning
  1. Standard Operating Procedures;
  2. The security company shall be responsible for familiarisation and updating the FCA Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for all guard force security functions.
  3. Emergency Plans;
  4. The guards shall be familiar with the FCA relevant operational plans to meet emergencies, including, but not necessarily limited to, those caused by weather, earthquakes, riots, intrusions and explosive incidents.
  1. Records and Reports
  2. A summary of required reports is listed below. The security company may utilise formats or combine reports for efficiency in preparation, insofar as the basic information is provided within the specified timeframe. All administrative files, including details of security personnel on duty at each location at any given time, complaints, incidents, investigations, post and radio logs, shift reports, work schedules, equipment inventories, lost and found property, etc., shall be maintained at the FCA facilities and will be the property of FCA.
    • Daily Occurrence Book;
    • Visitors’ Log; and
    • Staff Working After Hours Log.
  1. Performance Meetings
  2. Regular performance meeting will be held between the FCA security focal point (SFP) and the security company or its senior representative, not less than once per month. Written minutes of the meetings shall be prepared by Security Company and forwarded to FCA.
  1. The security company Personnel
  2. Deployment
  3. The security company will ensure that same personnel is continuously deployed at the same location. In cases when designated person/personnel cannot be deployed to its standard location, the security company will consult with the SFP about adequate replacement minimum of twenty four (24) hours prior deploying, of personnel with same or better qualifications. The stand-in person/personnelmust have the same or better qualifications than the person being replaced
  1. Individual Files
  2. The security company shall maintain personnel files, which must include a checklist to ensure that the clean criminality record statusof all of its personnel assigned to perform under the contract is periodically (annually) verified. These files shall be maintained by the security company and are subject to inspection by the SFP or his/her designated representatives at any time within 24 hours of request.
  3. The CVs of each personnel must be available and provided to the contractor upon request.
  1. Personal Appearance& Uniforms
  2. Personal Appearance
  3. The security company shall provide all uniform apparel and equipment to its personnel. Uniformed personnel are expected to keep a clean, neat appearance and present a professional bearing. On a duty shift, they shall be cleanly shaven and with their uniform items in good order, clean and properly pressed, with black shoes or boots properly polished. Sport or training shoes are not to be worn.
  4. The security company shall ensure that its personnel are physically capable of standing watch, patrol i.e. not having consumed alcoholic beverages or other types of intoxicants within the previous twelve (12) hours, and are sufficiently rested for minimum of eight (8) hours before each shift. The security company shall ensure that its personnel does not exceed working shift of eight (8) hours. The security company will make every effort that security guards are replaced on time.
  5. Smoking while working is not permitted.
  6. The security company shall ensure that all its personnel are informed of and understand the guard assignments and special instructions.
  7. Uniforms
  8. For the purposes of this Contract, uniform is defined as jacket, trousers/skirt, shirt/blouse, boots/shoes and duty belt, all of which are provided by the Security Company on a scale of issue that will ensure all uniformed personnel can achieve and maintain the appearance standards set by FCA.
  9. Complete uniforms shall be worn by all uniformed guards at all times while engaged in the performance of duties. Such uniforms and the wearing of the same shall in general conform to acceptable standards and usage. The security company’s security personnel shall wear the same colour and style of uniform.
  10. All the security company’s uniformed guards shall wear a name/rank plate on the outermost garment. The nameplate shall be centred along the top right pocket seam of the shirt/blouse or jacket. Nameplates shall be uniform in size, material, size of letters and colour. No FCA reference shall be included on the nameplates or the uniforms supplied by the security company.
  11. Uniforms and equipment shall consist of the following items. Minor variations may be approved by the SFP, insofar as the intent of each item is met:
    • Shirt long and short sleeves
    • Trousers
    • Jacket
    • Name plate
    • Shoes / boots
    • Duty belt
  1. Equipment
  2. The security company shall provide all equipment and/or supplies necessary to meet the requirements ofthis Contract, including communications equipment to its staff.
  3. The security company shall deploy a well-training, organised and properly equipped security guards. The security guards at each location of the contracted sites shall have a viable communications system, supplied by the security company, which will ensure that individual guards can instantly report suspicious occurrences and/or summon assistance, as required.
  • The service provider is to equip each of the security personnel (and limited to) with a full set of uniforms and communication equipment, touch and baton, handheld metal detector.
  1. Disclosure of Information
  2. Neither the security company nor any of its personnel is allowed to disclose or cause the dissemination of any information concerning the operations, staff or assets of FCA.
  3. All inquiries, comments, or complaints, arising from any matter observed, experienced, or learned of as a result of, or in connection with, the performance of this Contract and the resolution of which may require dissemination of official information, will be directed to the RO and SA. Deviations from or violations of any of these provisions may, in addition to all other criminal and civil remedies provided by law, subject to the security company to immediate termination for cause, and/or the individuals involved to a withdrawal of the FCA acceptance and approval of their employment.
  4. Removal from Duty
  5. FCA has the authority to direct the security company for immediate removal of any employee from the work site should it be determined that an individual is not suitable to perform the guard duties.
  1. Eligibility & Evaluation Criteria


  1. Eligibility Criteria for Guards/Personnel:

The service provider shall provide proofs of all below required qualifications for their personnel.

  1. Provide secondary school graduation certificate or higher.
  2. Must be literate in English/Somali to the extent of reading and understanding printed regulations, detailed written orders, training instructions and materials and maintain logs and reports.
  3. All guards and personnel assigned to work at FCA must have a minimum of one-year experience as a qualified “security guard”
  4. Clean criminal history – provide criminal history certification from country of nationality
  5. Must not be dependent on alcohol or other drugs; if using prescribed medication, such medications must not hinder the performance of assigned guard duties. Please obtain medical certification from recognized general practitioner (GPA)
  6. Must have completed basic security training– provide certificate of completion
  1. Eligibility criteria for Service Provider/Security Company
  2. Proof of company registration in Somaliland.
  3. Tax compliance certification
  4. CVs for key personnel who are considered to be Account Manager(s) to be dedicated in due course of the provision of aforementioned Security Services. CVs should demonstrate qualifications in area of expertise relevant to the Contract.
  5. Audited financial statement for the last two (2) years (2018 & 2019).
  6. Proof of experience in the security industry for at least two (2)years. The Company must provide at least two references of past and current contracts of the similar nature to this assignment.
  7. Must ensure that security personnel are given sufficient rest-days in accordance with the laborlaws. Please submit staff rotation plan detailed.
  8. Written confirmation that a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) service can be provided to respond to any emergency within 24 hours of the incident.
  • Evaluation/Comparison Criteria detailed:
# Description Percentage Scoring
1 ExperienceMust have experience in the security industry and provide at least two (2) references of past and current contracts of nature similar to the services required in this project, to be considered eligible for evaluation.

Any other references (after the two (2) submitted for eligibility), will be awarded maximum 5 points each, based on the quality, relevance and responsiveness to this ToR.

The maximum number of the references submitted is 6.

2 Company Security Training Certification(personnel certification is not subject to evaluation in this section)

Maximum 4 certification may be submitted, maximum 5 points for each.

3 Staff Rotation PlanStaff rotation plan which shows adequate coverage of security services and tasks, including available substitutions in case of emergencies.


10% The relevance and adequateness of the staff rotation plans will be evaluated against the required tasks.Plans which fully cover the service needs listed in this ToR with a sufficient substitutes for emergencies, will receive 10 points.
4 Financial(Price) 50% Lowest bid receives highest score. Other candidates’ scores are calculated proportionally based on the lowest bid.
  1. The Financial Proposal should include (expressed in US dollars):
  1. 4 Guards, total budget, including break down of monthly and annual fees, includingVAT& taxes.
  2. Offers without breakdown of costs will not be considered.
  1. Services Terms:

FCA intends to contract the audit and assurance service provider from 1st Aug, 2020 until 31st July, 2021 with possibility of extension of 12 months, totalling two (2) years. The extension of the contract is subject to performance, to be evaluated by FCA alone.

FCA holds the right to the non-renewal of the contract after the initial 12 months without giving any reason, by informing the service provider 30 days in advance of the contract end date.

Deadline: 13th July, 2020 before 4:00 PM East Africa Time.


FCA Somaliland, Hargeisa Office

Ibraahim –Kodbur district,

Jigjiga-yar village, Marodi –jeex region

Procurement committee contact; procurement.soco@kua.fi

FCA reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to annul the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to contract award, without thereby incurring any liability to Bidders.

At the time the contract is awarded, FCA reserves the right to increase or decrease the quantity of Goods, Works or Services originally specified in the tender notice, provided this does not exceed the percentage(s) specified in the tender notice, and without any change in the unit prices. If no percentage is determined in the tender notice, the percentage to be taken into consideration by default is 10%”

Tenderer´s bid should remain valid for a delay of at least 90 days. Should a tenderer retract his bid before the delay is up, he shall run the risk of not being considered in a future tender. The final decision of the selection of the firm to conduct the audit will be made by the FCA procurement committee in coordination with FCA.

FCA practices zero tolerance against concerning aid diversion and illegal actions and may screen [contractor/external party name] (i.e. applicants, contracts, suppliers, consultants, etc.) against international lists to ensure due diligence and compliance with Anti-money laundering and Combating the Financing of terrorism requirements). FCA’s Child Safeguarding Policy applies to all FCA staff.

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