By advancing youth skills and building social investment through multifaceted programs, Shaqodoon organization has strong and complementary experiences working with the IDPs, Refugee Returnees, and Host Communities, especially with the underprivileged youth and women in Somalia. Shaqodoon Organization has been operational in Somalia since 2011, implementing programs in entrepreneurship development, SME development, business development services (BDS), mentoring, and creating sustainable livelihoods development initiatives. Over the last years, Shaqodoon Organization engaged in social mobilization and economic development for communities and taken approaches for state-buildings that leverages local processes of mobilization of resources to build social cohesion and trust between citizens and government authorities. To deliver on its mandate and achieve its mission goals, Shaqodoon Organization is taking new development strategies to create new partnerships, new approaches to serve its clients, and exploring various resource mobilization opportunities.

BMZ will be implemented by Shaqodoon organization together with the Somalia Resilience Program (SomRep) consortium made up of seven international Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs): AAH, ADRA, CARE, COOPI, DRC, Oxfam, World Vision, which was formed following the famine of 2011 to find better ways to leverage collective sectoral expertise and long-standing relationships with communities to tackle the challenges which recurrent shocks pose for families in Somalia. BMZ project will increase the resilience of chronically vulnerable Somali people, households, communities, and systems to recurrent climatic shocks with the specific objectives

to enhance food security, sustainable livelihoods, and strengthening disaster risk management capacities in affected areas in Southwest State by 2023. The project will work with 43 communities in Southern Somalia. 25 villages in Baidoa and 18 villages in Afgoye,

Shaqodoon set up a customized crowdfunding online platform (bulshokaab platform) under the EU South West State Drought Recovery Program and uploaded eight (8) community projects to fundraise and received contributions totaling USD 30,177 (14%) from 244 contributors for the eight projects. Under BMZ project, bulshokaab platform will be upgraded to add other functionalities that are missing, which adds more payment platforms into the system, which will increase both reach and functionality of the platform, thus allowing more BMZ projects to be uploaded. The upgrade will be scaling up the platform to capture donations through EVC+, EDAHAB, remittance, and credit cards.


To establish innovative, diverse, and sustainable funding mechanisms, the mapping will target communities in the South-West State and broader Somali people with their fundraising effort. It will include the local community, diaspora, government entities, and the private sector. Shaqodoon will map these potential resources for each target district during the mapping. Detailed questionnaires will be developed, and the most suitable and appropriate data collection tools (such as Kobo content toolbox) and interviewees will be selected among:

The local community in the target locations

The Somalia Diaspora

Somali diaspora organizations.

The private sector (notable business owners and companies in South West State such as Dahabshiil bank, Amal Bank, hotel owners.

Government authorities and relevant vital ministries.

The collected data will be analyzed for each target district and presented at the community level to all relevant stakeholders during a dissemination workshop. Based on the findings of the mapping exercise, the action will draw on Shaqodoon’s expertise, experience, and connections to the Somali diaspora to:

Develop a comprehensive communication strategy

Identify potential stakeholders and partners for global advocacy activities and promotion of the crowdfunding mechanism for co-financing of community projects identified by the communities through CAAPs (prioritization process will form the basis for selection), as well as contingency plans.

The communication strategy will identify the Somali diaspora’s high-profile events around the world, during which SomRep will seek to promote its crowdfunding mechanism.

Goodwill Ambassadors (GWAs) within different Somali diaspora/local communities who will promote the project will be identified and given key project messages.

Community members (especially youth) will be identified who will act as local M&E/communication officers taking pictures and videos of the project they are looking to have funded. This information will be uploaded on each community’s project’s website. Once a project is funded, these local communication officers will provide regular updates on the progress of the project’s implementation via social media.

Not only will the community projects be promoted on their own crowdfunding website, but the action will also set up social media accounts e.g. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram targeting a younger Somali audience and promoting these projects on popular Somali websites and TV stations such as Horn cable TV, the largest locally-owned TV station. Furthermore, local M&E/communication officers will carry out mobilization workshops at the village level, one workshop at the start of the project and another at the end. During each workshop, project committee and prominent people from the community and the local authority will be invited either at village level or in a secure place.


This consultancy’s overall objective is to design data collection methodologies and collect data on all indicators of the mapping. The mapping exercise will guide the design and development of an effective and comprehensive community-driven campaign strategy. The below specific tasks will be required from the selected consultancy team:

To design data collection methodologies for all project indicators include setting criteria, defining key aspects, and developing data collection tools.

To collect, analyze, and present baseline data at the objective, outcome, and output level (based on the project log frame).

Propose indicators and monitoring methods for measuring impact and sustainability of interventions and collect, analyze and present any baseline data related to this mapping.

Provide an overall analysis and recommendations towards the improved implementation of the project and effective mainstreaming of cross-cutting themes, particularly gender equality and sustainability of interventions.


The mapping exercise will cover the local community in the target locations, the Somalia Diaspora, Somali diaspora organizations, the private sector (notable business owners and companies in South West State such as Dahabshiil bank, Amal Bank, hotel owners) and Government authorities and relevant vital ministries.


The baseline study should adopt a mixed-methods approach, integrating quantitative and qualitative methods to ensure that data collected is triangulated and can be communicated, explained, and contextualized. It is expected that the consultant will combine surveys/questionnaires with structured interviews and focus group discussions. The consultant is encouraged to use innovative methods to collect and analyze data.

The sample size will be determined in collaboration with Shaqodoon Organization and SomRep consortium to ensure a gender-aware and statistically relevant representation of the project beneficiaries and stakeholders. Information shall be collected from across specified beneficiaries, partners, and stakeholders.

The consultant shall conduct an extensive desk review of the BMZ project and other related documents and secondary sources.

All data collected during the mapping exercise will be disaggregated by age and gender.


To complete this task, the consultancy is estimated to take up to 30 calendar days starting on the date of the signing of the contract. In accordance with the following timetable, the consultant will:

Produce an inception report to demonstrate how s/he will accomplish the tasks in a timely fashion, outlining the mapping approach (sampling framework, data collection strategy, methodologies, tools, criteria, etc.) and a work plan for mapping study. The inception report will be due within four (4) calendar days after signing the contract, and its finalization will involve the incorporation of feedback from Shaqodoon Organization and SomRep.

Draft mapping report informed by:

Field data collection.

Analysis of data to establish mapping for all project indicators.

Recommendations for changes to the results framework.

Proposed indicators and monitoring methods for measuring the impact and sustainability of interventions and collect and analyze baseline data related to this endeavor.

The draft report will be due within twenty-five (25) calendar days after finalization of the inception report and will involve incorporation of feedback from Shaqodoon Organization and SomRep team.

Presentation of the draft report at a one-day validation workshop where inputs from stakeholders will be collected.

Submit final baseline report with feedback from Shaqodoon Organization and SomRep and other key stakeholders incorporated.

The final report will be finalized five (5) days after completion of the validation workshop.

Mapping database and all data collection tools developed.


The consultant will work under Shaqodoon’s Crowdfunding coordinator’s overall supervision and the project manager’s direct supervision. Shaqodoon BMZ Project team will provide guidance, particularly in the design (selection of indicators, questionnaire design, etc.) and review/quality assurance phase of the assignments.


The consultant should possess working experience in the South-West State of Somalia and/or experience working with regional and international organizations with resilience, community development, and campaign-related functions and responsibilities.

Preference will be given to individuals with proven relevant experience in undertaking a task of similar nature and magnitude and shall have the following qualifications and experience:

Minimum of an advanced degree in social science or another relevant field.

At least seven years of professional experience in the field of community and social work.

At least seven years of professional experience in the field of community resilience campaigning, preferably behavioral change communication and awareness raising campaigns.

Experience of carrying out mixed-methods baseline studies and evaluations and in producing high quality analytical reports (examples of previous work will be requested).

Statistical analysis skills and strong proficiency with data analysis packages

Excellent communication and written skills in English and knowledge and the ability to present data concisely and clearly.

Strong computer and analytical skills with ability to write and review technical documents/reports, conduct interviews as part of background research.

Demonstrated administrative, planning, organizational and advisory skills.


First instalment of 20% of the total consultancy fee upon satisfactory submission of a quality inception report validated by Shaqodoon Organization and SomRep.

Second instalment of 40% of the total consultancy fee upon satisfactory submission of a quality first draft report.

Third instalment of 40% of the total consultancy fee upon satisfactory submission of a quality final report inclusive of feedback collected at a validation workshop and validated by Shaqodoon Organization and SomRep.


Technical proposal outlining:

Conceptual framework (2-3 pages)

Detailed methodology (2-3 pages) and Work plan (1-2 pages)

Timeframe of activities (1 page)

Explanation of the consultants’ suitability for the assignment (1 page) including names and contacts of three recent professional referees and Two examples of previous similar work.

Financial proposal:

1. A daily lump sum cost for the assignment duration of 30 days.

Deadline for submission – February 28, 2021 – 4.00 pm EST

Interested individuals can submit their technical and financial proposals by email to Shaqodoon Organization at jobs@shaqodoon.orgIndicate the title of the position in the subject of your email as follows:


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