TERMS OF REFERENCE: SMART SURVEY additional enumerators

SOMALIA: Beletweine and Mataban districts.

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Smart Survey


Beletweine And Mataban

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26th  september-020


Save the Children has worked in Somalia since 1951 when we set up a vocational school for orphaned boys in Somaliland. From the early 1970s we have provided emergency assistance when the needs demand. Each year, about 650,000 people benefit from our longer-term development work in Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Education, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Child Protection and Child Rights Governance.

We believe that the provision of basic social services in education, health, nutrition and protection and the strengthening of government capacity to deliver these, along with a concerted effort to work with communities and children to promote their rights, are all central to what we call resilience.

The nutrition situation in Hiiran region was very poor in 2019. According to the nutrition survey conducted by Save the Children in Beletweine and Mataban respectively in the month of July 2019, the GAM and SAM rates were recorded at 18.8% and 4.8% for Beletweine and GAM and SAM for Mataban was 17.8% and 3.4% respectively. A similar survey   2019 post Deyr SMART survey conducted by FSNAU in Hiiran in was revealed a GAM rate of 15.7 % and a SAM rate of 3%. The GAM and SAM rates were however statistically insignificant as the confidence intervals overlapped each other and therefore indicate the need for girls and boys to be literally of the same levels. 

Save the children seeking an external consultant who can conduct SMART Survey in both Beletweine and Mataban to take the lead of the assessment the nutrition situation of the two districts with the aim of generating quality information for humanitarian actors.  The SMART survey will be conducted with the aim of filling nutrition information gaps at district level.

With the current triple shocks’ of COVID-19, floods and desert Locust invasion in the in Somalia, humanitarian situation need constant updates and specifically to ascertain key indicators that can aid in ensuring appropriate response.


The survey will be developed using the SMART methodology. ENA software 2020 (Jan 2020) Will be used to run all possible analysis expected within a standard SMART survey that includes,  preparation training materials , training of enumentaors attending training,  conducting standardization test and analysis for standardization plausibility  test, field test,  real data collection,  daily supervision of the data quality and take appropriate action as needed if  poor quality data is collected by the team, calculation of samples, selection of clusters and final calculation of wasting both for WHZ score and MUAC. Therefore, enumentaors will be working with SMART survey manager/consultant for all different tasks such as standardization test, calculation of samples, selection of clusters and final calculation of wasting both for WHZ score and MUAC.

Save the Children will hire and use its prequalified enumentaors who were conducting SAMRT surveys and any other assessments in the areas of Beletweine and Mataban, those managed by Save the children MEAL department, therefor consultants responsibility is not included to hire enumentaors, as we have well experienced prequalified enumentaors are in place.

Sampling: enumentaors will take assist the Survey manager/consultant when conducting 2 stage Probability proportionate to size sampling will be employed in the survey. The first stage will be selection of cluster and the second will be selection of HH.

Sample size: The sample size will be calculated using ENA January   2020 at district level. Parameters to be used for the survey will be sourced from ENA protocol that AIMWG approved.

Location: The survey will be conducted at district level and depending on access all possible settlements will be included in the sampling frame.

Analysis: Analysis of the anthropometric findings will be analyzed and categorized based on WHO standards 2006. 


3.1 Primary objectives

  • For the SMARRT Survey Manager to lead overall process from training of the enumentaors, standardization test, field test, quality check on daily basis, data collection and share with Save the children team ODK username and password, data analyses, cleaning and reporting
  • To take part estimation of the prevalence of acute malnutrition in children aged 6-59
  • To take part determination of the coverage of measles vaccination among children aged 9-59 months
  • To take part determination of the coverage of vitamin A supplementation received during the last 6 months among children aged 6-59 months
  • To be part assessment of the two-week period prevalence of morbidity among children aged 6- 59 months
  • To be part estimation of mortality rates both CMR and U5MR
  • To be part estimation of household dietary diversity
  • To take part determination of the population’s access to, and use of, improved water, sanitation and hygiene facilities
  • To take part establishment of recommendations on actions to be taken to address the situation.

Data collection of the assigned clusters in Beletweine and Mataban,

Travel to the field of Assements and lead all process and train all enumentaors in Beletwein and Mataban

  • Supervision role:

The consultant /Survey Manager will have overall leadership and oversee all data collection, while all enumerators will report to SMART SURVEY Manager/Consultant.

  • Be a holder of university degree or equivalent, with a specific competency in humanitarian emergencies, nutrition assessments ( SMART, SQUUEAC,  IYCN/KAP, NCA, CotD) are particularly recommended
  • Previous SMART survey data collection 
  • Be fluent in English, have adult learning skills, Presentation skills and high organizational skills. Prove of ability to contextualize the training will be an added advantage.


The minimum required documents;

  • Technical proposal clearly capturing the approach and methodology
  • Financial proposal
  • Past similar experience – please attach previous stamped contract
  • Relevant CVS of the lead consultants
  • Firm/ individual profile

Interested applicants should submit the minimum required documents with email; CSS.LOGISTICS@savethechildren.org with the subject line of the email body, “Smart Survey Beletweine and Mataban”

Applications will close by 10:00AM on 26TH September-020

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