Terms of Reference Quantitative data collection for the Cash Barometer Somalia

Ground Truth Solutions (GTS) seeks the services of a research firm to carry out a quantitative data collection in Somalia, using perception surveys designed by GTS. As part of our Cash Barometer project, we are looking to track attitudes, perceptions, and preferences of humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) recipients across Somalia. The purpose of the survey is to understand the experiences of CVA recipients and to track key Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) indicators in support of the Cash Working Group and 2022 Humanitarian Response Plan.

The requested services include the finalisation and translation of the survey instrument, input on the sample design, enumerator training, data collection, data processing, and cleaning. The services will involve one round of face-to-dace data collection in Somalia using tablets or smartphones.

The purpose of the Cash Barometer is to ensure that quality perception data from cash recipients is available to and used by aid providers. It sets out to make sure that the perceptions and experiences of cash recipients are used to inform the design and implementation of CVA programmes. In line with that purpose, GTS is looking to appoint a research firm to conduct a quantitative perception survey of people who have received cash and voucher assistance across Somalian in the past 12 months.

In carrying out this assignment, the appointed research firm will be expected to:

Work closely with GTS on the finalisation of the survey tool (including the translation of survey questions from English), the survey methodology, and sampling approach.

  • Appoint and manage a team of capable enumerators with appropriate education levels and experience in collecting both qualitative and quantitative data from people affected by humanitarian crises. The research firm needs to ensure adequate behaviour of enumerators and appropriate language skills or translators to accompany them to work with ethnically diverse groups of affected people.
  • Organise a series of online or in-person training sessions in collaboration with GTS to train the enumerators. The purpose of these training sessions will be to familiarise enumerators with GTS’ mission, the Cash Barometer, and survey instrument. Enumerators will be expected to practice conducting interviews and to provide critical feedback and input on the survey instrument and its translation to ensure it is understood as intended by interviewees.
  • Programme the survey instrument and ensure that enumerators are provided with the materials and training they need to enable them to complete the assignment within the timeframe.
  • Conduct and submit test survey results in csv or Excel format, to GTS, for finalisation of Excel template.
  • Conduct face-to-face surveys with recipients of humanitarian aid, based on the random sampling approach shared by GTS, and in line with a strict COVID-19 mitigation policy.
  • Share the live raw data set with GTS on a daily basis for the purpose of remote quality assurance. Following each day of data collection, GTS will provide personalised feedback to enumerators, where needed.
  • Submit short progress reports on the field work on a regular basis (to be determined) that will cover:
  • Number of successfully completed interviews
  • Number of interviews started but not completed (e.g. respondents who do not receive CVA)
  • Progress against the selected respondent category targets (e.g. region, gender, status, type of assistance received)
  • Any other relevant observations and issues
  • Ensure the security of the completed survey forms and data until it has been successfully received by GTS. The data must be deleted by the data collectors upon the request of GTS.
  • Capture the survey data correctly, into an agreed upon template that will be discussed and finalized (after submission of dummy data points), for electronic submission to GTS by the agreed due dates.
  • Submit a final report after data collection covering the number of successfully completed interviews and the number of unsuccessfully completed interviews; adherence to agreed survey and sampling strategy; and any relevant observations made, and issues experienced by the research firm and its enumerators.

How to apply

Please review the Terms of Reference and send your proposal (10 pages max.) including a description of your methodological approach and your budget to max@groundtruthsolutions.org with the subject line: “Somalia data collection”. Please also suggest two references we may contact in case your company is shortlisted for this project.

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