Terms of Reference Multi-programme Baseline Study Process Somalia 2020

Terms of Reference

Multi-programme Baseline Study Process Somalia 2020


Norad and MFA

Thematic area(s)

Climate Resilient WASH (CRWASH)

Peace Building

  Gender Based Violence (GBV)

  Climate Smart Economic Empowerment (CSEE)



Education Gedo (Bardera, Belethawa, Dollow, Elwak,

Luuq and Garbaharey).

Climate  Smart  Economic  Empowerment    Gedo

(Belethawa, Luuq) and Puntland (Garowe, Eyl and


  GBV – Puntland (Eyl & Garowe), Gedo (Beletahwa,

Garbaharey & Luuq)

  Peace Building– Banadir, Gedo, Puntland

Climate Resilient WASH – Norad;Daynile-Banadir and

Dollow, Gedo. MFA: Luuq,

Time Frame

10th December 2020-1st March 2021

Tentative Start date

10th December 2020

1. Background

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a diaconal organization established in Norway to work with people around the world to eradicate poverty and injustice. Our vision is Together for a Just World. NCA began its work in Somalia in 1993, following the humanitarian crisis caused by the collapse of the central government in 1991. NCA became active in Puntland following the 2004 tsunami, 2007 in Banadir and 2013 in Lower Shabelle and has maintained this presence and programmes implementation since then. NCA’s Somalia 2020-2024 strategy will contribute to support people in need during emergencies and recovery, advocate for their rights and to build their resilience through the following programmes: Climate Resilience WASH (CRWASH), Gender-based Violence (GBV), Peacebuilding, Climate Smart Economic Empowerment (CSEE) and Education for Peace and Sustainable Development. In addition, NCA also responds to emergency humanitarian needs and supports strengthening of civil society and advocacy efforts. NCA Somalia programmes are in line with Somalia National Development Plan and the Sustainable Development Goals. The overall country programme and each constituent thematic programme has a theory of change which outlines the goal and changes (pre-conditions) required to achieve that goal. Implementation of the programme activities is conducted directly by NCA and with local partners in all the targeted locations.

NCA received a 5-year (2020-2024) Multi -Programme funding from Norad on the following Thematic Sectors: Climate Resilience WASH, Gender-based Violence, Peacebuilding and Climate Smart Economic Empowerment. NCA also received some additional funding to support the Education Programme. In addition, MFA funded NCA to implement a 4-year (2020-2023) WASH in Emergency and GBV in Emergency. To this end, NCA wishes to conduct a baseline study on the Norad Civil Society Multi-Programme and MFA funded programmes to provide benchmarks which will quantitatively and qualitatively provide the baseline values for each thematic programme as per the Results Frame.

Purpose and Scope of the baseline

Purpose of the Baseline.

The main objective of the baseline study is to collect baseline values of which progress can be monitored against the specific project outcome indicators. The consultant will also establish the pre-intervention status of each of the sectors to guide NCA in planning, implementation and strategic decision making.

Specifically, this study will aim to:

Estimate baseline values for each Programme outcome indicators in intervention areas.

Provide recommendations on specific areas of focus that the programme should consider based on the findings.

Assess the capacity of NCA partners and field staff to implement NCA programmes.

Scope of the Baseline.

The baseline will involve a desk review of programme documents, household survey, FGDs and KIIs. The study will involve interviews and interaction with a range of stakeholders including beneficiaries/right holders and duty bearers in project locations, NCA/ partners, local administration and government representatives, religious and community leaders as well as health professionals, teachers, students as well as women, girls, men and youth. Geographically, the baseline will cover the following locations:


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