Terms of Reference –Lead Consultant -Mogadishu – Beledweyne, Somalia

Ministry of Energy and Water ResourcesFederal Government of Somalia


Terms of Reference –Lead Consultant

Title: Lead Co-consultant

Project: Sustainable Water Resources Management in Somalia – IWRM

Duty station: Mogadishu – Beledweyne, Somalia

Duration: (45) days

Supervisor: Project Coordinator


The catchment area of the Shabelle River in central and southern Somalia is considered the breadbasket of the country. Rain-fed agriculture takes place here during the rainy seasons of Gu (April to June) and Deyr (October/November).

Climatic conditions and the geographical location at the lower reaches of the Juba- Shabelle River system, the most important water reservoir in the region, make Somalia highly dependent on the amount of water flowing out of the upper reaches of Ethiopia. This is where 60 percent of the river headwaters are located, providing 90 percent of the outflow, with only 10 percent of the outflow coming from Somalia. The lower reaches of the two rivers are subject to the same seasonal cycle of drought and flooding.

Due to the lack of a regulatory mechanism and a medium-term strategy for sustainable water resources and disaster risk management, the Shabelle River has become a dumping ground for all rubbish and waste material or a landfill for all kinds of waste, which reduced the depth and width of the river flooding. This has led to a reduction in the depth and width of the river. The flood control channels have been abandoned and are blocked by weeds due to lack of maintenance. Local communities thus contribute additionally to the recurrent floods through their behaviour. All these problems hinder the flow of the river, which leads to bank breakage, flooding of villages and destruction of property and land. The river bed of the Shabelle has dried out completely several times in the past four years due to extreme drought and high temperatures. At the same time, the frequency of extreme climatic events such as heavy rainfall, floods or droughts is expected to increase. As a result, the food security of the Somali population has and will deteriorate significantly.

Hence, to prevent this problem, the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MoEWR) is to identify, design and implement pilot measures that solve management problems relating to flood protection/ mitigation and improved agricultural productivity with funding from GIZ.

Objectives of assignment:

The Lead Consultant is assigned act as the lead GIZ-IWRM Somalia pilot project in the scope of administration and finance with the overall objective of ensuring apt administrative and financial procedures are implemented in line with the principles and financial guidelines of GIZ and the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Support the Project Coordinator in overall general coordination, evaluation, management and supervision of project implementation.
  • Ensure timely preparation of project tasks and engagements designed for stakeholder’s, with respect to project review cycle.
  • Ensure timely preparation of the ToRs for national and international consultants, follow up implementation and report progress to the Project Coordinator
  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of required reports, including technical and financial reports.
  • Represent the project during review meetings, and evaluations, upon request from the Project Coordinator.
  • Perform consulting assignments with clients by facilitatation and assisting in developing relevant action plans.
  • Initiate and coordinate and oversee outreach activities, provide logistical support as needed.
  • Act as a technical secretariat to the Project Steering Committee.
  • Play a lead role in identifying significant issues and develop well-reasoned, innovative approaches in dealing with them.
  • Perform others coordinating tasks as appropriate for the successful implementation of the project in accordance with the project document and as requested by the Project Coordinator.
  • Perform any other duties as required.

Qualifications and competencies

The Lead Consultant is expected to have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and a minimum of 6 years of experience. Specific experience in Somalia and work experience with the public sector and/or international organizations will be an asset.


The Consultant shall:

  1. Report on the project to the Coordinator on a regular interval.
  2. Submit a final report at the end of the assignment

Duration of the Work:

The assignment timeframe is for 45 days subject to extension on availability of funds.

Duty Station:

Duty station of the officer will be at the headquarters of Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Mogadishu, Somalia, with occasional field mission to project location in Beledweyne, Hiiraan.

Functional Competencies:

  1. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, ability to foster networks and partnerships and good working knowledge of information and computer technology
  2. Attention to detail and good time management and self-organizational skills
  3. Ability to work autonomously, effectively managing own workload without continual guidance
  4. Strong interpersonal skills; commitment to team work and to working across disciplines, cultures and stakeholders at all levels
  5. Well-organized demonstrated team work skills
  6. Commitment to ongoing professional development
  7. Displays analytical judgment and demonstrated ability to handle confidential and politically sensitive issues in a responsible and mature manner;
  8. Demonstrates strong intellectual and operational capacity
  9. Excellent oral and written communication skills and conflict resolution competency to manage inter-group dynamics and mediate conflict interest of varied actors
  10. Maturity and confidence in dealing with senior and high-ranking members of national institutions, government and non-government.

How to apply

All applications shall send their CV specifying the title of the job to:

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