TERMS OF REFERENCE For Short Consultancy: Mapping Social Media Influencers in Somaliland

TERMS OF REFERENCE  For Short Consultancy: Mapping Social Media Influencers in Somaliland.


NAGAAD is a voluntary network bringing together 46 women’s organizations in Somaliland. Founded in 1997, it was formed to serve as a collective voice for women and children wishing to see their rights as equal citizens respected in Somaliland. Its activities focus on women’s education, economic empowerment, and participation in decision making, reproductive rights and well-being, through advocacy, networking, capacity building, training and research.

NAGAAD Network is implementing a project titled “Digital Influencing for improved inclusive governance and women participation in decision-making chains” funded by Oxfam Novib. This project will address the digital information and campaigning gaps that will push women’s rights and political participation in the public agendas of Somalia/Somaliland. This will be achieved through development of powerful and change-inspiring campaigns to be promulgated through various digital platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TV channels. Extensive discussions are occurring online in Somaliland, which have significance on the national debate, with middle class and urban youth being particularly active online. Their subsequent influence on community-level discussions is significant and thus need to be shaped by appropriate information. Featuring video and other engaging content, will help counter negative online discussions and contribute towards greater public acceptance of women’s rights in Somaliland.

Objectives of the assignment:

The objective of this assignment is to assist Nagaad Network in collaboration with Oxfam in assessing and mapping Somaliland social media influencers on developing engaging and creative content, including human interest stories and multimedia materials, among others, to communicate with the public on issues related to women. Considerations must be made for an inclusive, respectful and positive representation of all young women and girls in Somaliland.

NAGAAD Network is establishing a network for prominent social media campaigners to create campaigns and hashtags and frequently post, retweet news, commentaries, and articles to enhance the visibility of various women’s issues at global and national levels. These campaigns will shed light on specific issues including fighting domestic violence, women’s rights, sexual harassment in the workplace, gender equality, women’s development, and stereotyped gender representations in the media. This candidate will have a demonstrated history of working in a fast-paced environment while delivering multiple projects on schedule, on budget and with no errors.


The mapping exercise should be participatory and consultative. The consultant should conduct the mapping social media influencers using a methodology developed in partnership with NAGAAD and Oxfam. It is expected that the assessment will be built around self-assessment processes as well as broad consultation to help validate, expand and improve the range of information collected.

The advocacy capacity assessment framework should recognize the multiple dimensions of capacity in relation to each other as well as to the expected results. This approach ensures that capacity building should go beyond individual capacity (relevant skills and abilities) to include organizational capacity (when it comes to the advocacy and lobbying.) as well as the broader context and environment within which the organization functions. Establish and strengthen networks of social media influencers with capacity to meaningfully advocate and campaign for inclusive governance. Creation of content which speak to increasing women’s participation in elections and politics and enhancing public’s attitude toward women’s right and to post those message on their social media accounts.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Develop Mapping Assessment based on social media influencers/activists across Somaliland.
  • An overview of current social media influencers’ strengths, weaknesses and bottlenecks within the specific target.
  • Develop an action plan to enhance social media and advocacy knowledge for the social media influencers/activists
  • Produce and share the final report for the assessment.

 Roles and Responsibilities

Consultant: The consultant will be responsible for designing and delivering the mapping social media influencers and provide assessment report and capacity building plan.

NAGAAD: The Consultant will be contracted by NAGAAD. NAGAAD will have responsibility for the overall management of the Consultant and this will include; developing and finalizing the terms of reference, reviewing and finalizing the methodology and monitoring the delivery of milestones.



  1. Master degree in Strategy Development, communication, humanitarian and development studies, public policy, or other areas of social science.
  2. Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience developing and implementing social media strategies, advocacy and planning, digital marketing or campaigns for an NGO, private sectors publishing government agencies
  3. Understanding of blogging and knowledge of best practices is a plus.
  4. Experience of working with women and girls in Somaliland in one form or another (e.g. having created content for women, or having trained girls in digital knowledge, etc).
  5. Experience in project management, visibility analysis, leadership, advocacy and researching skill.
  6. Experience in social media reach and engagement monitoring and analysis, including reporting on quantitative and qualitative analytics.
  7. Knowledge of the Somali social, cultural and economic context is highly desired.
  8. Fluent in spoken and written English and Somali.
  9. Flexible and capable to interact with people and amenable to accept critiques and open to the opinion on the different opinions.

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Proven skills in communication, networking, strategic thinking, advocacy, negotiation, and ability to relate to a young audience.
  2. Proven ability to write flawless copy in English on tight deadlines.
  3. Proven ability to create compelling communication and advocacy materials
  4. Adept at using a wide range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Blogger, etc.
  5. Knowledge of social media monitoring technology and can use social media measurement and listening tools.

Duration and Timeframe

The duration and timeframe for the assignment will depend on the organization, but will generally align to the key milestones in the table below:

Key Tasks # days
Developing and validation of Tools 1
Presentation of inception report 1
Desk review and analysis 3
Preparation of final consolidated report 1
Total 6 Days

How to Apply?

All interested consultants must send technical and financial proposal (6 pages maximum) and resume to nagaad.org2017@gmail.com or bring hard copy to NAGAAD’s Office (Badda Cas area) before January 23rd 2021.

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