Terms of Reference For Prequalification of PRMN partnership-Lasanod-Somaliland.

Job Description

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference: Prequalification of PRMN partnership-Lasanod-Somaliland.

Call for partnership- SOOL region and Buhoodle district, Somaliland

Project title:  Protection and Return Monitoring Network.

Duration:        12 Months (with the possibility of extension)

Location:        SOOL Region and Buhoodle district, and Main office to be located in Las-anod.

  1. Background

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has been present in Somaliland since 2004 and has since expanded to the rest of Horn of Africa countries including Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Djibouti. The regional office is situated in Nairobi, Kenya. NRC mandate includesemergency programs focusing on IDPs and Refugees and affected host communities.In Somaliland the area office is in Hargeisa while the field offices are in Burao and Erigavo. NRC Somaliland program includes Education, Shelter and WASH, Food Security, Protection, information counseling and legal assistance (ICLA).

NRC under its project ‘Protection and Return Monitoring Network (PRMN’), funded by UNHCR is seeking potential local NGO, covering SOOL region and Buhoodle district, and based in Las-anod.

NRC has been implementing the protection monitoring network and population movement tracking initiative since 2006. Throughout that year, efforts were exerted in order to build a Protection Monitoring Network comprised of Somali civil society organizations and human rights defenders who would be dedicated to documenting information on human rights violations and reporting on these violations to the protection cluster in a systematic manner.  Monitoring methodologies were harmonized in 2006 and a common monitoring tool was agreed upon and disseminated for use by the partners engaged in protection monitoring.

  1. Overall Objective
  • Improved Living Conditions and Enhanced IDP and returnees Protection in Somaliland.
  1. Specific Objectives
  • To improve the protection of the displaced, returnees and the refugees by strengthening the protection & return monitoring network, stakeholder capacity building, advocacy mechanisms, referral system and response.
  1. Target Groups
  • In terms of displacements monitoring, the target group would be persons move due to droughts and conflict-related displacement, including primary and secondary displacement as well as returns. Including the internally displaced people, returnees, refugees, and vulnerable host communities.
  • In terms of protection monitoring, NRC will target people affected by all different human rightsviolations and abuse including GBV, SGBV, evictions, denial of access to aid and services, physical assault, deportations, arrest, torture, child labor, human trafficking and smuggling within the target group outlined above.
  1. Scope of the services provided

The project activities are mainly monitored visiting the field to collect specific data on IDP movement, returns, and protection related Human Rights violation cases within IDP settlements, villages, transit camps/corridors, and other IDP target sites; and submitting the data to online database. In so doing, the partner organization will receive funds to facilitate this exercise.

  1. Competencies required
  • The partner organization should be based in Somaliland and have a functioning office in las-anod district.
  • The organization should be officially recognized by the local authorities and should have proof of registration.
  • The organization should have a physical presence in SOOL region and Buhoodle district, where theywill cover all districts under SOOL region and Buhoodle district.
  • The organization should be able to provide a track record of previously protection activities for over 3 years or have implemented similar projects in the past.
  • Deep knowledge of Human rights, Guiding principles of internally displaced people
  • Active involvement and/or participation in the protection cluster and relevant sectors.
  • Knowledge of the culture for the various Somali communities in Somaliland.
  • Strong result oriented for communication, advocacy, reporting, and data analysis
  • Involvement in the recent response to internally displaced, refugees and returnees
  • The organization should have organizationalpolicies and procedures, particularly, financial, logistical and HR systems.
  1. Application Procedure

Competent local non-profit organizations that meet the above-mentioned qualifications are encouraged to apply.

Please send hard copies of your updated organizational profile, registration certificates, and concept note not more than 4 to 5 pages indicating proposed activities, implementation methodology and the background information of the field monitors pre-planned the curry out the daily activities and any reports related to protection and human rights issues with sealed envelope to NRC Hargeisa office at Masalaha area, behind ambassador hotel, before 25th December 2019. There is tender box at the NRC logistics office.

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