Terms of Reference For Entrepreneurship Skill Training -Garowe, Puntland, Somalia

Terms of Reference For Entrepreneurship Skill Training

Shaqodoon is a local NGO founded in 2011 to create innovative and long-lasting solutions to Somalia/land’s youth employment challenges. The organization designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the local community’s most urgent challenges in livelihood skill training, education, civic education, justice and health. Shaqodoon is a national platform whose goal is to prioritize youth employment and education on the development agenda and to exchange knowledge on effective policies and programs to improve employment and education opportunities for youth, prioritizing at risk youth, marginalized groups, and people who have lost hope and are thus often jailed for local crimes

  1. Background

Shaqodoon is implementing ‘’Garobits’ program” which empowering the skilled youth from informal/rural settlements who particularly have challenges to connect to the labour market or lack of opportunities to start their own business. With an innovative approach we hope to inspire, train, coach and facilitate youth to- Prepare them, in cooperation with the public and private sector for a decent job or Start their own business.

  1. Training Purpose and Objectives:

The overall objective of this exercise is to train entrepreneurial skills for 40 youth people who lack opportunities to start their own business. To improve their entrepreneurial skills of these vulnerable youth, business development support and entrepreneurship training.

  • Provision of entrepreneurship training that is meant to equip the trainees with knowledge and skills on how to generate business ideas, marketing, small business management, financial literacy, resource mobilization and business planning among others
  • Introducing the concept of entrepreneurship and development of entrepreneurial competencies including positive thinking, innovation and creativity, developing business plans, resource mobilization, enterprise networking, business models and application of information technology.
  • Exhibiting entrepreneurial behavior for business success and applying reasonable standards of excellence in performance.
  1. Curriculum Content

The following content should be followed strictly take lead curriculum designed for Garobits trainees.

  1. Training Expected Outcomes
  • Equip you with enterprise management skills through managerial and leadership skills, marketing, pricing and customer handling, financial literacy and management, budgeting and business record keeping including documentation.
  • Introducing and piloting successful business proposal development templates, comprehensive successful business plans and access to financial products for business startups.
  • Enhance youth skills towards conducting effective crowd funding campaigns, and simplest way to get connected to the business financing institutions and potential investors.
  • Equip youth with the right skills of making successful pitching.

     Core Deliverables

  1. Training report with pictures
  2. Training photos
  • Students business plans/Canvas
  1. Shortlist of investible business plans/Canvas
  2. Attendance sheets
  3. Training Methodology

The training Methodology should be;

  1. Participatory and interactive
  2. Use mini-lecturing/ trainees centred method
  3. Use demonstration and simulation materials
  4. Group work/discussion and individual activities
  5. Conducive space for training participants
  1. Duration of the assignment
  • The duration of the assignment will be 2-3 months.

Interested Consultants/Institutions who meet the conditions specified herein are invited to submit their proposed methodology, CVs and a clear demonstration of understanding and interpretation of this Terms of Reference (TOR) to the HR on: jobs@shaqodoon.org indicate Entreprenurship-Garobits in the subject area of the e-mail. Closing date for this application is 7th of November 2020


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