Terms of Reference For Digital Influencing Training – Hargeisa, Somaliland

Digital Influencing Training

  1. Background:

The Work in Progress! (WIP!) the project aims to create more employment for young men and women in Egypt, Nigeria, and Somalia, prompting positive expectations about their future. This overarching objective will be achieved via three complementary pathways 1) increasing the supply of skilled youth by developing young people’s skills and capacities for (self) employment; 2) developing market demand by growing the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector so that it will create more employment opportunities; and 3) cultivating an enabling environment for youth employment. Work in Progress! Alliance partners bring their unique expertise to the project, making it possible to implement the holistic approach towards youth unemployment.

The alliance includes Oxfam, Butterfly Works, Hanze University, VC4A and their local implementors are partnering to deliver a program that combines service delivery, such as training, influencing interventions to change policies, laws, attitudes, and beliefs. This has proved successful in the last three years. The strategy engages young women and men from diverse backgrounds to be a driving force for social progress and optimism about the future in their respective countries and across Africa.

  1. Description of the Assignment.

Oxfam is partnering with a Local NGO and young people to deliver the influencing commitments laid out in the Work in Progress Project plan. Oxfam together with HAVOYOCO is delivering a campaign for internship policy implementation along with youth activists, Coalition members and the ministry of Employment ,Social and Family(MESAF).Oxfam also supports global and national youth events to leverage young people’s voice and provide an avenue for dialogue and accountability. As part of Oxfam’s commitment to empower youth activists and local grassroot movements, the programme works towards equipping young people and partners to acquire necessary skills to amplify their voices and trigger an attitude change for employers ,duty bearers and other relevant institutions. This paves an inclusive and enabling environment for young people.

It is with the above background that Oxfam is looking for a digital influencing trainer to support local partners and young activists to learn required digital campaign skills and deliver a substantive social media campaign strategy. The training will be a participatory and user centered in nature and should involve in practical exercises.

  1. Specific Objectives of the Consultancy


  • Under take a desk review analysis on available project documents to inform the content of the social media training.
  • Undertake pre-assessment survey from training participants to populate a user centered social media training content.
  • Roll out a 3 days long social media training for participants.
  • At the end of the training ,participants should have developed a substantive digital influencing strategy aligned to the project objectives and Oxfam’s country strategy.
  1. Specific Deliverables
  • identification of key audiences/actors who would be targeted towards the campaign. Include rationale for selecting these actors.
  • Co-creating key messages of the campaign with participants and should be written in a clear and appealing way.
  • Developing a co-created social media campaign with curated content.
  • Use various tools for demonstration including video footages, written stories ,illustrations ,photos and other forms for demonstrations.
  • Measurement plan( MEAL) for tracking activities/deliverables in the digital influencing plan.
  1. Timeframe

A total of 5 days is estimated for this consultancy (3 days for the training and 2 days for content preparation and reporting). The estimated start date of this consultancy would be 21st December 2020.

  1. Requirements
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in communications, content creation, social promotion, social media strategy development and digital influencing/ campaigns specially for humanitarian and development sector.
  • Excellent writing, communications, and designing skills
  • Extensive experience in development issues such as youth, employment, gender, good governance, and livelihood development
  • Be creative and using modern social media promotion strategies and tools
  • Substantial experience and knowledge in community engagement
  • Substantial experience in working with young people when designing tools
  • Experience in working with Oxfam or Oxfam’s partners will be an added advantage
  • Problem-solving skill.


  1. Applications Procedure;
  • Company/individual profile and relevant assignment delivered previously
  • Narrative and financial proposal
  • Please submit applications to: SOM-Consultancies@oxfam.org latest by Dec 15st, 2020.

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