Terms of reference for consultancy services for the development of learning and development framework

  1. Background

SOS Children’s Villages International (SOS CVI) is non-governmental and non-denominational organization working with communities, partners and states to ensure that the rights of all children are fulfilled in every society. SOS CVI is a global federation working to protect and care for children who have lost parental care, or who stand at risk of losing the care.

SOS Children’s Villages International is the umbrella organization to which all SOS Children’s Villages including SOS Children’s Villages Somalia Association is affiliated. SOS Children’s Villages Somalia has officially been working in Somalia since 1985. We are committed to the welfare of children – often throughout the whole of their childhood.

To strengthening families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against abandonment and social neglect.

We also run education and health facilities. With the SOS Children’s Village concept, the organization pioneered a family approach to the long-term care of orphaned and abandoned children. SOS Children’s Villages upholds child protection policy and our selection processes reflect our commitment to the protection of children and youth from abuse. SOS Children’s Villages Somalia current works in three regions; Banadir Regions (Heliwa, Wadajir, Dharkenley and Dayninle districts) southwest-state (Baidoa and Hudur) Hirshabelle State (Jowhar & Balcad).

As part of the MA’s strategy implementation and in accordance to the ESAF regional HROD orientation on L&D, the HR department is seeking to engage an external consultant that will develop strategic guidelines for Learning and development policy, procedures and tools that will support the MA to develop its human resources.

  1. Overview and Purpose of Learning and development framework

Learning and development is one of the key aspects of human resource management function in the SOS children’s Villages Somalia and plays a key role to bridge the performance gap of individual staff members.

It also creates a platform to align individual goals to organization’s goals and strategy which provides a path for career development and growth for each individual staff in SOS CV Somalia

  1. Objectives of the consultancy

3.1. Overall objective

The overall objective of this assignment is to develop learning and development, framework procedure and tools that will enable HR and Line managers in setting staff’s career development and growth in SOS children’s Villages Somalia.

To ensure that all staff members are aware of the learning and development policy SOSCV is committed to enhance the skills and competencies of staff members as a means to meet the changing needs of the organization.

    1. Specific Objective

The consultant will be required to offer all consultancy service necessary to achieve the stated objectives. The tasks and specific activities include:

  • Development of learning and development framework and its implementation framework for human resource department;
  • Create and build the learning and development platform, system and implementation strategies;
  • Provide strategies and tools that will help to improve the overall performance and productivity of managers through learning and development.
  1. Scope of work
  • Conduct a needs assessment of the existing learning practices system to prepare the precise learning and development for designing and developing a new tool;
  • Check country specific or legal advice;
  • Benchmark the current Humanitarian organization policies and best practice regarding L&D;
  • Derive reference tools for the Learning and development for performance management;
  • Carry out staff need analysis & identification through field visit and different data collection tools (as deemed necessary);
  • Develop cost analysis sheet of learning and development;
  • Identify the factor influence such as culture, the leadership and other charge affecting L&D in the organization;
  • Review policies and strategies or develop best practices in learning and development management while also considering the organization’s specific circumstance such as the size of its staffing, level of resources, etc.
  • Develop capacity development resources (manuals, handbooks/notes, templates, presentations) for training and accompaniment (coaching and mentoring) of the staff responsible for human resources;
  1. Methodology
  • Conduct participatory sessions with line management responsible for human management to get a nuanced understanding of organizational approaches;
  • Conduct Literature review and consultation with the organizations;
  • Documents review of existing policies and procedures manuals pertaining to L&D;
  • Analyze organization’s context of the training requirement;
  • Engage and discuss with the L&D stakeholders (HR, Head of functions/units and leadership) who are users of the learning and training;
  • Produce sufficient documentations (guidelines, templates, tools, presentations, reports) at the end of the consultancy.
  1. Deliverable
  • Submission of inception report;
  • Learning and development strategy document stablished;
  • Development of L&D technical guideline with relevant L&D tools, templates and implementation framework included;
  • Cost analysis sheet for L&D developed;
  • National Management team presentation done;
  • Submission of Final Human resources learning and development strategies guidelines/tools.
  1. Duration

The consultancy assignment is expected to be 30 days effective from the date contract awarded.

  1. Line Communication

The program will be supervised directly by National HROD Manager.

  1. Location and geographic cover areas

The assignment will be centrally managed and coordinated from SOS National office in Mogadishu; consultant is also expected to travel SOS field operational locations such as Baidoa, Southwest state of Somalia and Heliwa in Mogadishu.

  1. Proposal submission Procedure

Interested firms and consultants should submit a proposal that includes:

  1. A brief profile of the firm/Individual and the CV of the lead clearly highlighting the bidder’s suitability and capacity for the provision of services required;
  2. Contact information for three professional references with whom the prospective vendor has provided similar services in the last three years;
  3. A brief summary of the proposed approaches and methodology and a detailed work plan for the effective delivery of the L&D activities;
  4. Work agenda of the consultant covering the 30 days of the consultancy;
  5. Proof previous similar assignments done;
  6. A financial bid for incorporating the 30 Days level of effort and broken down to show the bidder’s daily rate and logistical costs mentioned above in the objectives section.
  7. Procedure of submission document

The submission can be done electronically in PDF or word and excel sheet format and sent to procurement@sossomalia.org; the titles of submitted documents should clearly state – terms of reference of Developing Learning and development policy

  1. Child Safeguarding Policy

SOS Children’s Villages International holds strict child safeguarding principles and a zero-tolerance policy for conducts of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse in the workplace and other places where the organization’s activities are rendered. Parallel to technical competence, recruitment, selection and hiring decisions will give due emphasize to assessing candidates value equivalence through background checks, police clearance and reference check processes”.

How to apply

13. Deadline for submission

The documents have to be received latest on 13th November, 2022 using this email: procurement@sossomalia.orgDocuments received after the deadline will be not are considered.

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