TERMS OF REFERENCE For Consultancy Service for conducting final Evaluation assignment For The Project titled; “Women’s Parliamentary Quota Campaign for the upcoming Somaliland parliamentarian and local council elections.”

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TERMS OF REFERENCE For Consultancy Service for conducting final Evaluation assignment For  The Project titled; “Women’s Parliamentary Quota Campaign for the upcoming Somaliland parliamentarian and local council elections.”

  1. Introduction

NAGAAD is a leading Network representing 45 Women organizations in Somaliland and has been working to create an enabling environment for women in Somaliland since its inception in 1997. NAGAAD Network is engaging women empowerment in the participation of economic, political, social and public services, as well build capacity of women’s participation in the leadership positions.

  1. Background

With the support of AWDF, NAGAAD Network is implementing project titled; “Women’s Parliamentary Quota Campaign for the upcoming Somaliland parliamentarian and local council elections.” in the six regions of Somaliland. The purpose of the project was to advocate for the passage of electoral Law No. 20 that has a provision for a quota system for women. The project worked closely with women candidates, the 3 political parties in Somaliland, parliament, government structures, women’s rights organizations and community women. Under the project NAGAAD trained women candidates to be able to run a good campaign, support community women to demand and support women candidates and work with the media both traditional and social media to promote women’s candidature. There was a capacity building funds used as per the agreed capacity building plan for your organization.

  • Purpose and Objectives of the Consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to undertake Final Evaluation for the project titled; “Women’s Parliamentary Quota Campaign for the upcoming Somaliland parliamentarian and local council elections.” and verify the activities of the project implemented by NAGAAD Network in accordance the objectives specified in the Terms of Reference.

  • The Objectives:

The consultant will verify that the project activities took place as stipulated in NAGAAD Network’s sub-contract agreements with the AWDF.

  • The activities of the assignment:
    • Familiarization with project documents in advance, including program project document, reports, data lists, etc. to be provided by NAGAAD Network.
    • Discussion with NAGAAD Network on the scope and monitoring goals, the project scope, expectations, methodologies, etc.
    • Interviews with coalitions members where necessary, if applicable, from each of the members requested by NAGAAD Network.
    • Conduct additional fact-finding or interviews deemed appropriate within overall timeframe, focus results of achievement against planned activities of the project.
    • Prepare a report summarizing all observations, findings and interviews conducted by consultant, as well as presenting analysis and specific recommendations. Report should include transcriptions of all interviews conducted if any. Report should also include an assessment of NAGAAD Network’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of project implementation, and key areas where capacity strengthening might be useful in the future.
    • The consultant will collect data on project achievements (performance, retention, completion, etc).
  • Work Plan
# Description Days
1 Preparation of the Inception report 2
2 Review of Project Documentations 2
3 Data Collection – Traveling to field 5
4 Draft Report 2
5 Review NAGAAD Network’s comments on first report and revise as appropriate; 1
6 Submission of Final report 2
Total 14 Days

3. Proposed Methodology

During the implementation of this assignment, the consultant will undertake his/her assignment independently and through participatory according to the Terms of Reference agreed.

  1. Timeframe

The services of the Auditor will be engaged for a period of fourteen days (14) and planned proposed schedules is from December 4th 2020 to December 18th, 2020. The activity plan proposed below will be reviewed and agreed by the consultant and NAGAAD commencement of the assignment. 

  1. Profile of the consultant
  • Minimum of Master decree or equivalent tertiary qualifications of relevant disciplines.
  • Extensive experience in M&E with similar LNGOs and INGOs.
  • Knowledge and experience of using participatory methodologies in the execution of the M&E assignment.
  • Knowledge and understanding of project based M&E tasks.
  • Proficiency in computer skills.
  • Professional report writing skills.
  • Professional oral and written in English.
  1. Supervision and management

The consultant will report to and receive initial briefing from the Executive Director at the head office of NAGAAD and will be under the direct supervision of the Executive Director.

  1. Procedure of Application:

The interesting applicant is required to submit his/her CV, with motivation cover letter. Applications with non-returnable copies of CVs, testimonials should be submitted on or before December 4th, 2020 and via email to nagaad.org2017@gmail.com Applications could also be submitted to NAGAAD office in Hargeisa before the indicated date.

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