Terms of Reference for National Early Warning Development Framework Consultancy Service

  1. Save the Children Somalia/Somaliland Country Programme

For over 90 years Save the Children has been making a difference in children’s lives in more than 120 countries. We are the world’s largest independent child rights organisation, underpinned by a vision in a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Our mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives. Save the Children has over 40 years’ experience working in Somalia/Somaliland in several thematic areas and is currently working under the broad global themes of Education, Health & Nutrition, Child Protection, Child Rights Governance and Child Poverty (including Food Security and Livelihoods, social protection and youth livelihoods).

Save the Children is a strong advocate for strengthening early warning systems so that Poor families and children can have access to on time and realliable early wanring information. We believe that early warning information is basic human rights. Every individual has the right to information about climate related hazards. Indeed, access to information is not simply a liberty right but a welfare right. Early warning is necessary for the enjoyment of basic human rights including the right to life.

In Somaliland Save the Children works with National Disaster Preparedness and Food Reserve Authority(NADFOR) to build capacity and provide assistance and advisory in the development and piloting of National early warning system from the communities to national level. NADFOR has also been putting more effort in improving the national early warning system by establishing early warning committees in various villages and districts, and community based early warning system is piloted in sanaag region despite having limitations to unfold and sustain the initiative. Hence, there is a need to enhance the National early warning system throughout the country..

  1. Early Warning and Save the Children’s work in Somaliland

Early warning systems are important in building climate resilient communities and systems as climate hazards undermine climate mitigation and resilience building efforts at all levels.

Evidences shows that early warning systems (EWS) can improve resilience of households to climate related hazards, by providing information for early action. However, to be effective, early warning systems must be incorporated into the resilience programs .

Child centred vision calls for efforts to protect children and the systems within which they strive in a way that children and HHs have realiable early warning information so that they can tbe better informed and cant take better decisions.

In the recent years, SC has been working with government in building early warning systems thorough capacity building to NADFOR staff, provision of financial support and so on. In addition, SC works closely with communities with climate related programming including establishing local early warning systems (establishing structures, training committees and equipping committees), supporting communities to start their own mitigation plans through community based DRR and action planning. .

  1. Purpose and Scope of the Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to support National Disaster Preparedness and Food Reserves Authority(NADFOR) to review the existing early warning system and develop a detailed framework for the establishment of an effective National early warning system with an action plan . .

In line with Sendai Frame work for action, the consultant will support the government to create a framework with clear road map on which the government will use to design the early warning system.

  1. Assignment Deliverables
  2. Provide outline of early warning framework, scope of review and list of key stakeholders with whom meetings are required to carry out assignment.
  3. Review the current early warning system of NADFOR and identify the gaps. .
  4. Advise the functional structure of Department of Disaster Preparedness and Early warning system of NADFOR
  5. Propose an early warning frame work for NADFOR; the frame work should have a detailed road map and plan of implementation.
  6. The frame work should detail every step to be taken to design the EWS effectively with clear process from input to output.
  7. The framework should clearly detail the data processing, storing and dissemination protocols and processes.
  8. Present the early warning design/frame work to NADFOR, SCI and other relevant stakeholders for validation.
  9. Present the final frame work/design with the action plan to NADFOR for approval
  10. Time frame Line

The consultancy time frame will be 45 working days starting from the day of signing the contract.

6. Preparations and Logistical Support

Save the Children, with the help of NADFOR, will provide the following logistical support and guidance:

  • Provide logistical support (transport, accommodation, visa) during the assignment, when out of duty station;
  • If a consultant is coming from outside of Somaliland, purchase an air ticket in economy class and provide airport transfer;
  • Provide field visit logistics/transportation and accommodation;
  • Assist in the provision of contacts and make links with key stakeholders as necessary to carry out the assignment;
  • Provision of meeting venue, materials and refreshments required for final presentation and consultation meeting in Hargeisa;
  • Provide guidance, input and support during the assignment; and,
  • Ensure prompt payment of professional fee and other costs arising from the contract.
  • Consultant Qualification requirements

The consulting firm should meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 10 years of experience in the analysis and design of National early warning systems.
  • Extensive experience in designing early warning systems in country in Sahel region of Africa.
  • Strong understanding, knowledge and experience in conducting national early warning review, design and technical support.
  • Ability to write and communicate complex messages and ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Proven understanding and knowledge of the global early warning and climate change and climate related hazards including drought and cyclones.
  • Experience in working with NGO’s/INGOs/Donors and Government Ministries and Departments
  • Understanding and commitment to Save the Children ’s vision, mission and values
  • Experience in working in either Somaliland or Somalia will be considered an asset.
  • Payment Details
  • Payment will be in accordance with a detailed budget breakdown as submitted through the proposal, and invoices will be expected from the consultant prior to payment.
  • Save the Children Somaliland will pay the consultant according to Save the Children ’s guidelines on procurement of services.
  • A contract will be signed by the consultant before commencement of the action. The contract will detail terms and conditions of service, aspects on inputs and deliverables.
  • Code of Conduct

    Save the Children’s work is based on deeply held values and principles of child safeguarding and it is essential that our commitment to children’s rights and humanitarian principles is supported and demonstrated by all members of staff and other people working for and with Save the Children. Save the Children ‘s Code of Conduct sets out the standards which all staff members and consultants must adhere to. All consultants are bound by the principles and conditions of Save the Children ’s Code of Conduct and will need to sign it before commencing the assignment.

How to apply

Candidates interested in the position will be expected to provide the following documentation:

  • Cover letter
  • Detailed technical and financial proposal
  • CVs of consultant(s) with a minimum of 3 traceable and recent referees; company profile if relevant
  • Initial work plan and availability of the consultant
  • Sample of previous work done. This could be tools, guidelines or approved assignment reports.

Candidates can send the proposals to somaliland.procurement@savethechildren.org, with copy sent to Nadforjobs@gmail.com, not later than 20thJanuary, 2021 at 3:30PM (Hargeisa Time).

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