Terms of Reference for conducting safety audits/walks/mapping approaches to identify safety and protection issues for children in IDP camps and host c

  1. Assessing of Specific risks, and types, of discrimination against GBV, UASC, children from IDP camps and those with physical disabilities in the targeted locations
  2. Nature and extent of any hazards for children in the IDP settings and host community.
  3. Identify observable risks and assess specific vulnerabilities of girls, boys and women to those identified risks and to identify actions to be taken to reduce those risks.
  4. Availability of essential response services, physical structure and layout, resource availability, and provision of humanitarian services and assistance for the targeted children.
  5. Accessibility of basic services to GBV, UASC and other vulnerable children, regardless of their age, sex, background and their different abilities.
  6. Likelihood of Child protection concerns that could emerge as a result of the emergency in targeted locations.
  7. Community attitude and practice towards protection of children from hazardous and worst forms of child labour.
  8. Existing community mechanisms to protection children and Capacities for provision of people/resources at community level to provide support for children.

How to apply

Interested and qualified consultant should submit the following to SOS CV Somalia:

a) The technical proposal detailing the methodology of undertaking the assignments described in the TOR, tentative work plan as well as relevant knowledge and technical expertise of the consultant/consultants undertaking the assignment.

b) Company profile or CV including a minimum of 3 references

c) The financial proposal indicating all-inclusive costs for undertaking the tasks described in this Terms of Reference (ToR).

d) A sample of previously conducted similar studies.

e) Detailed budget breakdown based on expected daily rates.

Location: The consultancy will take place in Middle Shabelle Region (Balcad & Jowhar).

How to Apply: To submit applications for this consultancy, please send the documentation to: procurement@sossomalia.org

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