Terms of Reference Entrepreneurship Training Consultancy – Hargeisa or Garowe

Terms of Reference

Entrepreneurship Training Consultancy


Under the RESTORE project, Shaqodoon intends to train 80 selected youth on an entrepreneurship training program to be able to create or improve their own business. Youth hailing from the 44 targeted villages under the RESTORE project who are living either in Hargeisa or Garowe will be selected with the support of the village committees. Youth will be trained on an entrepreneurship skill to be able to unleash and encourage the entrepreneurial capabilities of young women and men, to help them find a job or start a business. Youth will be supported in taking a calculated and informed approach to entrepreneurship, learning skills such as analyzing market potential, building sound financial skills, securing resources and capital, creativity and problem solving, business management, bookkeeping/financial literacy, and marketing. Improved entrepreneurial skills will not only enhance community productivity and diversify employment opportunities but also develop economic independence and improve confidence and self-esteem among women.

Youth with successful business ideas will receive start-up funds (on a competitive basis) to enable them to establish their enterprises 30% of the start-up fund is on award basis. 70% is a loan that needs to be repaid by the start-up to the revolving fund used to fund other startups.

Purpose of the consultancy

Shaqodoon is hiring a qualified consultancy (individual/company/organization) that is expected to provide entrepreneurship training to 80 trainees under the supervision of the on Shaqodoon’s BitSchool. The consultancy will equip an entrepreneurship t skills to the selected BitSchool trainees and will assist them to develop investment-ready business ideas/concepts.

Terms of the services contract

  • Select 80 youth from Shaqodoon provided long list of youth from the target districts of RESTORE project using the selection criteria
  • Make sure that a minimum 35% of the selected youth must be female
  • Interview them and select potential aspiring entrepreneurs to attend the training program
  • Recruit youth on the entrepreneurship training program and equip them with the necessary skills for them to start their own business
  • Assist youth to develop investment-ready business plans /ideas ready for investment
  • Organize business competition pitching/presentation between the trained youth
  • Choose the best 25-30 entrepreneurs and connect them to the investment bank (premier Bank).
  • Organize applicants in the form of group business or individual business as they are developing their business plans
  • Closely coordinate with all efforts on each step above to the investment committee and to make sure they have fully participated at each level

Training Period

  • The training contact hours should be: 60 hours (5 days x 6 x 2 hours)
  • Mentorship period is not included (Mentorship should follow after the successful investment starts – see mentorship section below)

Selection criteria

The selection is based on:

Selection criteria for the training Selection criteria:
–    individuals (youth) hailing from the targeted villages under the RESTORE project referred by the community committees–    have background or passionate towards on entrepreneurship

–    Willing to attend the entrepreneurship training program

–    Wish to form a start-up company and prepared a business plan accordingly

–    have graduated from Shaqadoon-administered Business Training Institute–    Successfully completed a competitive award-granting process “Pitching”

–    sound business plan including market analysis, suggested business model, cost & profit plan

–    Location of the business must relate to targeted villages

Investment committee:

A council consisting of a local entrepreneur, sector specialists, government staff from Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Education department of TVE, Shaqodoon staff, and premier bank representatives will make the final selection of successful winners.

Type business to be invested:

Provide start-up fund for self-employment to selected graduates from the Business Training. The type of business ideas eligible for funding are marketing/advertising start-ups, media-start-ups, internet start-up and any other viable business ideas expected to create jobs

Investment Model:

30% of the investment will be grant-based to be managed by (Shaqodoon) and 70% of the investment will be a revolving loan managed by (Premier Bank)

Values of the Investment amount:

The value of each award is dependent on the type of business and cost in the business plan. But the maximum award per award is expected to be €5,000 of which 30% is a grant and 70% is a loan which needs to be paid back to the revolving fund for other start-ups.

Location of the business to be invested

The objective is that successful businesses are established (either in urban or rural locations) that can provide support (form of alternative income in times of shocks) to families back home.

Monitoring and Mentorship

During the first 4 months of each startups, the consultancy is expected to provides continuous monitoring and mentoring to ensure that the startups have successfully launched their business. Every quarter, Shaqadoon undertakes Tracer studies monitoring if the business followed the business plan, has grown and hired other youth.

Coordination and reporting

The consultancy is expected to closely work with the Bitschool Manager for regular coordination and support and with the RESTORE project manager and the investment committee.

The consultancy will provide quarterly reports and monthly updates to the Bitschool manager.

Qualification of the consultant

  • Qualified individual or Registered company based both in Hargeisa and Garowe
  • Previously managed similar activities
  • With a minimum of 3 years of experience on entrepreneurship training programs


  • Train 80 youth on entrepreneurship
  • Connect 25-30 youth to the financial institutions
  • Mentor successful startups (between 20-30 startups)

Application procedure

Interesting applicants should send their applications to this email jobs@shaqodoon.org on or before 30th November 2020. Applications must be included the following:

  • Company/organization profile (CV if an individual)
  • Detailed work plan and budget
  • History of the similar activities done

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