Terms of Reference Consultancy: Draft brief learning paper on implementation of crisis modifier (humanitarian response tool)

Terms of Reference

Consultancy: Draft brief learning paper on implementation of crisis modifier (humanitarian response tool)

Requested: Consultant to draft short learning paper on crisis modifier modality used by local partners of the SOMJR humanitarian consortium

Locations and dates of assignment: home-based, short learning paper to be completed by 17 December 2020 (draft)

Deadline for applications: 15 November 2020, to SOM-Consultancies@oxfam.org


Oxfam is the lead organisation for the Dutch MFA-funded “Somalia Joint Response” (SOMJR under the “Dutch Relief Alliance” – an NGO Alliance), a consortium consisting of currently 4 INGOs and 6 LNGOs, with a presence in Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia. Since 2019, the SOMJR is delivering a multisectoral integrated humanitarian response, focusing on the following sectors: Nutrition, WASH, Health, Food Security and Livelihoods, Protection. Cash transfers play an important role throughout the response. Beneficiaries of our actions are IDPs, agro-pastoralist and pastoralist communities living in IPC 3/at risk of IPC4 areas, many of them in remote hard to reach areas, with limited access to basic services.

The SOMJR integrates the DRA’s strategic objectives: 1) more accountable humanitarian action, 2) innovation and learning, 3) collaboration for effective responses, 4) more effectively supporting locally led responses. Accountability and localisation are the key objectives and drivers of the consortium, and considerable budget and resources have been allocated to support joint initiatives in these areas.

Purpose of consultancy

In 2020, the SOMJR piloted a ‘crisis modifier’ for the consortium’s local humanitarian partners. The crisis modifier is a flexible budget amount which can be requested by consortium members to respond to sudden emergencies or spikes in crises, for instance for a flood or cyclone response, or in 2020 for COVID-19 responses. Partners who activate the crisis modifier share a short narrative and financial proposal for approval, and have to complete their response within three months. In the SOMJR, this tool is used to promote localisation and local agency.

The SOMJR is seeking a consultant to deliver a short learning paper on the crisis modifier pilot in 2020, covering partners’ views on the modality, challenges and recommendations. The learning paper will be used to brief donors, INGO partners and local partners about the modality and its role in promoting local ownership and localisation, due to its flexible application and proposal process.

Expected deliverables

A short learning paper on the crisis modifier piloted by the SOMJR (max. 10-15 pages), covering the following:

Chapter Content Pages
1 Brief general desk review on crisis modifiers/emergency response mechanisms in the Somali and other contexts, highlighting successes/challenges, indicating if and where the modality is used by LNGOs 2-3
2 Explaining crisis modifier process in SOMJR 1
3 Summary of where and for which responses/how the crisis modifier was used by SOMJR local partners 2
4 Reflections and quotes from SOMJR local partners on the crisis modifier, capturing their opinion on the modality and recommendations (using KIIs) 3-5
5 Conclusion and recommendations emerging from desk review and interviews 2-3
6 Annex: bibliography, crisis modifier templates, interview transcripts, survey etc. Annex

Throughout the learning paper, the consultant should focus on the following learning questions:

  • Does the crisis modifier contribute to relevant, effective, accountable and efficient support for the SOMJR target communities? (use Core Humanitarian Standards as key indicators)
  • Does the crisis modifier contribute to localisation?

Oxfam will provide the selected consultant with supporting documents for the desk review and other documents relevant for the research. Research questions (for KIIs) to be drafted together with Oxfam.

Qualifications of consultant

  • Very good writing skills (English)
  • Research experience (drafting and conducting KIIs, surveys)
  • Good understanding of humanitarian programming/response elements
  • Availability to research and draft short learning paper by 17th December 2020 (draft)

If interested, please share your application by 15th November to SOM-Consultancies@oxfam.org, submitting the following:

  • CV and cover letter, outlining experience in research and drafting learning papers or evaluations
  • Brief work plan, highlighting methodology and desired consultancy fee 

Oxfam will contact shortlisted applicants directly for a short interview and further explanation.

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