Terms of Reference Communication and Event Management Company/Consultant-LEAD Forum – Hargeisa, Somaliland

Terms of Reference

Communication and Event Management Company/Consultant-LEAD Forum.

  1. Background:

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs set up in 2015 the Local Employment in Africa for Development (LEAD) programme. The overall objective of LEAD is to generate sustainable income for youth by creating sustainable jobs offering decent work directly to young people in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Nigeria and Somalia. The LEAD programme in Somalia and Somaliland is implementing by three NGOs namely OxfamSpark and SOS. The programme has other alliance partners coordinating at the global level. Global alliances include VC4AButterfly works, Hanze University of Applied Science, and Crosswise Works. The local partners implementing the programme include;

  • Oxfam Partners are; Shaqodoon, Shuraako, Innovate Ventures, HAVOYOCO, University of Hargeisa and SOSTA, covering in Hargeisa and Borama.
  • SOS Partners are; Shaqodoon, Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship and SONYO, covering Hargeisa and Mogadishu.
  • Spark Partners are; Shaqodoon and Zamzam Foundation, covering in Garowe, Hargeisa and Mogadishu.

The programme started in January 2016 and is extended till 31st December 2023. The program Supports youth and women on a number of interconnected strategies.

  • Fostering the private sector development through start up and SME development initiatives
  • Skills Development by training youth to the necessary employability, future of work and 21st century skills to enter the job market and find jobs
  • Building an enabling environment; Influencing policies to be conducive and amplifying the youth voice.
  1. The Forum.

LEAD implementing partners are leveraging their coordination efforts in both alliance, local level and beneficiary level, and having a wider influence on the public and other stakeholders in the job creation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. On the other hand, the programme had created impact on young people and enterprises from various sectors, stimulated entrepreneurship among youth and enhanced their employability.

However, these supported participants often lack the platform to connect each other, build a network, create and share opportunities and remain in joint force for all matters affecting the ecosystem. Programme participants could have created significant opportunities between them. They could have shared mutual cohesion if a meetup avenue is organized and a wide range of opportunities could have been created as a result of the meet up. To-do-so, LEAD Somalia implementing NGOs headed by Oxfam Novib, SOS, and Spark has agreed to organize one big knowledge-sharing forum between program participants, partners, private sectors, and government to share knowledge, best practice, network, and strength the ecosystem.

  1. Forum Participants

The programme will be attended by a maximum of 100 participants including SMEs, Startups and Young people, Government officials, academia and private sector representatives. Each LEAD partner (Oxfam, Spark and SOS) will make an initial screening and selection a sample of participants drawn from their pool of programme participants. It is imperative that, in order to create a vibrant environment, we would identify both successful youth/businesses supported and those that are looking for network/jobs and this way, we are not only bringing people together but also creating opportunities between them. The forum will be held on December 16th, 2020.

  1. Objective of the communication promotion company/Consultant;

Support the overall communication development of the LEAD forum including designing communication materials, content development, social media promotion. The communications promotion company will ensure highest and finest communication quality is maintained at all stages of the forum to have an utmost engagement to the broader population, donor and LEAD partners.

  1. Specific tasks and deliverables:
  • Design and implement social media strategy for the entire duration of the forum.
  • Develop lead branded communication materials and printing including;
  • Brochures/Leaflets/Flyers
  • Big front word (LEAD)
  • Event Banner
  • Roll up banner
  • Social media selfie frame
  • Scarf
  • Invitation card
  • Booklet
  • Photo wall banner
  • Batches for volunteers
  • T-shits and caps for volunteers
  • Flags for tables
  • Create hashtag to use all Comms of the forum.

One video documentary after the forum

  • Responsible for taking photos and recording the forum videos of the different activities happening at the forum.
  • 3 minutes highlight soon after completion of the forum for social media promotion.
  • Responsible for media managements including TVs and producing news items.
  • Ensure community engagement prior to the event to raise stakeholder awareness
  • Recruit 5 social media promoters during the event to ensure timely messages and content are developed and delivered consistently to the public and donor through social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with the assigned hashtags.
  • Responsible for venue decoration and stage set up with the consultation with Oxfam.
  • Play a significant role in the overall branding and shaping the landscape of the event to ensure it fits to communication and view requirements of the communication strategy.

NB: The communications company or consultancy should submit a progress report clearly capturing social media engagements made, analytics drawn from the social media, photos and other materials developed during the assignment. This shall be delivered one day after the forum.

  1. Quantities of goods/services;
Item Description Qty Unit of Measure
Incentive volunteers: Protocol, seating and event organizing. 5 days
Communication Person for content creation and management and materials review. 2 days
Graphic designer – communication material designer 2 days
Forum venue decoration and stage set up 1 Days
Big front word (LEAD) 3D printing 1 Units
Social Media promoters during the forum 5 Days
Event Banner designing and printing 10mX5m 1 Unit
Stand banners designing and printing 3 Units
Social media selfie frame designing and printing 3 Units
Scarfs designing and printing 50 Units
Photo wall – Outside designing and printing 1 Unit
Batches designing and printing 25 Units
T-shits and caps and flags designing and printing 25 Units
TV new item coverage (2 TVs) 2 Units
Forum recoding and documentary production 1 Units
Photographer during the forum 2 Units
Invitation cards design and printing 100 Units
Management and service fee 9 Days

7. Timeline:

The duration of this assignment is 9 days starting from 08th December to 17th December. This includes few days for community engagement and designing for products and a full day for the forum. The Company will report back to Oxfam on the 10th with a progress report, photos, and other materials developed during the assignment.

  1. Requirements
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in communications, content creation, social promotion, social media strategy development and campaigns.
  • Excellent writing, communications, and designing skills
  • Extensive experience in development issues such as youth, employment, gender, good governance, and livelihood development
  • Be creative and using modern social media promotion strategies and tools
  • Substantial experience and knowledge in community engagement
  • Substantial experience in working with young people when designing tools
  • Experience in working with Oxfam or Oxfam’s partners will be an added advantage
  • Problem-solving skill.
  1. Applications Procedure; 
  • Company profile and relevant assignment delivered previously
  • Narrative outlining the methodology and design and financial quote
  • Please submit applications to: SOM-Consultancies@oxfam.org latest by Nov 21st, 2020.

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