Terms of Reference: Assessing the performance of Community-Based Animal Health Services Delivery (CBAHSD)



Terms of Reference: Assessing the performance of Community-Based Animal Health Services Delivery

(CBAHSD) in Gedo Region, Jubbaland State, Somalia.

A. Background information**

Founded in 1988 and with Headquarters in Berne Switzerland, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse (VSF- Suisse), www.vsf-suisse.org, is a not for profit organisation focusing on preventing and alleviating suffering, disease and hunger, supporting socio-economic development and assisting people whose livelihood mainly depends on livestock and agriculture with the aim of improving food sovereignty, nutrition security and resilience.

VSF-Suisse is implementing a USAID/OFDA -funded (now USAID/BHA) project (from July 2015 – December 2020): Lifesaving and Livelihood Restoration Project (LLRP I-IV) in Gedo Region, Jubbaland State, Somalia. The project targets pastoralists, agro-pastoralists and IDPs in Bullahawa, Dollow, Luuq, Elwak, Garbaharey and Bardere districts. LLRP aims at improving immediate access to food and providing emergency support to restore livelihoods for the vulnerable populations affected by multiple shocks, including droughts and floods. Project interventions are in the Agriculture and Food Security (AFS) Sector (Livestock, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Other Medical Commodities–VPMC and Irrigation Sub-Sectors) as well as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector (Water supply, Hygiene promotion and WASH NFIs Sub-Sectors).

VSF-Suisse is seeking to engage a reputable consultant to undertake an assessment on the performance of Community-Based Animal Health Services Delivery (CBAHSD) in Gedo Region, in October 2020. Following USAID/BHA’s approach, the Objectives of this assessment are:

  1. To assess for project beneficiaries compared to pre-project levels and/or non- project beneficiaries:

– Changes in type and frequency of access to animal health services and payment practices

– Changes in animal health practices

*- Changes in husbandry practices**- Changes in livelihood indicators*

  1. To assess changes in capacity of:

– CAHWs – including the ability to diagnose disease problems, calculate and administer appropriate pharmaceuticals, calculate fees and replenish and repair exhausted supplies and equipment in their kits, and determine and communicate drug withdrawal periods

  • Private veterinary pharmacists – including good storage, distribution, and documentation practices
  • To determine how beneficiaries are treating bacterial diseases, and treatment outcomes.
  • To assess the result area of VSF-Suisse program, which is:

i. Training and equipping CAHWs with essential VPMC to offer routine animal health services in the community on a cost recovery basis.

ii. Providing Emergency Animal Health Services through livestock deworming and treatment of clinical cases using district-based veterinary teams.

iii. Applying the One Health approach to raise awareness among human and animal health service

providers and communities on the interrelationship of Human, Animal and Environmental health.

iv. Training of veterinary pharmacy store owners & attendants and government staff on veterinary medical commodities supply chain management, basic business skills and monitoring their performance.

  1. To determine the use of antibiotics by the CAHWs in the treatment of livestock

– CAHWs-including determining the level of awareness on restrictions on the use of antibiotics;

how CAHWs are accessing and using antibiotics, and the prudent use of antibiotics.

– Identifying the key actors and the roles they play in reducing the risk of antimicrobial resistance in Gedo Region/Southern Somalia.

B. Requirements and Experience of the Consultant

The Consultant must demonstrate the following:

  • Demonstrate solid background and experience in Animal health/livestock development as well as Assessments and Evaluation work.
  • Experience in carrying out similar CBAHSD assignments and a proven track record of delivering excellent results.
  • Experience in use of participatory skills and approaches among the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities.
  • Excellent communication skills in both written and oral, demonstrated in ability to write comprehensive reports with in-depth analysis.
  • Working experience in Somalia, especially South-Central, is desirable.

How to apply

C. Application Process
Interested consultants should prepare and submit to VSF-Suisse a Technical Proposal (including a Detailed Description of Approaches and Methodology) and a Financial proposal for the assignment. The proposal should indicate qualifications and experience of the consultant (s) with a detailed Execution plan and Budget (in USD). The methodology should clearly indicate how the work will be executed in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposals, CVs and letter of motivation as well as three (3) referees should be sent electronically to Office.Nairobi@vsf-suisse.org by 11th October 2020; 5:00 PM EAT.

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