Term of References Leadership Development Training Program – Garowe, Puntland, Somalia

Term of References

Leadership development Training program


NRC Puntland area office has assessed the existing gaps in staff capacity. Building staff leadership and managerial skills were identified as one of the most needed training opportunities to develop line managers’ self-awareness in their leadership role and strengthen their ability to deal and manage with a range of people and situations confidently.

Leadership and management training will enable the area office to improve the capacity of managers in leadership and management in their day to day activities and interactions. As well as assist others in order to enable acquire and develop the skills within the organization.

Therefore we are seeking to appoint a consulting firm who will be able to capacitate and train Officers who are supervisors Teamleaders and Coordinators that are based in Puntland in management and leadership. The consultant is expected to convey a programme that has a delivery format that should encourage and facilitate applied and reflective learning for participants whilst “on-the-job”.

Objectives of the training

The main objective of this training is to ensure that a strong training package on leadership and management is delivered to managers to enhance line manager’s self-awareness in their leadership role and strengthen their ability to lead and manage staff better.

At the end of the training, the trainer will write a training report on how the training was delivered, the methods used and reccomdations to NRC if any.

Essential Criteria for selection

  • Minimum of 3yrs experience providing leadership and management training in Somalia
  • Prooven record of similar works/training provided in other international humanitarian and/or UN
  • Proven ability to use different training methods
  • Able to deliver to tight deadlines
  • Able to work with minimum supervision
  • Be willing to work in a number of locations if needed
  • Knowledge of local culture and language

Scope of training

  • Training to be conducted in Garowe
  • Training will consist of 15-20 staffs
  • Training will be for 3-5 days

Desired outcomes

By the end of the training, the participants should:

  • Have increased self-awareness in their leadership and managerial role and strengthened ability to deal confidently with a range of people and situations.
  • Have the ability to effectively manage teams through techniques for both individual and collective communication and interaction.
  • Understand their employer responsibilities and know how to fulfill these in their day-to-day leadership role, including in high-risk environments (duty of care).
  • Have the ability to prevent and handle conflict in their teams effectively.
  • Have the ability to conduct peer-to-peer coaching.

Application procedures

All interested and eligible applicants, should submit their Profiles, CVs, intake dates, technical and financial proposal to NRC Office Garowe or through email to the following;

mohamud.ahmed@nrc.nojamal.abdi@nrc.no and Adan.kassim@nrc.no

Application close by 2nd Feb-2021

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