Term of Reference (TOR) for Do No Harm Conflict Analysis– “Improving the social contract through inclusive and transparent Disaster Risk Management”

CARE seeks a short-term conflict analysis consultant to undertake conflict triggers, Do No Harm Analysis for its Improving the social contract through inclusive and transparent Disaster Risk Management Project.


About CARE International

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. Its programs go beyond meeting basic needs at the onset of an emergency to helping affected communities recover and rebuild their lives long after the crisis ends. CARE has been assisting communities in Somalia since 1981. CARE works in partnership with the government, international NGOs, civil society, leaders and local authorities to bring effective and lasting change to the most vulnerable communities. CARE currently works through three main programs: firstly, the Rural Women program which supports poor, rural women and girls in addressing long term underlying causes of poverty and vulnerability as well as social, cultural, political and economic obstacles towards positive change. We help women and girls improve their economic status, access education and support them to play a greater role in local leadership and conflict resolution. Secondly, the Urban Youth program focuses on job creation and livelihood opportunities for poor youth through interventions such as secondary education, vocational training, small business development and microfinance. Thirdly, the Emergency program provides direct humanitarian relief to victims of drought and conflict in Puntland, Mogadishu, Lower Juba and Galmudug state. CARE Somalia has three programmes namely Rural Women, Urban Youth and emergency. This project falls under Urban Youth.

About Dan Wadaag Consortium

Danwadaag Project – with funding from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a consortium comprising of VNG International (Lead Agency), Free Press Unlimited, Media Ink and CARE Nederland, who will implement the project for a duration of 4,5 years (2021 – 2025), starting with 1st year containing an inception phase and the 4th year will contain a consolidation and exit phase.

The project entitled “Improving the social contract through inclusive and transparent Disaster Risk Management “aiming to build inclusive disaster risk management (DRM) capacity at the local level. The Overall objective (Impact) of the project is: *improved social contracts through increased resilience to external shocks’ whilst the strategic objective is ‘increased government legitimacy through efficient and effective disaster risk management (DRM) based on inclusive policies, strategies and services’.* The project is being implemented in Somaliland and Puntland, targeting Hargeisa, Burco, Garowe and Qardho and targets communities (children, youth and adults including vulnerable groups), civil societies and knowledge institutes, media and public authorities for effective disaster risk management. The project aims to achieve the impact and strategic objective through the following outcomes:

· Outcome 1: Communities can contribute to inclusive and transparent DRM through equitable access to information, resources and decision making processes

· Outcome 2: CSOs have the legitimacy and capacity to contribute to inclusive and transparent DRM

· Outcome 3: Public authorities have the legitimacy and capacity to coordinate and implement inclusive and transparent DRM**

· Outcome 4: Media have the capacity to contribute to inclusive and transparent DRM through disseminating relevant information and creating spaces for inclusive dialogue between public authorities, civil society and communities**

Objectives of Consultancy

CARE Somalia is a firm advocate of the Do No Harm approach and this is mainstreamed in all its programing. The overarching objective of this consultancy is to conduct a Do No Harm analysis to better understand the conflict dynamics affecting the communities in Buroa, Hargeisa, Garowe and Gardo and potential areas of harm or tension in the context of this project. This will help the project identify the possible drivers of conflicts and exclusion and put in place measures to ensure effective, inclusive delivery of the planned programme interventions.

Specific objectives of the assignment

· To identify the main stakeholders and interest groups in the target communities in Buroa, Hargeisa, Garowe and Gardo

· To map existing conflict dynamics, tensions, drivers of social exclusion and peacebuilding capacities of communities and stakeholders through a detailed analysis of the current context, and the drivers and the available aid programs.

· To determine effect of conflict on women, men, male and female youth separately in terms of equitable participation in governance, power and resource sharing processes.

Scope of Work **

The assignment will be conducted the target communities in Buroa, Hargeisa, Garowe, Gardo, and will target other neighbouring communities and clans in these districts.

· The consultant shall work with CARE staff to develop appropriate methodologies and data collection tools

· The consultant shall map the main stakeholders and interest groups that are engaged in stabilization and economic development project the target project districts.

· The consultant shall map all existing conflict dynamics, tensions, drivers of social exclusion as well as capacities of communities in peacebuilding through a thorough analysis of the current context

· The consultant shall document effect of conflict on women, men, male and female youth separately in terms of risks and impact, participation in peacebuilding processes, negotiations and decision-making processes.

Key Deliverables

The main deliverable of this assignment upon which payment shall be based are as follows;

· Inception report comprising detailed work plan, training manual and data collection tools

· Do No Harm conflict sensitivity training for the stakeholders from project target districts

· Do No Harm and conflict sensitivity analysis report covering:

o Conflict trends

o Drivers of social exclusion

o Potential tensions or areas of harm that could be exacerbated by the project

o Recommendations for project implementation

· The report should clearly link gender and social inclusion factors into its understanding of Do No Harm and conflict sensitivity, noting that inadequate attention to gender and social inclusion entrenches negative power dynamics and widens the equality gap, effectively excluding women and female youth.

Technical and Methodological Approach

The Consultant will be hired as a consultant of CARE Somalia. She/he will first conduct a Do No Harm Training for stakeholders in the target areas and later conduct Conflict sensitivity/Do No Harm analysis. The proposed methodology will be largely qualitative in nature allowing for use of data collection methods such as desk/literature reviews, focus group discussion and key informants interviews. The consultant will have meetings with community members, government officials, religious leaders, clan elders and relevant stakeholders during the assignment. The consultant will ensure the data collection processes are participatory and encourages equality and inclusivity.


CARE will provide an appropriate level of duty of care during the consultancy within the confines of the security operating procedures and guidelines to the consultant. The consultant is expected to liaise closely with our security advisor and security manager based in the field for the management of all safety and security related matters.

Assignment duration

The consultant will be hired for 30 working days with a tentative starting date of 25 Dec 2021.


· Master’s degree or equivalent in international affairs, conflict analysis and management, political science, sociology, peace building or a field related to international/human development, with a strong emphasis on quantitative and qualitative research

· Experience in development programs, particularly those focusing on youth, women and excluded groups

· Previous experience conducting similar assignment (stakeholder analysis, Do No Harm and Conflict analysis) in the Somalia is preferred

· Articulate, professional, and able to communicate clearly with clients and staff; strong writing skills required

· Highly developed interpersonal communication skills and an ability to work well with others

· Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and integrity

· Fluent English and Somali

Somali Nationals especially women candidates are encouraged to apply

How to apply

The applicants are expected to submit a detailed technical and financial proposal in response to the scope of work described in this TOR. This should be submitted together with examples of previous consultancies relevant to the outlined TOR and with references.

The consultancy proposals shall be sent to SOM.Consultant@care.org on/or 14-Dec-2021 and indicate the subject line ToR for Do No Harm Conflict Analysis

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