Tender to upgrade modules in the current MS Dynamic Navisionthat CPD uses to a fully integrated solution that automates and standardizes processes. – Somalia


Project Country Somalia
Financing institution: Somali Stability Fund
Sector: Economic Development
Project name: Economic Development and Livelihood Investment
Procurement type: Services/ERP Solution
Title: Tender to upgrade modules in the current MS Dynamic Navisionthat CPD uses to a fully integrated solution that automates and standardizes processes.
Project ID: SSFGS-014-A01
Bid No.: SSF/CPD/EDL/02/2020
Deadline 20th February 2020


Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD) is a national non-profit and non-political organization in Somalia whose mandate is to provide humanitarian assistance, poverty reduction through socio-economic development for the communities it serves and supporting the country’s stabilization initiatives.Reducing extreme poverty targeting the ultra-poor families (UPF) that are often neglected by the mainstream charitiesin Somalia is a core pillar of CPD.

  1. Objectives OF THE ASSIGNMENT

The objective of this assignment is to upgrade modules in the current system used by CPD to a fully integrated solution that automates and standardizes processes, ensures effective use of resources, eliminates risks and enables collaboration which leads to high efficiency. It is anticipated that an upgrade of the current MS Navision could support an integrated project and financial management solution for CPD.

  1. scope of work

The system should provide an easy way of validating project budget before procurement approval documents are raised, creation and storage of procurement authorization forms, possible electronic receipt of EOI from suppliers among others.

Procurement of goods and services – ease of document management by making most manually generated documents (Purchase Requisition Forms (PRF), Quotation, Purchase Order and Contracts system generated.

  • Quotation Required Functionality
  1. Purchase Requisition
  2. Purchase Quotations
  • Quotation Card
  • Quotation Lines
  • Quotation Report


  1. Supplier Quotation
  • Supplier Quotation Header
  • Supplier Quotation Line
  1. Quotation Evaluation
  2. Purchase Order
  • Tender Management – Required Functionality
  1. Tender Register Card
  • Tender Header Card
  • Tender Lines
  • Tender Register Report
  1. Tender Evaluation
  • Tender Evaluation Header
  • Tender Evaluation Lines
  1. Tender Evaluation Committee
  2. Tender Advertisement
  3. Tender Documents Collection
  4. Tenders Return Process
  5. Tenders Technical Evaluation
  6. Tenders Financial Evaluation
  7. Final Opinion
  • Regret Letters
  • Award Letter
  • Purchase/Service Order
  • Contracts Management –Required functionality
  1. Main Contracts Management
  2. Contracts Discharge Process
  • project management requirements

The consultant/firm should provide an end-to-end solution that creates fully integration between the project processes:

  • Project Management Information System
  1. This will encompass creation and storage of project design document, intervention design, task design, appraisal reports, project budgets, project monitoring, project reporting, project completion among others.
  2. Should provide tools to track projects from approval to completion, and to monitor project milestones, benefits, and lessons learned. The system need to facilitate preparation of reports such as project performance reports, and will include the log frame details (impact, outcomes, outputs) where staff can report on key output activities.
  3. The system will be the main tool used by project managers and will be integrated with the Finance Management System so that overall project budgets can be monitored as well as the disbursements against the project funds.

4.2.1 Project Information and Data (MIS). Must have seamless integration with Financial Management Module. Project dashboards give managers and project staff the ability to see how a project is doing through project reports and drill-down menus into project details.

4.2.2 Knowledge Base. Key lessons learnt at every step of the project should be tracked. Idea boards should also be integrated to create an innovations platform to capture ideas and practical stake holder visions that can be passed on to inform project interventions and policy creations.

  • Project Management –Required functionality
  1. Seamless integration with logistics and finance modules
  2. Project Management Card
  3. Project Transactions
  4. Project Budget
  5. Donor Summary Report
  6. Budget Vs Actual Report
  7. Project Detailed Report
  8. Project Summary Report
  9. Creation of idea board
  • finance management requirements

The consultant/firm should provide an end-to-end solution that creates fully integration between the finance processes:

Financial management system

  • General ledger functions – chart of accounts that holds a balance sheet, income and expenditure sheet, cash flow, trial balance, currency translation on specific dates to prevent currency exchange – aggregated and for each project
  • Financial reporting – improve accuracy of management reporting and variance analysis – monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, reduce need for error prone excel sheets for reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, management taxes, cash book management etc.
  • Grant and contract administration – improve contract and grant administration efficiencies by tracking project and contract deliverables, approvals datelines etc. The system should allow for creation, storage and review of grants and contracts, the subsequent amendments, contracts and grants whose end date is due, reporting showing contracts with pending deliverables, fully integrated with financials and automatically update on contract/grant actuals and balances.
  • Resource management – allocation of resources to projects, interventions and tasks in addition to capturing time spend, variances on estimated time spend and actual time spend per resource per project
  • Asset management – integrate asset management and procurement into the system, assign assets numbers and possibly tagging assets, reassigning of assets from one employee to another
  • Cutting administrative processes by enabling online admin tasks
  • Comprehensive payments authorization system with online approvals from project leads, project managers, Finance Manager, Director etc with links to budgets, pic and contracts
  • Multi user environment. The system should be accessible by project staff and should allow detailed drill down on costs incurred.
  • testing the solution

The consultant/firm will ensure that the system has been fully customized to meet CPD’s needs and once the solution is ready for deployed undertake the expected testing to ensure it meets CPD’s expectations

  • final user acceptance tests

The consultant/firm will undertake user acceptance tests among CPD staff.

  • implementation

The consultant/firm is expected to draw up a detailed implementation plan.  The aim is to ensure that the system is implemented in a professional manner and in accordance with the agreed timelines.  Also, to be included in the implementation plan is

  • A training plan for both CPD staff on the upgrade system
  • Audit of the current system to fully understand the challenges and improvements required.
  • post implementation review

The consultant/firm will review the system after it ‘goes live’ and confirm its working as designed.  The consultant/firm will also review the level of utilization of existing functionalities and recommend an action plan for CPD to realize the full benefits of the system

  1. conduct of work

The consultant/firm will work closely with the Finance Manager and Executive Director at CPD to gain clear understanding of the system requirements, design it, and later test the system to satisfaction.

  1. outcomes and deliverables

The consultant/firm will be expected to produce a document stating his understanding of CPD requirements and proposed solutions before commencement of the work. The expected deliverable is a fully functional and project and contracts management module which is fully integrated into Navision financials.

  1. requirements

The consultant/firm must demonstrate the following: –

Previous evidence of successful Navision customization and implementation
Ability to fully integrate all Navision modules into a single administrative and financial management tool
Proven track record of setting up and implementing solutions for non-profit donor funded organizations


  1. timetable

The work is expected to commence in March 2020 and be completed by June-2020. Testing and data migration should take place before end of July 2020 for system to be fully operational by 1st of August 2020.

  1. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be downloaded by interested bidders free of charge from CPD Website:cpd-africa.org/procurement
  2. Bidders who download the document from the above website are required to submit their particulars (name & email and postal address of the firm, contact person & their mobile numbers) to the CPD official email address: procurement@cpd-africa.orgusing their official email addresses. The email addresses shall be for our records and for the purpose of receiving any further clarifications and/or addendums.
  3. Bids must be delivered in plain sealed envelopes marked with Tender name and reference number and deposited in our Nairobi & Mogadishu offices in the addresses referenced in our letter head above, to be received on or before 1100 hours, Thursday 20th February 2020. Electronic bidding through official mail shall also be accepted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of the bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who choose to attend at the address below.

The address referred to is:          The Project Manager

Centre for Peace and Democracy

Feisal Dini House, Near Airport Road

WajadirDistrict, Mogadishu, Somalia

Tel: +252 619 101 009

Email: procurement@cpd-africa.org

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