Tender Notice for Procurement OF Gum boots, Batteries for No-Touch thermometers, & Hand Sanitizers – Mogadishu, Somalia



Tender Notice for Procurement OF Gum boots, Batteries for No-Touch thermometers, & Hand Sanitizers                                                         

The Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) is an independent, non-political humanitarian organization that was founded in April 1963 and was established with presidential decree No. 187 in 1965.

SRCS Mogadishu coordination office invites interested and eligible contractors to participate in the bid of Purchase of 100 Gum boots, 75 batteries for No-Touch thermometers, & 2500 Hand sanitizers as per the below listed specifications:

No. Item description
Gum Boots, heavy duty plastic rubber, pair, Assorted sizes. 100 pairs
Batteries AAA (for InfraRed Temperature Gun) 75 Psc
Hand Santizers, Minimum 70% alcohol content. 500ml 99.99 2500 Psc

Tender documents containing invitation to tender, instructions to bidders , request for quotation, terms and conditions on purchasing, for the supplier can be requested by way of email between 19th November 2020 and 22rd November 2020 02:30 PM Local Time from the below email address.


The Deadline for submission of sealed bids in a tender box located at SRCS – Mogadishu Coordination Office is:

Date: 23rd November 2020, Time: 02:30 PM (Local Time)

Your tender must be addressed as follows:

SRCS Mogadishu Coordination Office.

and marked clearly with:


Any requests for clarification should be referred to: abdinor1977@gmail.com (for questions only, do not send your soft copy tenders to this mail, bring the hard copy)

Delivery Address:

SRCS Mogadishu Coordination Office

Attn: Abdinor Abdullahi Adam

Procurement & Logistics Department

Next SOS office, backside Hargaha & Samaha building area Km4

Email: abdinor1977@gmail.com |mobile: +252-61-3348803

Failure to comply with the requirements of the tender may be grounds for disqualification of the tenderer or may affect the evaluation of the proposal. This letter is not to be construed in itself as an offer to contract with your company; however, your tender could form the basis for a contractual agreement between your company and the client.

You are kindly requested to acknowledge receipt of letter of Invitation to Tender (ITT) by e-mail, or letter to the above-mentioned contact and to indicate whether or not you intend to submit a tender.

We look forward to receiving your tender.

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