SSFPL-027-C01 – Project Management and Supervision of the Supply and Installation of All-in-One Single Solar Street Lighting for Qardho and Sheerbi

PTB Reference Number: PNTP:RE No 30


The Somalia Stability Fund is a multi-donor fund working towards a peaceful, secure, and stable Somalia. It offers Somali stakeholders a source of multi-year funding that can respond to local needs and opportunities.

SSF has set aside funds to cover eligible payments under a contract for an experienced Consultant to provide consultancy services for Project Management and Supervision of the Supply and Installation of All In One Single Solar Street Lighting for Qardho and Sheerbi, Puntland, Somalia

The Consultant will not be required to prepare bidding documents or manage the bidding process for the appointment of a contractor(s) to execute the related Works.

NOTE: The preferred bidder will be shared with the following documents in order to familiarize themselves with the Works contracts and Works Requirements contained in the:

Bidding Document for Procurement for Supply and Installation of All-in-One Single Solar Street Lighting for Qardho and Sheerbi, Puntland, Somalia.

NB: Please see separate zipped file


The objective of this assignment is to undertake services and responsibilities as assigned by the SSF Project Manager (that is, where assigned, act as the “Project Manager” and Supervision Engineering service) to oversee the construction Works and to ensure that the Contractor has completed all the requirements as specified in the Works Contract.

The specific objectives of the services shall include but are not limited to:

  1. Supervision of construction Contract Reference number SSFPL-027-W01 ensuring works are executed fully and satisfactorily in accordance with the Works Construction contract, the design and the technical specifications.
  2. Acting as the Project Manager under the Works contract where the duties are assigned.
  3. Conduct pre-construction training, approving samples, inspecting solar goods at port of entry and conducting any mandatory tests of materials.
  4. Certify that the Contractor’s invoices are representative of actual Works satisfactorily completed and that such invoices have been checked and are judged correct for payment
  5. Act as a focal point for SSF on all environmental safeguards (health & safety), develop the Environmental Management Plan (EMP), conduct training for the implementing entity and monitor mitigation measures for the duration of the project.
  6. Issuance of Instructions to the Contractor in line with Particular Conditions of Contracts: these will encompass issuance of field instructions in writing relating to:
  7. Quality of materials used in the works.
  8. Equipment and methods of constructions.
  9. Supervision, checking and testing and commissioning of works carried out.
  10. Clarification of drawings and specifications including coming up with working drawings where necessary
  11. Progress of works that adheres to agreed timeline.
  12. Any other instructions required


The Project Manager will be required to liaise closely always with the appointed representative officer of Adam Smith International Africa (ASIA), representing the Somalia Stability Fund, and must obtain prior written approval from SSF representative before taking any of the following actions that are specified in the Conditions of Contract:

  1. Issuing variation order.
  2. Approving time/period extension.
  3. Fixing new rates for works or other items.
  4. Suspension of the contract.
  5. Any proposed variation orders, amendments or other changes to the contracts. All Site Instructions, Minutes of Meetings and other important correspondence will be simultaneously copied to the SSF Investment managers


The skills required are Project Management of:

  • Structural/Civil engineering – review structural design for the substructure
  • Electrical engineering – approval of correct items are delivered and installed as per the designs
  • Environmental Engineer– Specializing in Solar installation work
  • Resident engineer – to conduct daily supervision for ongoing works

The appointed firm will use different specialist key personnel to cover the different fields of specialization. If the firm does not have the specialist personnel necessary, they are expected to sub-contract to obtain the necessary expertise.


The appointed firm and staff will need to:

  • Speak fluent English and Somali for the site engineers and supervisors
  • Be able and willing to travel to Qardho and Sheerbi, areas of Puntland
  • Be prepared to travel to remote locations within Somalia, possibly at short notice;
  • Be prepared to remain on work site as needed and possibly for extended periods of time (provide a resident Engineer on site for site supervision for all the 5 locations.
  • The service provider/engineering firm should take responsibility for duty of care of its staff on site and during travels including taking insurance cover for personnel and equipment to be used in the field. SSF will require a written confirmation on this subject.
  • Work with Somalia Federal and State Government Agencies to confirm required standards for work done.
  • Provide supervision of contractors as necessary.

NOTE: Form TECH-11 Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Proposed Key Professional Personnel will need to be submitted alongside the Certificates.

It is anticipated that each engineering firm shall be responsible of its own due of care for all its staff whether at home or in the field

The Service Provider/Engineering Firm will need to be available when required and will be required to submit a workplan for the planned four (4) months activities. The duration may be revised at a later stage. However, for the purposes of this RFP, please use the stipulated timeframe of four (4) months

It is not necessary for the entire proposed key staff to be based on site full time and the use of technical person as a site supervisor with the backup of key personnel at critical stages would be appropriate.

However, the necessary specialists will need to be available as and when required. The efficient and effective use of proposed teams will be critically analysed to ensure that the proposals meet Value for Money (VFM) principal


The following additional services shall be provided by the engineering firm:

  1. Designs and workplan review – participate in review of designs and contractor’s workplan ensuring that designs have no major errors and that the workplan is detailed and realistic as per the site conditions.
  2. Site Handover: The Engineering firm shall participate in specific streetlight site hand over and assist in confirming the length of poles and number of solar lights for each section of the road(s). The Engineering firm will also ensure that all civil works conform to the required standard in the contractor’s/supplier’s contract. Additionally, the engineering firm shall confirm that all solar lights equipment brought to site are conforming to the specification of the contract.
  3. Develop an Environmental Social Management Plan (using SSF template) in consultation with the contractor and upon review and approval by SSF, ensure that the contractor understands and adheres to the Plan.
  4. Develop an Occupation and Safety Regulations Plan in consultation with the contractor and upon review and approval by SSF ensure that the contractor understands and adheres to the established regulations.
  5. The engineering firm shall provide any other additional services as requested by SSF, at rates and under conditions applicable in the Supervision Contract.


The anticipated project supervision timeline is scheduled as follows:

  • Supply and installation of street lights in the following locations
  • Qardho and Sheerbi, areas of Puntland; 4 months (with maintenance/defect liability period of 4 months, with two verification visits one at midpoint and the last one during final verification at the end of the Defects Liability Period.)

The Program Schedule for each construction/installation works will be shared with the selected bidder once availed by the contractor. The selected project manager will be expected to review the workplan(s) and suggest improvements as necessary.


The following reports will be required in addition to any requirements specified under the Works contract Project Manager provisions:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly progress reports (with photo evidence of on-going works, all photos MUST show GPS coordinates, time and date stamp)
  • Field visit Reports (capturing ad-hoc field visits by visiting engineers other than the site/resident engineer)
  • Report on Environmental, Social Impacts of the project and how the mitigation measures will be implemented, including training of the contractor’s workers on environmental social impacts of the project(s). This should be captured in the inception report. The ESMP must be constantly reviewed and updated on need basis.
  • Reports on any Safety violations, immediately after the violation.
  • Material analysis and/or soil test reports

How to apply

To access the full RFP package, interested Bidders are advised to click on this link:

For clarification questions, please email us at no later than Thursday 25 March 2021 at 2330 HRS (EAT).

Responses to clarification questions will be uploaded no later than, Monday 29 March 2021 at 1700 HRS (EAT) and accessed through the same OneDrive link with the RFP Package: 

The Technical and Financial proposals will need to be submitted separately in electronic form by Sunday 4 April 2021 at 2330 HRS (EAT). The proposals shall be submitted separately to the following addresses:

Technical Proposal:

With the following subject title: TECHNICAL PROPOSAL- Project Management and Supervision of the Supply and Installation of All-in-One Single Solar Street Lighting for Qardho and Sheerbi, Puntland, Somalia (SSFPL-027-C01)

Financial Proposal:

With the following subject title: FINANCIAL PROPOSAL- Project Management and Supervision of the Supply and Installation of All-in-One Single Solar Street Lighting for Qardho and Sheerbi, Puntland, Somalia (SSFPL-027-C01)

No exceptions will be made for late entries.

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