The European Institute of Peace (EIP) is looking for exceptional individuals and companies who share our vision for a world where people live in safety and peace because conflicts and grievances are resolved through inclusive dialogue and lasting political agreements.

We provide practical experience, technical expertise, and policy advice on conflict resolution. We use a variety of tools to help us do this, including analysis, mapping and design of peace processes and agreements, facilitating policy discussions, and proposing practical engagement, for example through inclusive dialogue and mediation support.

Based in Brussels and active in over a dozen countries, the European Institute of Peace is an independent organisation working collaboratively with European decision-makers, the parties to the conflict, and those who represent people suffering from insecurity or at risk of violence, as well as the conflict prevention, resolution and mediation community.

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We are looking for a Somalia Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Consultant to support the Peace Practice and Innovation (PPI) unit.


The objective of this consultancy is to:

  • support the formulation and finalisation of the Strength Through Tolerance (STT) M&E Framework, including reviewing the current indicators in the Logframe and the Result Framework and M&E plan, clarifying data sources of all data collected, computation methodologies, and agency responsibilities;
  • strengthen the capacity of the STT project implementing team to review and update the M&E Framework through a structured process, conduct conflict analysis, and update the risk analysis and mitigation matrix;
  • propose a method to regularly collect data from the recognised sources to monitor and report on the status of the STT on a consistent and regular basis.


  • Review the Key Performance Indicators currently listed in the Logframe and the Result Framework and M&E Plan, and make amendments to the wording where necessary to ensure the indicators description is clear, measurable, express units of measurement, and details levels of disaggregation required ;
  • For indicators in which data is unavailable, work with the STT team to modify the indicator description or develop a plan to ensure data will be available in the foreseeable future;
  • Review all baselines currently entered in the Logframe and Result Framework and M&E Plan, making amendments where necessary and adding new baselines where gaps exist ;
  • Review all targets currently listed against each indicator in the Logframe and Result Framework and M&E Plan, making amendments where necessary;
  • Finalise the development of the metadata accommodating the indicator framework, with a focus on the following pieces of information for each indicator ;
  • Consult with all necessary stakeholders to seek guidance on wording of indicator descriptions, accompanying baselines and targets, and drafting of metadata;
  • Prepare a training guide and provide training to STT staff on updating and maintaining the STT M&E database, including the sources of the data and the collection method. The consultant will consider an interactive database with links to e-templates for data focal points people to fill in.


  • Minimum University degree in statistics, social or political science, public policy, development, planning, or related fields.
  • Minimum 7 years of relevant experience in development statics/surveys, national and sector development planning, social or public policy, or related fields.
  • Proficiency in English (written and spoken) is required in addition to the Somali language.


  • Service contract from ASAP to 14/02/2022.

How to apply

Please submit in English:

  • Service proposal, with a description of the services, fees, methodology (when relevant), CVs of personnel involved (when relevant)

Submit to:

The deadline is 21/11/2021, close of business (COB). The successful candidate will be selected based on the most competitive offer, including technical and financial proposal.

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