Request for Proposal for Consultancy on Coordination and Supervision of Rehabilitation of Feeder Canals Through Cash For Work In Jowhar, Somalia.

Organization: CEFA

Opening Date: 9th Feb 2021

Closing Date: 22nd Feb 2021

Please see complete REQUEST FOR BIDS and BIDDING DOCUMENTS at the following link:

Tender No: REF: REBOOT – CEFA 03


Re: Coordination and Supervision of rehabilitation of feeder canals through cash for work in Jowhar Somalia. REBOOT–CEFA03

Dear Madam/Sir:

  1. The European Committee for Training and Agriculture (“CEFA”) has received financing from Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (“ACIS”) for Reboot Project- (dib u bilaw) -Food Security Emergency Relief to Economic Development of Jowhar’s Agricultural Sector and intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under this contract, for which this Request for Proposal is issued.
  2. CEFA invites you to submit technical and financial proposals in accordance with the documents attached to this letter and the annexed Terms of References (TOR).
  3. The Client intends to hire an Individual Consultant plus an Assistant consultant (the “Consultant”) to provide consultancy services in Coordination and Supervision of rehabilitation of feeder canals through cash for work in Jowhar Somalia.

4. The consultant and an assistant will be selected under the *Quality and Cost-Based Selection (QCBSmethod

*1. Objectives of the consultancy**

The main objective of the consultancy is to coordinate, supervise, guide and monitor the construction/rehabilitation of feeder canals by farmers/casual workers, targeting youths involvement within Khwan, Ahmed Issei, Abdi Issei, Qarfaxya main canals.

To achieve the stated objective, CEFA wishes to engage a qualified and experienced individual engineer or surveyor consultant with one or 2 assistant to execute the assignment on a contract basis. The consultant shall have a proven track record and extensive hands-on experience in engineering works measurements, design and construction supervision of irrigation canals in East Africa. The consultant shall have good knowledge and understanding in working within smallholder farmers in the implementation of irrigation projects in middle and lower Shebelle regions of Somalia.

2. Description of the works

The cash for work (casual work be paid via mobile cash transfer) programme will be implemented within 4 main canals namely Khwan, Ahmed Issei, Abdi Issei, Qarfaxya in Jowhar district.

· The 4 main canals serve approximately 1665 farmers.

· The consultant will engage these farmers in the cash for work program in cleaning, forming, excavating and desilting their feeder canals originating the main canals, the work will involve the youth of the area.

· The approximate total length of the feeders are as follows. Note the lengths and number are just approximate to guide the consultant in providing a quotation but the actual measurements on the ground will be measured by the bidder during the construction period.

2. Scope of the consultancy

The bidder will carry out the following specific task

· Liaise with the farmer association and village committees to identify the farmers and workers.

· Liaise with the farmer association committees and the CEFA appointed Supervising engineer to identify the feeder canals to be rehabilitated/cleaned or constructed

· Mark and set out all the feeder canals to be rehabilitated/cleaned or constructed

· Assign and allocate work potions to individual farmers/workers

· Guide the workers on the procedures and methods to be followed by the worker is cleaning the canals

· Monitor the implementation of the work done to ensure appropriate levels and dimensions of the feeder canal are properly maintained

· Take measurements of the completed works in terms of length and volumes

· Maintain records of portions of work done by each farmer/worker and number of days worked.

· Liaise with the Supervising Engineer (consulting for CEFA) for any technical guidance on construction and approaches to be used for the execution of the works

· Report to the Supervising Engineer and CEFA technical staff, the measurements taken for approval and confirmation

· Report to CEFA every two weeks the verified progress and completion of the works under each main canal in form of measurements and pictorial evidence,

· The consultant will make the payment, through mobile cash transaction to the workers based on the work done by each worker, potions of work done and/or the number of days worked based on a pre-agreed rate. All the payments done must be reported with mobile cash transaction list and receipts, to CEFA in the progress reports and must be approved by the Supervising Engineer (Evidence of payment must be attached) and CEFA local staff in charge.

3. Academic Qualifications and Experience of the consultant

· Surveyor or Engineer, Full time on site with the following minimum qualifications and experience is required for the successful execution of the Works (Please attach CV):

· Diploma in Civil, Agricultural, Survey Engineering or Geomatics Engineering from a reputable institution.

· At least 5 years of experience in the construction of irrigation works in Somalia.

· Fluency in written and spoken English

· Knowledge/understanding of Somali language an added advantage

· Computer literate in ArcGIS, Civil 3D or LisCAD, Ms Word, Ms Excel and Internet

· The consultant must have access to appropriate survey equipment when needed like Dumpy level, ragging rods, tape measures among others

How to apply

  1. Submission Procedure: Please submit your Technical and Financial Proposal using the forms provided for this purpose within this Request for Proposals (RFP). Your proposal should comprise one (1) original and one (1) copy of both the technical and financial proposals to the address provided below.
  2. The Technical and Financial proposals shall be submitted no later than 5.00pm EAT of 22 February 2021 to the address below:**

CEFA Regional Office in Nairobi

Brookside Close, off Brookside Grove- Westlands

Attn: Francesco Riedo– CEFA Project Manager

Or alternatively to the following email address:

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