Re-Advertisement: Terms of Reference (TOR) for Consultant Carry out Safety & Security Risk Assessment



SOS Children’s Villages is an international
non-governmental organization (NGO),
founded in Austria in 1949 and with
presence in 134 countries around the world.
Since its inception, the organization has been
dedicated to the care of children and young
people who have lost family care or are at
risk of losing it, working also with their
families of origin.
As an organization, we work for the
restoration of the right of children and young people to live in a family, in accordance
with the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nations Guidelines for
the Alternative Care of Children, through the development of actions for the
prevention of loss of family care, the provision of alternative care in safe and
protective settings for children and young people who have lost care of their families,
encouraging —provided that it is in line with the best interest— the reintegration into
their family of origin. And we also conduct advocacy activities, aimed at States
creating the necessary conditions for children and young people to fully exercise their
2. Background
In its Strategy 2022, SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland is currently planning to
improve risk management, safety of personal and individuals in all areas that are
working and official housing will be appropriately equipped in terms of safety and
security. Instruction relating to premises management for all office, whatever the level
of risk, include the installation of adequate security light in order to dissuade intruders
and help prevent accident at night, fire protection equipment and first aid kit must be
checked, In addition, all windows, doors, entries and exists must be checked.
The overall objective for this assessment is to carry out safety and security risk
assessment for all SOS locations by identifying hazards in and outside the compounds.
23/08/2021 Re-Advertisement: Terms of Reference (TOR) for Consultant Carry out Safety & Security Risk Assessment – Somali Jobs Inc

To identify potential risks and threats from inside and outside such as fire and
electric shock and burglar’s, and etc.
Identify the availability of first safety materials, medical emergency, the
condition of environmental, health and hygiene in the SOS Children’s village
Somaliland locations.
Analyse The level safety of the premises and the reduction of vulnerability to
fires and accidents
Analyse the level of risk and the current response of SOS Children’s Villages
Somaliland for risk management.
Prioritize the potential risksthat could negatively affect the organization’s
Explore if all gate have spy hole CCTV System to detect any one anything in
close vicinity.
Are electrical installation in the compound and buildings statics are safe? Are
they maintained regularly?
To identify if the Compound is protected high enough walls 2-2.5 Metter with
razor wire attached on it?
Are boom Gates/HESCO are available to sufficiently resist ramming attack
from outside?
Suggest ideas to reduce exposure threats, developing options and actions to
enhance opportunities and reduce threats or mitigate all the potential risk.
If the fire/bomb emergency plan available?
Is SOP in place for breach of security at access/search facilities?
Identifying and labelling the main electricity cut-off switch in all offices and
The security of the premises shall be guaranteed via a series of reasonable and
practical restriction.
Ensure that SOPs available in SOS are followed by staff in particular situation
and take mitigation measures.
The Key Areas to focus;-
1. Identify hazards usual happen at the office and compounds.
2. The risk mitigation for all SOS Children’s village locations (Hargeisa, Berbera,
and sheikh)
3. Assess the working environment for the safety in the workplace.
4. Professional/institutional profile for the consultancy
The expected profile of the consulting entity, whether it is an individual
consultant or a consulting firm, must have risk assessment and experience
proven competency (record of previous experiences) in conducting similar
assignments including policy analysis
23/08/2021 Re-Advertisement: Terms of Reference (TOR) for Consultant Carry out Safety & Security Risk Assessment – Somali Jobs Inc

Experience in carrying out safety and security assessment in high risk areas
and have at least 3 to 5 years of experience
Experience writing security plans and developing Standard Operating
Procedures (SOPs).
A good understanding of precautionary measure of risks in Somaliland
A good understanding of Current Security Situations in the country and has
facilitation, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
Proven experience in participatory processes and data collection methods
(including age appropriate data collection methods)
A bachelor’s degree in the area of Social Sciences: public health, social work,
education, sociology or similar studies.
5. Duration of the assessment.
The assessment will be tentatively conducted for Eight Days (8) days starting from 14
– 21 August 2021
6. The process of submission documents.
Interested applicants who meet the above requirements should submit their technical
and financial proposals in electronically to (
Please indicate the title in the subject line when applying.
10. Submitted documents
Assessment proposal and work-plan
Detailed budget breakdown based on expected daily rate.
Sample of previously conducted similar studies.
Company profile or CV with at least three references.

23/08/2021 Re-Advertisement: Terms of Reference (TOR) for Consultant Carry out Safety & Security Risk Assessment – Somali Jobs Inc

Locations: The consultancy will assess all SOS locations (Hargeisa, Berbera and
Please send your completed applications not later than 28 August 2021.
SOS Children’s Villages organization is committed to safeguarding the rights of the
children and therefore, it is expected that every individual who joins with SOS
Children’s Villages Somaliland understand his/her responsibility in protecting and
keeping children always safe

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