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Organizational Background

GREDO is an indigenous local NGO. Non-profit non-partial, non- political and voluntary organization based in Baidoa. To reach the most affected grass-root communities in Bay and Bakool regions and lower Shebelle effectively and efficiently, the necessity of local partnership in relief program appeared. Responding to the partnership need, a group of Somali intellectuals and well-wishers initiated in December 1992 a local non-governmental organization called Gargaar Relief and Development Organization (GREDO) the organization has implemented during these period different projects including relief and emergency programs and later improved into rehabilitation and developmental programs.

Position Summary:

The GREDO Organization seeks to engage the services of a reputable and technically qualified individual or firm with extensive expertise in labor market analyses, management and organizational development to undertake an independent salary and benefits survey process. GREDO therefore hereby solicits proposals from interested individuals or firms to conduct the survey and support the GREDO in establishing a competitive salary scale for its employees in line with the prevailing market rates.

A. Objective of Assignment

Ø Ensure that the GREDO staff remuneration aligns with overall organization and people strategy, goals and philosophy.**

Ø Ensure internal equity and ensuring external competitiveness of the GREDO staff remuneration and to design a fair remuneration system.**

B. Scope and focus of the assignment

a) The selected individual or firm shall compile and suggest to GREDO a list of employers which may be considered as comparators, for the purpose of establishing staff remuneration and provide an explanation of why those market comparisons were chosen. The list shall be subjected to final approval by GREDO.

b) Carry out a survey to compare GREDO remuneration levels (Salary and non-salary benefits) with suitable local, regional and global comparators.

c) A strategic framework with which rational decisions can be made in response to changing organization structure and roles and to market rate pressures.

d) A consistent approach for the determination and management of relativities between jobs.

e) The basis for developing an equitable pay structure across GREDO based on a logical method of measuring relative job scope and size.

f) Presentation and submission of a final survey findings with comparison and analysis of the survey results, recommendations related to remuneration packages;

g) Make proposals for adjusting current remuneration levels and a corresponding implementation plan.

h) Supporting effective communication and change management throughout the process.

i) The individual or firm shall maintain complete confidentiality of all data and documents provided by selected comparator employers and by that of GREDO.

C. Deliverables and outputs

a) Details and Summary of data collected from the Comparators showing TOR matches and the evaluation of their remuneration package.

b) The Minimum and Maximum Remuneration values of all job matches obtained from the comparators in a format that enables like-for-like comparison with GREDO remuneration.

c) A report on final survey findings with comparison and analysis of the survey results, and recommendations related to remuneration packages. The report should include summary information on the comparator employers (size, financial portfolio, number of employees, length of time present in the location and length of organizational existence in the case of local NGO, etc.) against which current salaries can be reviewed, and a salary survey methodology that can be used for future surveys;

d) Identify the positions that have a greater need to be competitively paid. Conduct an internal equity review and analysis. Develop cost estimate with recommendations for resolving any inconsistencies between internal equity and external competitiveness.

e) All completed questionnaires together with relevant salary scales and all relevant documentations and correspondences received from the respective comparators.

f) As and when required by GREDO, the individual or firm shall conduct a presentation of the process and the results to any relevant audience that GREDO may organize in this project period or put together for GREDO use to present in the future.

g) A change management plan to allow the GREDO to implement the recommendations for job grade changes.

D. Monitoring and progress controls

The consultant’s work progress will be monitored primarily through periodic review meetings, the precise schedule of which is to be determined based on consultation with the Consultant. The Consultant is also expected to produce, upon GREDO’s request, a formal progress report for the BOARD that includes: an overview of the project, a narrative description of project activities, detailed information on project objectives and milestones, actual achievements made against the timeline and deliverables agreed upon at the onset.

E. Duration of the consultancy

The consultancy is expected to take up to a maximum of six (6) weeks starting from the date of signature of contract by both parties, subject to adjustments as required and mutually agreed upon.

F. Qualification & experience

The successful personnel shall meet the following minimum criteria:

a) Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in fields related to human resource management, statistics and related fields with more than 5 years of experience.

b) Proven track record in the area of compensation and benefit analysis, including for comparable National or international organizations.

c) Extensive experience in the field of human resource management.

d) Evidence of past experience in undertaking salary survey for global/national organizations or government.

e) Familiarity with labor market issues in humanitarian and development sector.

f) Understanding of Somalia labor market

g) Ability to render consulting services in the most professional, effective and efficient manner.

h) Fluent in English, fluence of Somali language is an added advantage

i) Excellent writing and presentation skills (all required reports shall be written in English).

G**. Recommended presentation of proposals**

The Proposal shall be presented in the following manner:

a) Personal Curriculum Vitae highlighting the qualifications that meet the minimum requirements stated in Section F above, and at least three (3) references;

b) Explaining why he/she is the most suitable contractor for the work, and a brief methodology on how he/she will approach and conduct the work and

c) The Financial Proposal containing the final and all-inclusive (professional fees – contact is responsible all taxes, indicate travel, accommodation, visa fee, etc which GREDO may provide directly.) total price offer for the full range of services required, broken down into all major cost components associated with the services.

d) The total price shall be in a fixed lump-sum amount, and milestone payments corresponding to outputs shall be indicated in the proposal.

H. Submission of proposals & evaluation criteria

Technical and Financial proposals will be submitted together. In determining the final selection of the qualified bidder, the technical quality of the proposal will be given a weightage of 75% on the basis of a criteria for evaluation (in line with the required qualifications as outlines in Section F above. The financial proposal shall be allocated a weightage of 25% and the proposals will be ranked in terms of total points scored.

I. Child Protection

The responsibilities of the Consultant will require is to have a regular contact with children or young people and GREDO as an organization has a dignity of protecting and safeguarding children by giving awareness, protection reporting and taking actions.

Core Values

· Integrity

· Honest,

· Openness

· Transparency


GREDO Organization highly expected from the selected individual or firm to maintain the highest level of confidentiality to the information provided before, during and after the conclusion of the task. He/she shall practice highest standard of professional and ethical values and norms in providing this consultancy services.**

J. Disclaimer

GREDO reserves the right to determine the structure of the process, number of shortlisted participants, the right to withdraw from the proposal process, the right to change this timetable at any time without notice and reserves the right to withdraw this bid process at any time, without prior notice and without liability to compensate and/or reimburse any party.

How to apply

GREDO invites and encourages all qualified consultants in this field to send a proposal regardless of their location or nationality. Proposals should be submitted by 20th February 2021 at 16:00 hours East Africa Time (GMT+3), addressed to: Proposals received after the close of submission date, above, will not be considered.

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