Re-Advert “Replicaneurs” Replicate Successful business models from similar market contexts – Somalia/Somaliland

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Re-Advert “Replicaneurs” Replicate successful business models from similar market contexts

Pilot country: Somalia/Somaliland

Partners: Oxfam Somalia/Somaliland and Shuraako

Phase: 1 – Market & Gap Analysis

  1. Introduction and full scope;

In some markets there are gaps and societal challenges that are not yet tried to be resolved by existing businesses or business models. For example, innovative irrigation in drought challenged landscapes or waste collection and processing in urban areas. In such cases, it can be an opportunity to find existing businesses or business models from abroad and introduce them to these markets. This is what the replicaneurs module is meant to do:

  1. Sector selection and gap analysis: The process starts with the analysis of the market and society to identify sectors or product ranges where new innovations could lead to social and environmental impact. Such analysis is done by a team of market experts, national and possibly also international. The identification is that the solution is possible to be implemented and offered through a business model (not through NGO or government intervention). This phase’s final deliverable is a gap analysis of the societal issues that are possible to be covered by a new, innovative business model. In addition, to identify the opportunity, a sector choice and possible value chain analysis will be done.
  2. Matchmaking: Based on the gap analysis, an investigation is set out to find businesses across the globe but from similar social and environmental contexts that could fill the gaps. The business models should be easy to replicate; for example, that they could already use franchising or other scaling/expansion models that can be leveraged. The existing businesses that are operating (and owning) the business models are approached to gauge their interest in replication and for further collaboration. This process should end with a co-creation process lead by the entrepreneur/enterprise.
  3. Partnership building: The business concepts are tendered to local businesses with existing operations, who can apply to start the innovation in their company. Careful selection of the local business/entrepreneur will take place, scrutinizing their motivation and business capabilities as key to success.
  4. Support: They will receive support (BDS and perhaps capital) when they are selected.


  1. Phase 1: Sector/gap analysis;

For the current and starting phase of the project (See under A. above), Oxfam is looking for an expert in Somaliland and Somalia (pref. Hargeisa) to analyze the market and identify gaps in the market. These gaps are characterized as societal issues that can be resolved by products or services which are possibly provided by SMEs. And these gaps are context dependent, meaning that they are typical for the SL/Somalia market characteristics on social and environmental level. For example, draught related products and services or rural energy solutions.

  1. Expected Deliverables;

This phase’s final deliverable is a comprehensive gap analysis of the societal issues that are possible to be covered by a new, innovative business model. In addition, to identify the opportunity, a sector choice and possible value chain analysis will be done.

  1. Scope of the assignment;

The duration of this assignment is one month. The assignment is meant to be done in December with an extension into January. The expectation is that a team of 2 jointly applied consultants or consultancy firm will work extensively on this for 3-4 weeks.

  1. Team/consultants Qualification, Competence, and Experience;
  • Advanced degree preferably in business or market economics. Otherwise social sciences, development studies, economics, statistics, or relevant fields with extensive knowledge and experience of market from analytical perspective
  • Experience in market analysis
  • Experience in business development research, entrepreneurship, SME development
  • Excellent knowledge of Somalia market
  • Good evaluative and synthesis skills
  • Good command of Somali and English language
  • Demonstrated skills in writing (English language)
  • Good communication and facilitation skills
  • Strong analytical, research and presentation skills
  • Capacity to dialogue with different sectors 
  1. Application process; 

Interested applicants should submit the following documents;

  • Application can be teams and firm
  • Updated resume
  • Financial and Technical proposal highlighting the methodology of the consultants on the above tasks.

If you are interested in the assignment, please send an email with the above documents to before April 07th, 2021.

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