Re-Advert: Invitation To Tender for Construction of Shallow Well and its Installation of Solar System in Baki Village – Awdal Region

Re-advert: Invitation To Tender for Construction of Shallow Well and its Installation of Solar System in Baki Village – Awdal Region, Somaliland – SOM1028/06/2020. RFT ID: 257406

About Welthungerhilfe

Welthungerhilfe was established in 1962. It is today one of the largest private organizations working in development cooperation and humanitarian aid in Germany. Non-profit-seeking, non-partisan and non-denominational. Donations from the population at large fund our work in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In addition, Welthungerhilfe receives grants from the Federal German Government, the European Union, USAID/OFDA, the United Nations and many others worldwide recognized donors.

It has been implementing development projects in Somaliland since 2001. Multi-sectoral projects have been carried out in the Awdal, Marodijeh, Togdheer & Sanaag Regions for the past 19 years.

Description of the Tender

Construction of One irrigation shallow well and installation of solar system for irrigation shallow well in Baki district, Awdal Region, Somaliland.

General instructions

Bidders are expected to examine carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, contract provisions and specifications contained in this bid dossiers. Failure to submit a bid containing all the required information and documentation within the deadline specified will lead to the rejection of the bid. No account can be taken of a reservation in the bid as regards the bid document; any reservation may result in the immediate rejection of the bid without further evaluation. The Organization reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.


Competent Contractors who have similar construction work experience, necessary technical and financial capabilities in association with the bid requirements. Furthermore, the contractors must have their renewed trade license certification and tax identification documents.

Registration in the E-tender Portal by clicking the below link.

RFT ID: 257406 (use for easy tracking of the Tender from the list)

Instruction for the Registration Process

Click new supplier registration once you visit the above link and make sure that you fill out all the required information inside there properly. If the language of the portal is German make it English (see top flag icons). To see more tenders please click Current Tender Opportunities.

Bid Dossiers and Evaluation Criteria

Bid documents are uploaded in our E-tender Portal as attachments (Please visit if you have already registered in the below link), while the evaluation criteria is explicitly stated in tender documents.

Follow the below link:

Note: The contractors are needed to stamp and sign their respective documents. Failure to comply this will lead an automatic disqualification.

           ‘’Welthungerhilfe encourages fairness and equal treatment for all’’.

Submission Procedure

All interested bidders are required to register in our E-tender portal and submit their corresponding bid documents in that online platform. If you have any inquiries regarding the tender, please write it in the question section inside the system . The deadline for this tender will be on 19.12.2020, at 04:30 pm.

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