QUOTATION -FORM For Bathing soap (Rojex or Winex) of 125g weight made in Turkey. Each carton contains 72 pcs. – Hargeisa, Somaliland

You are kindly invited to submit your quotation for the items in the table below under the following terms and conditions and the required specification

  1. The Quotation is not an order.
  2. The quotations should indicate final unit prices
  3. Alteration of the prices is NOT accepted
  4. The decision of the tender Committee is final. Canvassing will lead to disqualification
  5. ONLY qualified vendor will be contacted.
  6. Quotation should be received at World Vision Hargeisa Office or send via email not later than

18/6/2020 at 4. Noon

# Item Description Unit QTY Unit Price of USD Total Amount of USD
Bathing soap (Rojex or Winex) of 125g weight made in Turkey. Each carton contains 72 pcs. Carton 130


  1. Mandatory Requirements
  2. Provide a certified copy of a certificate of business registration, certificate of incorporation, business license or similar document.
  3. Provide a certified copy of tax registration, tax clearance certificates or similar documents.
  4. Provide information on ownership structure (Name of directors of the company / Owner)
  5. Past Experience-Provide references of the previous works or goods supplied before (attach recommendation letter or Previous LPOS/Agreements
  6. Please indicate delivery period
  7. Indicate validity of quote
  8. Credit Terms.
  9. Technical Evaluation
  • Bids technical evaluation based on the specification submitted
  1. Financial Evaluation Based on cost quoted

* Quotation’s should be send via email Somaliland_Supply_Chain@wvi.org not later than 18/6/2020 at 4 Noon.

Bathing soap – Qoutation

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