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Hargeisa, Somaliland

Date: 15th September 2020


September 15, 2020, 3:20 PM | OPEN CALLS


REFERENCE: SM21003 – PR/HAR/2020-6000-10p

ALIGHT formerly known as (American Refugee Committee) is an International humanitarian organization that has been working in Somaliland/Somalia since 2011, and has a permanent presence in Mogadishu, Kismayo, Dhobley, Puntland, and Hargeisa. ALIGHT has remote operation in Afmadow and some places in Badade district of Lower Juba.

ALIGHT is committed to achieving its core vision of caring for the people of concern in all the countries we work. Our goal is to provide vulnerable communities in Somaliland/Somalia with access to basic needs including Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Education, Basic Health services and Livelihood Support.

ALIGHT invites interested construction companies for the tender of safe space rehabilitation as described and summarized in accordance with procedures, conditions, and bidding terms, in the tender documents and on the Scope of Work that is part of the tender documents. (All price estimate MUST be submitted on ALIGHT scope of work format).


SM21003 – PR/HAR/2020-6000-10p



ALIGHT formerly known as “American Refugee Committee” invites Interested Bidders with sound capacity and relevant experience in similar works to submit their price estimates in a SEALED envelope, clearly marked with quote reference as mentioned in the above table and be deposited/delivered at ALIGHT Tender Box in Somaliland Office/Sool Office Respectively. (all Price estimates Must be submitted on ALIGHT scope pf work format).

ALIGHT implements zero tolerance on fraud and other proscribed practices and is committed in identifying and addressing all such acts and practices against ALIGHT’s Rules and Regulations, as well as third party’s involvement in ALIGHT activities. ALIGHT expects its Suppliers/Bidders to adhere to

Helping people around the world take back control of their lives HYPERLINK “https://wearealight.or/” https://wearealight.or

ALIGHT suppliers code of conduct. ALIGHT reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations without assigned any reason thereof.

Requirements for Tender Documents

The site is located near Sayid police station next to the former animal slaughter and at the same time opposite of the new animal slaughter.

Bidder’s should visit site for verification before submitting their applications, to acquaint themselves with all the details and the nature of the ground/work. No claim of extra cost will be considered on this account for lack of knowledge in this respect.

Tender envelop should be sealed with reference number and stamped.

Company Profile with detailed physically verifiable contact address

Most recent Bank statements (last 6 months).

Price Estimate.

Valid Registration certificates.

Evidence of Past Experience in a similar work of (LPOs/Contracts letter etc)

All bids should be written in English.

The deadline for submitting the Tender Docs is on or before Tuesday 22nd, 2020 at 05:00 Pm and any Tender or documents received later than this date and time will not be accepted. The sealed envelopes should be dropped at ALIGHT Tender Box.

Any Inquiry/ details reagrding the work and terms condition can be obtained from ALIGHT on any working day during the office hours from 8:00 am to 05:00 Pm before Tuesday 22nd, 2020.

All Tender document is available at our Office in Hargeisa, Ibrahim Koodbuur district – Near Mansoor Area and/or Lasanod office near caesura hotel and are obtained at NO fee.

ALIGHT Procurement and Supply Unit

Contact Person Hargeisa Office:

Hamze M. Elmi: Operations Officer – Mobile: +252 (63)4777057


Lasanod Office:

Mohamed Abdirahman Elmi: Finance Officer – Mobile: +252 (63)4488511


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