INVITATION TO TENDER For Rehabilitation of – Usbo Shallow Wells & Water Supply System – Luuq


Organization      ADRA Somalia
Task Rehabilitation of – Usbo Shallow Wells & Water Supply
System – Luuq
15th June 2020
Blank Tender BOQs and Design Documents to                                 be downloaded through the following
link:                                         tender-forrehabilitation-of-usbo-shallow-                                          wells-and-water-supplysystems-in-luuq/                                              (                                    for-rehabilitation-of-usbo-shallow-wells-and-                                     watersupply-systems-in-luuq/)

Submission of             Completed, Signed and Stamped tender         bid documents should
be scanned and saved
                       Tenders in PDF format and sent by email to:
( or before 15th June 2020.

Heading of the email should be: Tender for Rehabilitation of
– Usbo Shallow Wells & Water Supply System.
All tender emails received after close of business on 15th June
2020 will not be considered.
IMPORTANT: Offers submitted in any other manner than
that indicated above will
not be considered

Opening of      Tender opening and evaluation dates will be on 17 June 2020             or other advised date.
BIDS: The Agency is seeking from suitably experienced contractors the
provision of works and services through an OPEN TENDERING PROCESS:
Your bid MUST clearly indicate:
1. Detailed Project Work Plan with activity specifications for the site.
2. Validity period of the tender offer price.
3. Labour distribution plan (skilled and unskilled) during the construction
4. CVs of the Engineer(s) and technical team who would be supervising the
construction works.
5. Details of machinery owned and to be deployed by the company
Document Requirements for stage two:


The bids must satisfy the following conditions among the minimum criteria for
evaluation by being accompanied by the following documentation:
Bidders must provide evidence and references from clients for previous
similar work in the works region –
(certified copies of construction
contracts/LPOs undertaken within last 3 years)
Proof of financial capacity for similar magnitude of task undertaken in
the last three years
(12 months’ certified/stamped copies of bank
statements that show a minimum balance of USD 50,000 in credit and
demonstrate a sound transaction track record.
Certified and Valid Copy of Registration Certificates/Trading Licenses
from relevant Federal or State Government Authority.
Certified Tax Compliance from relevant Federal or State Government
Further Information to bidders:
Currency of offer should be strictly in US Dollars
ADRA does not undertake to pay by letter of credit (LOC) or in advance
of work completion.
ADRA reserves the right to accept or reject any offer before the award of a
contract, or to cancel the bidding process and reject all offers at any time
and is not bound to give reasons for its decisions. Canvassing or giving
false information will lead to automatic disqualification.
Incomplete offers or offers which do not comply with any of our tender
conditions will not be considered.
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Quotations should remain valid for a period of at least 90 calendar days
after closure of the tender.
It is the Agency’s policy to keep all tender values in confidence.
Documents Requirement if selected
Original detailed tender and original summary tender bid documents
1st Commercial invoice upon commencement of works
Bank account details
Upon contracting for works, the Agency will pay the contractors in
instalments as will be defined in the signed contracts.
ADRA Somalia

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