INVITATION TO TENDER For Consultancy Services to conduct a Midline Assessment for the GIZ Urban Food Security Project, in Kismayo District of Lower Juba Somalia



Consultancy Services to conduct a Midline Assessment for the GIZ Urban Food Security Project, in Kismayo District of Lower Juba Somalia

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is implementing Technical cooperation measures on behalf of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In May 2017, the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) commissioned GIZ to implement a transitional aid project “Drought Recovery Project”, (now the GIZ Urban Food Security) under the “Food security in the Horn of Africa, drought response measures in Somalia”. The aim of the project is to create conditions for an improved nutritional situation of the household in the new settlements in Kismayo. The project is implemented in the new returnees and IDP settlement Midnimo and Madina within the city of Kismayo and it operates in two fields of action.

GIZ invites eligible Individuals/Firms to indicate their interest in consultancy to conduct a midline assessment for the Urban Food Security Project in Kismayo, Somalia. More specifically, the Individual/Firm will carry out the following services:

  • In consultation with project management, specify and define the meaning and implication of each result indicator based on an in-depth analysis of relevant project documents (project offer, results matrix, baseline study and others) and a thorough understanding of the project strategy and the results indicators
  • Quantify all relevant outcome and output indicators that are captured in the result matrix and the monitoring and evaluation plan
  • To design the survey based on the project results matrix and the outcome of secondary data assessmentand analysis. This will include the design of data collectionand analysis methodologies (e.g. interview guidelines, questionnaires, target groups, sample size, etc.) that are necessary to acquire enough information to establish the base value for each indicator
  • To discuss the completed midline survey design rigorously with project management and where necessary adjust according to the standards jointly defined and agree upon
  • To define and collect the necessary secondary data (existing studies and surveys) that is/are relevant for result indicator(s)
  • Analyse the secondary datain view of their use as base values or as part thereof – to be defined and/or to define data gaps that require additional primary data collection.
  • To collect information along the survey design by including various sourcesandtriangulation of information collected to ensure reliability of data
  • To analyse all the information acquired and to describe qualitatively and quantitatively the situation in relation to each result indicator
  • To present and discuss the findings and conclusions derived from the midline survey conducted with political partners, implementing partners, target groups and project management. If any of these discussions reveals that specific information provided to define and describe an indicator does not reflect reality as perceived by local stakeholders, the consultant will collect additional information to clarify incongruences
  • To write the midline report including comments and clarifications derived from the final presentation and discussions with partners, stakeholders and project management.

Interested Individuals/Firms must provide verifiable proof of qualifications and experience. The Individual/Firm is requested to have the indicated qualifications in terms of reference:

Send blank with tender reference: 83357419Until 09.07.2020 @1600hrsin the subject line An email response will provide tender documents with further information.

If interested, please submit your complete Technical and Financial proposals as specified in the tender documents in two separate envelopes. Clearly mark on the envelop the tender number. Failure to address correctly will lead to disqualification.

Deadline for Submission:15.07.2020 @1500hrs (East African time)

Addressed as follows and dropped to tender box available at:

Tender No. 83357419GIZ Office Nairobi, RECEPTION



P.O. BOX 41607, 00100


Tender No.83357419GIZ office Kismayo.

Off Siani Road

Farjano Village (FRJ/HR No.0287)

Bidders are not allowed to contact or discuss any aspect of the tender with GIZ before closing of the tender as it will lead to automatic disqualification.

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