INVITATION TO BID/TENDER NOTICE For Rehabilitation of 8 shallow..

INVITATION TO BID/TENDER NOTICE For Rehabilitation of 8 shallow wells in Baki, old Baki, Ruqi ,Xamarta , Xeego and Cadaad .

Islamic Relief Somalia (IRS) has been operating in Somaliland since 2006 and has responded to conflict and drought affected people through provision of life saving assistance. Through our projects, IR has continuously been providing safe drinking water, improving hygienic sanitation facilities, increasing hygiene awareness, particularly to ones living in IDP camps; empowering the urban poor and distressed working children, engaging in conflict management and mitigation and strengthening of community cohesiveness and co-existence.

Islamic Relief- Somaliland Office is currently starting to implement a fodder production project which is going to be implemented in Baki district, Awdal region/Somaliland and it is expecting to reach 1500 pastoral farmers to transfer knowledge of fodder practicing technology as a way of strengthening food security in the area.The project will improve the lives of the vulnerable pastoralist community in Baki district since livestock are the core assets that underpin livelihoods of most households. Supporting livestock food production through fodder farming will result in healthier and more productive livestock, which in turn will raise the prices of livestock. In line to this, Islamic Relief will distribute Fodder seeds and Farm Tools, IRS will also construct/rehabilitate water infrastructures in Baki district

Islamic Relief Somaliland hereby invite bids as follows:

SN: Details
1 Rehabilitation of 8 shallow wells in Baki, old Baki, Ruqi ,Xamarta , Xeego and Cadaad .

Please note Tender document with detail specification will be available and collect at logistics unit of Islamic Relief Hargeisa office from May 29-31, 2020 (05:00 PM).

Interested eligible contractors with sound capacity, relevant experience in similar work and duly registered are here by invited to collect tender document from Islamic Relief Hargeisa Office.

Requirements for Tender Documents

  1. Tender envelop should be sealed with reference number and stamped.
  2. Company Profile with detailed physically verifiable contact address
  3. Most recent Bank statements (last 6 months).
  4. Quotation price.
  5. Valid Registration certificates.
  6. Evidence of Past Experience in a similar work of (LPOs/Contracts letter etc)
  7. All bids should be written in English.

Tender Duration and Deadline

Tender document with detail specification and terms and conditions will be at logistic unit of Islamic Relief Hargeisa office at free of cost from 29th May to 02th June 2020. The deadline for submitting bids is 02thjune, 2020 at 02:00PM and any tender or documents received later than this date and time will not be accepted. The sealed envelopes should be dropped at Islamic Relief Hargeisa Office Tender Box.Islamic Relief Hargeisa Office locates at I/Koodbuur District, JigJigYar, North of Maansoor Hotel, Hargeisa, Somaliland Tel: 571690

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