INVITATION FOR BIDS Construction of animal troughs. Supply generator, submersible pumps and GI type pipes for the Toore. Garawaale and Xayo Boreholes in Hobyo District Somalia

Project Country Somalia
Financing institution: Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe
Sector: Infrastructure( Construction and Rehabilitation works )
Project name: Recovery Support Project for Vulnerable Households in Hobyo District
Procurement type: Goods
Title: Tender for the Construction of elevated water tank (20m3), Construction of animal troughs. Supply generator, submersible pumps and GI type pipes for the Toore. Garawaale and Xayo Boreholes in Hobyo District.
Project ID: K-SOM-2019-0491
Bid No.: DKH/CPD/K-SOM-2019-0491/13/2020
Issue date of Bid
documents Bid documents are readily available at CPD offices (1st- 9th August
Deadline for 10th  August,2020

The Centre for Peace and Democracy CPD has received support from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe to support recovery of vulnerable households in Hobyo District. The project’s objective is to enhance communities access to clean water and improve hygiene standards and subsequently improving living standards of vulnerable members of the society. The targeted activities include Construction of 20 m3, Construction of animal troughs, supply of generator, water pumps and GI type pipes water piping in Toore, Garawaale and Xayo boreholes, in Hobyo District to improve water supply efficiency, reliability and storage capacity for communities living in those settlements and pastoralist that depend on them.

    1. In an effort towards fulfillment of the above, CPD now invites bids from eligible bidders for the Supply of submersible water pumps, generator, GI type Pipes, Construction of 20m3 elevated water tank and Construction of animal’s troughs as per BOQ shared, that will enhance water storage and efficient delivery to all users. The rehabilitation works will be as follows:


    1. Toore borehole in Tore Dhurwa settlement.

Construction of 20m3 elevated water tank

Construction of animal troughs (Camel. Goat&sheeps

Supply of 1 Generator (Perkin, 30 KVA).

Supply of 30 in no.GI Pipes 2” OD, 5.8-metre length

    1. Garawaale borehole in Garawaale settlement.
    • Supply of 1 Submersible Pump (11 KW)
    • Supply of 73 in no.GI Pipes 2” OD, 5.8 metre length
    1. Xayo borehole in Xayo settlement.
    • Construction of animal troughs (Camel & Goats/Sheep)
    • Supply GI Pipes 2” OD, 5.8 metres length, 60 in no.
    • Supply of one Submersible Pump (11 KW)


    1. Requirements of tender application.
  1. The Bidder should fill BOQ properly and completely and show summary of total figure bided for.
  2. Complete filling of all tender documents and attaching all supporting documentation.
    • The bidder should apply for the rehabilitation of all 3 boreholes and no partial bidding will be accepted.
    1. Bidding Documents: A complete set of bidding documents in English may be downloaded by

interested bidders free of charge from CPD Websites: Hard copies of bid documents are also available in our offices (Mogadishu, Adado, Galkayo and Hobyo)which can be accessed freely.

    1. Bidders who download the document from the above websites are required to submit their particulars (name & email and postal address of the firm, contact person & their mobile numbers) to the CPD official emails address: using their official email addresses. The email addresses shall be for our records and for the purpose of receiving any further clarifications and/or addendums.


    1. Bids must be delivered in plain sealed envelopes marked with Tender name and reference number and deposited in any CPD offices : Galkayo, Hobyo, Adado and Mogadishu. Bids must be received on or before 1100 hours, Monday, 10TH August, 2020. Electronic bidding through official mail shall also be accepted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of the bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who choose to attend at the address below.


The address referred to is: The Project Director

Centre for Peace and Democracy

Adado office, Adado-Galakyo main road, behind former Building

Goboladha Dhexe radio station

Galmudug State, Somalia

Tel: +252 619 101 009


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