1. About CARE International

CARE International has been providing development and lifesaving assistance across all regions of Somalia since 1981. Our programs go beyond meeting basic needs at the onset of an emergency to helping affected communities recover, rebuild their lives and become more resilient. In order to strengthen communities to better cope with future disasters and address persistent poverty and vulnerability, we are implementing a variety of longer-term development activities aimed at addressing the underlying causes of poverty in Somalia. Our development programs support marginalized women and youth through innovative projects in education, water and sanitation, sustainable environmental management, civil society development, peacebuilding and governance and small-scale enterprise development. CARE works in partnership with Somali and international NGOs, civil society leaders, universities, the private sector and local authorities in order to bring effective and lasting change to the most vulnerable communities.

In Puntland, CARE received funding from DFID, EU, USAID, GAC, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EAC to implement livelihoods, water and sanitation, education, vocational training, and gender equality and empowerment project interventions since 1993. CARE has technical expertise in gender and social justice programming. In addition, to operational experience in Puntland, existing partnership and collaboration with a broad network of civil society organizations involved in gender and protection. CARE holistic approach to programing supports the existence of complementary projects for gender equality and social inclusion promotion to achieve a broader impact. Additionally, CARE implements a wide range of projects in education, WASH, livelihoods, inclusive governance and other humanitarian initiatives in these three districts.

CARE and MUDAN, a local implementing partners are currently implementing Every Voice Counts (EVC), a governance and inclusion project funded by Dutch MOFA projects that have laid a solid foundation for civil society groups in advocacy, networking and built their capacity. Dutch MOFA project Every Voice Counts (EVC) is a five-year grant running up to 2020. CARE has developed synergies between the GESI project and EVC to maximize impact in Bossaso, Galkacyo and Garowe.

2. Brief overview of the GESIP Project

The Gender and Social Inclusion project (GESIP) is funded by Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) and is designed on the premise that prescribing and policing of gender norms and relations, along with social exclusion practices are at the very heart of the protracted and violent struggle for political and ideological power in today’s Somalia. The overarching objective of the project is to increase women and socially excluded groups’ participation and contribution to decision making in political processes within Puntland. Addressing the drivers of social exclusion will positively enhanced stability in Somalia. The project focuses on building women and socially excluded group’s capacity and confidence to engage with power-holders and carve out spaces in decision-making process at district and state level. The project also aims to increase the spaces and opportunities available for participation. The GESI project is implemented in Garowe, Bosaaso and Galkacyo districts in Puntland state of Somalia by CARE and MUDAN in collaboration with Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs (MOWDAA). These districts host a large population of women and female youth including traditionally marginalized groups that are our target beneficiaries. CARE has established strong and fruitful relationships with communities, government, local authorities and civil society organizations existing in these areas. CARE have operational offices in these districts from where our staff engage on day-to-day basis with communities, local authorities and other stakeholders. The project target beneficiaries are Women and female youth: educated women, educated female youth, women active in CSOs, women leaders and champions especially from the marginalized groups & IDPs

The project recognizes the importance of implementing interventions that increase the agency of women by focusing on their knowledge, skills, networking aspiration in governance, peacebuilding and gender transformational change. Furthermore, the projects strive to strengthen supportive relationships and the social structures women and socially excluded groups interact with

Key Outcome, outputs and activities;

Outcome: Enhanced popular participation in governance, particularly for women, through the strategic building of women’s coalitions around common interests.

The project outputs are as follows:

Output 1: Women and female youth are aware of their rights and responsibilities

Output 2: Women and female youth improve the necessary skills and confidence to participate in the political process

Output 3: Establish space/platforms for women coalitions to discuss common set of interests

3. Objectives of the Assignment

The consultant will develop a manual for raising the awareness of young females to enhance their knowledge around women and their rights and role in decision making process and governance structures (community, district and national). The manual will be based on two separate sections and will be developed for raising the awareness of young women and aspire them to stand up for their rights and start actively participating in the governance structures.

CARE is looking for national Consultant(s)/ teams/firms/academia for developing mentorship manual on the below areas:

  1. Development and translation of Mentorship in life skills materials: In the development of life skills and mentorship, girls gain the ability and conviction to become a principled leader. Developing this skill set and providing opportunities to practice change, girls grow to become women, who had a voice in school, work, and their community.
  2. Development and translation of Empowering women in political participation and leadership: by changing public perception and when talking about the obstacles, we should also talk about the benefits of having women in the decision making seats. These benefits are far reaching and result in good governance practices, including bigger economic benefit, greater responsiveness to citizen needs, and increased cooperation across government lines will result to more sustainable conflict resolution. To help women overcome traditional and cultural barriers as well as build their confidence, one of the most impactful approaches from my experience is the local ownership of such efforts of assistance

4. Duration of Assignment

Timing would be approximately 20 days from the signing of the agreement

5. Contents of quotation

The following should be included in application:

· A maximum of 10 pages for technical proposal and should contain description to the following:

ü Background and relevance of past experience with the consultancy subject

ü Brief background of the topic: It should reflect how the consultant has conceptualized and understood the topic

ü Updated CVs of lead and/or associates

· Detailed work plan with timelines

· Budget (with breakdown)

· References of previous work

6. Key skills, technical background, and experience required

· Individual/Firm Consultant with proven previous experience in developing training manuals on multiple themes specific to areas of governance, women and marginalized groups and policies related work Somalia.

· Firms/organizations must be registered. In case of individual the person must have master degree in relevant field or development professional with experience in water related issues

· Good understanding and capacity to produce high quality document **

7. Application Procedure

Interested individual/ consultant must submit the following documents/Information to demonstrate their qualifications and experience: **

· All supporting documents, narrative and financial proposal must be part of the application and submitted/ uploaded as one document**

· CV of consultant’s individuals including past experience for similar exercise**

· Brief description of the proposed manual contents**

· Financial proposal specifies a total lump sum amount, in order to assist the financial proposal will include a breakdown of the lump sum amount**

· Payments of the proposed fees to the consultant are based upon the delivery of satisfactory services /products specified in TORs**

How to apply

Interested applicants must submit their proposals to on or before 24 April 2020 with the subject line indicating “ToR for Development of Two Manuals for Women”

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