Consultant to conduct a training teachers in crisis contexts (TICC) training for Forty (40) teachers in Galmudug and Banadir regions of Somalia.


** Capacity Building Training on Teachers in Crisis Context (TICC)


The Training will build basic teaching competencies for both trained and untrained teachers, and will be based on four core modules (pedagogy, child protection, curriculum and well-being) developed around a simplified set of teacher competencies.

Target 40 Teachers

Locations Banadir and Galmudug State (Somalia)

Duration 40 days

1. Background Information

Training Pack for Primary School Teachers in Crisis Contexts

The Training Pack for Teachers in Crisis Contexts (“TiCC Training Pack”), developed by the Teachers in Crisis Contexts Collaborative (TICC) in 2016, is an inter-agency, open-source training pack designed to build basic teaching competencies for teachers. The pack is comprised of a short Introductory Training Pack, which introduces foundational skills, and four Core Modules, developed around a set of 28 teacher competencies, that go into more depth and support teacher professional development over time. The modules are designed to introduce teachers to key concepts and skills by modeling participatory, interactive, learner-centered pedagogies that teachers can experience and then try in their classrooms. The pack includes a facilitator guide, a participant handbook, and PowerPoint slides for each component of the training, with supporting contextualization and implementation guidance.

Who is it for?

The TiCC Training Pack builds basic teaching competencies for unqualified or under-qualified teachers, who are often recruited to teach in emergency settings (e.g. refugee/IDP camps, conflict-affected areas, post-natural disasters, and/or with highly vulnerable populations). The materials can also be used with qualified teachers who require refresher training or support in critical areas who find themselves now teaching in crisis-affected environments. The Pack responds to a critical gap in open source, competency-based teacher training materials that provide coverage of foundational knowledge and skills required by teachers in crisis contexts, where teacher training is often limited to ad hoc workshops. The pack provides the basis for a pre-service and in-service training program which can be used in its entirety to prepare teachers in crisis settings, but is also flexible enough for adaptation and use of selected modules or sessions according to the local needs of teachers.

Purpose of the Consultancy

ADRA is keen to provide TICC training to 40 teachers drawn from 22 schools supported by the project in Banadir and Galmudug Regions. This training will target both untrained and trained teachers who require refresher training, or training in critical areas relevant in crisis contexts, like child protection, as well as those teachers who are new to teaching in crisis affected environments of both regions.

The Training will build basic teaching competencies for both trained and untrained teachers, and will be based on four core modules, developed around a simplified set of teacher competencies. The training will be aimed towards supporting teachers’ progress towards development of the competencies.

2. Scope and Specific Objectives

The scope of activities and specific training objectives shall be guided as follows:

Module (s)

Course Title


From Whom

Introductory Pack

Guidance using the pack, facilitator tips, sample evaluation and assessment tools and more

23 hours

(12 sessions)



60 hours

Module 1


16 hours

  • Classroom Management
  • Active and engaging learning
  • Questioning
  • Child development and differentiation
  • Assessment

Module 2

Curriculum and Planning

14 hours

  • Using curriculum
  • Long-term planning and learning objectives
  • Lesson planning
  • Making lessons relevant and meaningful

Module 3

Child Protection, Well-being and Inclusion

18 hours

  • Introduction to child protection and child rights
  • Creating a safe space
  • Inclusive Classrooms
  • Teaching Life Skills and Seeking further support for Children

Module 4

Teacher’s Role and Well-being

12 hours

  • The role of the teacher in the school and community
  • Code of Conduct
  • Teacher Well-being and Stress management
  • Collaboration and Communities of Practice

3. Methodology

The training and the facilitator (s) leading the training will model the format, structure, and pedagogical techniques teachers should use in their own lessons and classrooms. Each session within each module will be divided into the following sections:

Reflect and Revisit: Will draw upon participants existing knowledge and reviews material learned in previous sessions or modules.

Learn: Will introduce new material/content.

Practice: Will give participants multiple opportunities to practice using what they are learning during the training.

Planning and Action: Will provide an opportunity for participants to plan how they can apply their skills to their own classroom.

Assess: Will provide time for participants to complete a self-assessment on how well they currently use skills from the training and to create a plan to develop these skills, using the Skills and Strategies handout. Participants will continue to refer to this handout after the training to reflect and collaborate.

In addition, the consultant is expected to ensure the following:

  • Conduct a teacher needs assessment prior to commencement of the training
  • Contextualize training modules and materials to the Somali context
  • Decide upon a suitable time frame and sequencing of the modules and sessions
  • Ensure that teachers have ongoing support and opportunities to practice what they learn in the training

4. Deliverables

  1. Inception Report and training plan

i. Participatory needs assessment

ii. Training course outline and plan

iii. Deliver the training in Galmudug and Banadir.

iv. Prepare a report on the training with an evaluation and lessons learnt for future interventions.

v. Present the training report to ADRA in soft and hard copies.

5. Required competencies:

  • Advanced Degree in Education from a recognized institution of higher learning
  • Extensive experience in teacher training particularly for crisis contexts
  • Extensive experience of delivering similar training and developing training manuals for teachers in Somalia
  • Working experience in the TICC approach or similar approaches
  • Good facilitation and report writing skills
  • Excellent analytical and conceptual skills
  • Familiarity with the Somalia context and education sector in particular
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and Somali languages

How to apply

For full Terms of Reference (TOR) please visit ADRA Somalia website Applications for this consultancy should be emailed to the Human Resource Manager using the email not later than 28th May 2021, with “Expression of Interest for Training Teachers in Crisis Context (TICC) Training” in the subject line.

‘’ADRA Somalia is committed to upholding the rights of all children and vulnerable adults that we serve and those we interact with in the course of our work. We endevour to protect all from all forms of abuse and exploitation as outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) six core principles on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA). ADRA Somalia has zero tolerance to abuse and exploitation of beneficiaries and staff.’’

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